VAPORESSO Care Spreads Love Around the World

2022 was a time of global unrest, a pressing environmental crisis, and a pandemic that affected everyone. In response, VAPORESSO's global brand welfare program, VAPORESSO CARE, sprang into action with its disposable vaping devices recycling initiative, “RECYCLE FOR ONE EARTH “, and its "Caring in Motion – Consumer Care and LVDC Charity Donation for smoking cessation in France."
These programs aimed to bring hope and kindness in the face of uncertain times, and were met with great enthusiasm from customers all over the world.


VAPORESSO CARE took action to address the growing environmental concerns from the discarding of “disposable e-cigarettes” around the world. In November 2022, VAPORESSO launched the "RECYCLE FOR ONE EARTH" program in over 130 stores worldwide.
This initiative allows customers to bring in their used disposable e-cigarettes to participating VAPORESSO stores in exchange for rewards, with the goal of encouraging environmentally-friendly practices and promoting a culture of recycling.

By centralizing the recycling process, VAPORESSO, as one of the best disposable vape and nicotine free disposable vape brands, aims to minimize the discarding impact have on our planet. The launch of the "RECYCLE FOR ONE EARTH" program was met with great enthusiasm by European and American customers alike.
In just a matter of weeks, thousands of disposable e-cigarettes were brought in to participating stores worldwide, reducing their impact on the environment.
At VAPORESSO, "Caring for the world" is more than just a catchphrase; it's a way of life. Recognizing the impact electronic cigarettes have on the environment, the brand took a proactive stance in promoting environmental protection among its customers.

Moving forward, VAPORESSO is committed to driving the industry towards a more sustainable future, encouraging consumers to make eco-friendly choices and supporting the world's "green recovery" post-pandemic.

By incorporating sustainable practices into their daily operations and reaching a wider audience through the VAPORESSO CARE initiative, the brand aims to make a meaningful impact on the world and inspire others to do the same.


At VAPORESSO CARE, caring for the environment is only half the story. The brand also values the well-being of people, as evidenced by their recent donation of 1,000 XROS 3 MINIS to French anti-smoking organization, LVDC.
This contribution has helped 260 hospitals in France support patients in their efforts to quit smoking. The President of LVDC, Xavier, expressed his gratitude for the donation, stating that the products from VAPORESSO CARE will play a crucial role in promoting smoking cessation for all French employees. He also expressed his desire for a long-lasting partnership with VAPORESSO CARE in the name of public welfare.

VAPORESSO CARE believes in not just loving, but also sharing and passing on that love. Like a candle, the brand's initiatives are fueled by love and hope, releasing positive energy into society.
In December, the VAPORESSO community in Indonesia spontaneously organized a donation event for an orphanage, showcasing the brand's caring spirit and spreading it to every corner of the region. This act of kindness reinforced the brand's commitment to loving and serving all people.


VAPORESSO CARE is a global public welfare program founded by VAPORESSO in 2020. Since then, it has lived out VAPORESSO's vision and mission by making sustainable development a priority and turning the delivery of humanistic care into a conscious effort to improve the lives of those in need.
Looking ahead to 2023, the VAPORESSO brand aims to solidify its social responsibilities as a caring brand through VAPORESSO CARE, and to spread its open and compassionate brand values to the world.