Vaping tutorials: how to prime new coils to avoid burnt hits

Vaping has gained momentous popularity as a smoking alternative. E-cigarettes have helped many people quit smoking. Most e-cigarette devices are easy to use and are beginner-friendly, but technical issues can still happen!
All tank users and even rebuildable users have experienced a burnt taste after installing a brand new coil. In order to avoid a burnt vape, make sure the atomizer coils is primed correctly! We are going to give you an easy guide on how to prime a vape coil.

What does it mean to prime a coil?
Priming coils is a crucial step that cannot be missed. Priming a coil means to saturate the entire cotton wick with vape juice and letting it sit for at least 10 minutes before vaping. This process is meant to break in the new coil so vapers don't get a new cotton taste or dry hits.

What causes burnt hits?
When a new coil tastes burnt it emits a harsh burnt sensation to your throat and lungs. One reason this happens is if the coil is not primed properly and it is dry. When the vape device is fired and used at a high wattage it will heat up dry cotton and gives the vaper a burnt or dry hit.
"Why does my vape taste burnt with new coil?", is one of the most common questions. This is just one of the causes of burnt vape taste. If you want to learn more about dry hits then visit our article on reasons why your vape tastes burnt.

How to prime a coil for vape tanks
Sub-ohm tanks come with replaceable coil heads. Every brand's coils vary, but they have a similar design and require the same simple steps for priming.

How to prime a new coil for tanks:

·Grab the fresh coil out of the box
·Drip a couple of drops of e-liquid on the wicking holes and inside the coil head
·Reassemble the vape tank and fill it with your choice of vape juice
·Screw the tank on your vaping device and set it aside for at least 10 minutes
·After the 10 minutes, inhale on the drip tip of the tank without firing
·Adjust the wattage on your vape mod to the lowest recommended wattage resistance then hold on the fire button slowly and inhale
·Gradually increase your wattage setting until you find your optimal range

Once coil life is done then throw the old coil away and repeat this process again!

How to prime a coil for refillable pods
Pod devices use refillable pods that utilize a pre-installed coil. Refillable pods are extremely easy to prime, just follow these simple steps:
·Fill the pod with the e-liquid of choice
·Attach the refillable pod to the pod device and let it sit for 10 minutes
·Inhale on the pod with no power, this helps push the e-liquid into the wicking channels to ensure the wick is fully saturated
·Start vaping!

Pod systems do not have options to adjust the wattage, so just vape shorter puffs to break in the coil. If you take a long hit with a new coil it could burn it. So remember to start with shorter puffs!
It's important to take time to prep and prime your new vape coil to make sure that you are getting the most out of it and not burning it straight out of the box. Learn more about the reasons why your coils burn out to ensure you never lose a coil again!
The e-juice you use matters if you want to extend the life of your coils.