Vaping Mistakes All Vapers Make

Vaping has multiple benefits. It helps hundreds to quit smoking, it can assist with other problems like overeating or anxiety, and of course, it tastes great. Despite how popular vaping has become, many people don’t realize that they are actually making some common mistakes that you should avoid. To really experience all of the benefits that vaping has to offer, as well as ensure you are safely vaping, you should educate yourself on these common vaping mistakes to be avoided. 

Vaping mistakes to avoid

1.Mixing your e-juice
While mixing your vape juice may seem like a good idea in theory, often you end up with foul-tasting flavors and end up wasting your e-juice. To keep your flavors in order as well as your vape, you should clean the tank whenever you swap out a new e-juice.

2.Taking dry hits
What is a dry hit? A dry hit occurs when you take a hit from your vape and there is not enough e-liquid left in the tank. The outcome is an awful taste that burns your throat. Always make sure your vape tank has enough liquid before vaping.

3.Buying cheap vape products
Many vapors think that they are doing themselves a favor by purchasing cheaper vape products; while there is such a thing as good prices for quality products, more often than not a “cheap” vape product is just that in price as well as in quality.

4.Not monitoring your battery usage
To make your vape’s battery last longer in its overall lifespan, you should ensure that you are keeping it charged. You should avoid letting your device’s battery percentage fall below 20% ever and you should also not overcharge your device. Keeping it between 40% and 80% will result in the healthiest battery.

5.Storing your vape pen in your pocket
Storing your vape pen in your pocket or a place where it isn’t protected is generally never a good idea. Your pen can overheat in your pocket, as well as fire accidental hits, it also is at a higher risk of becoming bent or broken. It is best to keep your device in a proper carrying case when taking it around with you.

6.Storing your vape pen in a place where it can overheat
You should also avoid storing your vape pen anywhere it can overheat. Common places people store their vape pen that leave it at high risk for overheating are on the dashboard in the car, and outer pocket of their backpack, their pocket, and so on.

7.sing too much nicotine
When you are vaping, you should be conscious of how high your nicotine levels are in comparison to how often you are vaping. If you find that you are vaping more often then you may want to consider lowering the nicotine levels in your e-juice.

8.Vaping with a dirty coil
Vaping with a dirty coil results in bad tasting hits and less vapor. Keep your coils clean as well as replace them when necessary.

9.Ignoring leaks
Never ignoring a leaking vape pen. If you find that your vaping device is leaking, then figure out what is causing the leak and address the problem. Ignoring leaks can lead to bigger problems down the line.

10.Not implementing courteous vaping conduct
Courteous vaping conduct is an important part of vaping. If you are in an area that says no vaping, don’t vape. If you are in an enclosed or small space, ask the people around you first if they mind you vaping. It is especially important to consider families with children when you are vaping in public.