Vaping Trends You May See in 2022 - Predictions

E-cigarettes (vapes) can be an effective aid to stopping smoking and staying smokefree according to GOV.UK. There is no doubt that most people choose vaping not only accounting for health concerns but also for the massive flavour choices that vaping provides. However, there are also continuous debates between smoking and vaping though vaping already has been proven 95% less harmful than smoking by researchers. Anyhow, vape has been getting more and more popular as people start to move away from smoking ,and it will keep growing as more and more countries recognize the potential value of vaping and optimize the regulations and local laws on vape products. Since we are halfway through 2022, let’s make some predictions on vaping market to see what new trends and developments may take place.

1.Disposable vape will keep developing and innovating
Since the ongoing position of Public Health England is that e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than combustible cigarettes, there will be more and more new blood surging into the vape world. However, disposable vape as the most compact and convenient pod vape and mimics the exact tobacco cigarette inhale, is the best option for ex-smokers and new vapers.

According to our monthly and seasonally sale statistics, disposable vapes got impressively remarkable results so far and the trendy disposable vape brands are: Elf Bar, Geek Bar, IVG Bar, and MOTI. With the increasing sales volume of disposable vapes, there is no doubt that disposable vape will keep developing and innovating.

2.More flavours will be created and alternatives maybe replace the current sweeteners in the vape juice
When it comes to flavours of vaping, the vape industry already has a perfect answer and there are a lot different flavours that satisfy every tongue to offer. However, the only difference for this year is that flavours will be more unique and refreshing. Instead of the conventional banana and vanilla, you may get to relish luxurious flavours. There maybe more dessert and fruit mixture , and icy e-liquids being made as they are rather popular mixture flavours but there are merely a few of dessert and fruit mixture e-liquids on present vape market.

And speaking of the alternatives of the current sweeteners in the vape juice, the main concern is the current sweeteners in the vape juice is Splenda which is more likely to burn out the coil faster because Splenda is thick, it leaves gunk on the coil after heated. In order to prolong the longevity of the coil, there maybe new alternatives replacing the current sweeteners in the vape juice. For now, Stevia is a good option for it is a relatively new artificial sweetener that is naturally derived, and completely calorie-free. That’s something that we can expect from the near future.

3.Vape kits will be more compact yet powerful in the future
It is not hard to find out that not only disposable vapes are compact, there are also a number of powerful pod kits and mod kits are compact. We can explain it in this way: Decades ago, our computer or our cell phone came in a rather huge and hulk size with very limited functions and performance, but hey look what happened now? A notebook sized laptop and a palm sized cellphone can help us with our works and entertainments, now they are compact and powerful. So does the vape! And you may see a multi-functional vape that includes MTL and DTL inhale styles in a rather small and portable size. There will be more and more compact yet powerful vape kits surging into the market as time goes by.

4.Materials on the vape will be sustainable and eco-friendly
It is our duty to protect the environment and save the earth. There already have a few vape manufacturers trying using recyclable and sustainable materials to make vape products. As far as I am concerned, Riot Squad Q Bar Disposable Vape is the world's first carbon-negative disposable vape, each device is made from bioplastics, which are made from cornstarch and are 75% less carbon-intensive, and they're fully recyclable too. And DotMod Dot E Disposable Vape is unlike most disposable vapes that are made from plastic, the Dot E has a cardboard chassis that is made from recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable, the top and bottom are made out of food-grade silicone which is also recyclable. Therefore, we have solid evidence that there will be more and more sustainable and eco-friendly vape products appearing on the vape market in the near future.

5.There will be more sophisticated and stricter regulations on vape products
As more and more countries and regions recognize the potential value of vaping, there will be more sophisticated and stricter regulations on it. Better control is for better development. We must be responsible for the society by obey the rules like not selling vapes to minors, and not use unqualified ingredients in the e-liquid. Things like that, and there will be more rules and controls henceforward.