Vaping Kits With Improved Batteries To Deliver 200W Output, Strong Taste

Many people are looking for innovative Vape kits to enjoy enhanced vaping using high-power devices. The new Vape kits come equipped with a 6.5 ml liquid capacity to enjoy higher puffs. It also boasts a TFV18 mini tank to refill with e-liquids and the latest IQ-S chip.

The new Smok R kiss 2 vape kit is affordable and comes with a 1.3-inch TFT color screen. It gives you 200 W output using two 18650 batteries. It is available in attractive colors like 7-color, black-red, silver, black-blue, gray, and black. You can choose the best color of your choice and place an order online to enjoy a new vaping experience on the move in style.

·Components of R Kiss 2 Vape kits

The main components of this innovative vape kit are
● Glass tube
● Coil Head
● Drip Tip
● Press Button
● Fire Key
● Airflow system
● Up/Down Button
● Type C port for charging
● Battery Cap
● 1.3 inches color TFT Screen
● Top Cap

The features of the latest IQ-S chip include reliable security and stable power. It plays a vital role to give you an enthralling vaping experience. No other vaping device on the market is a match to R Kiss 2 Vaping kits. Yet, it is affordable and gives you more puffs. You will enjoy a stable performance throughout.

·Strong taste
You can switch to 200 W from 5 W and enjoy a strong taste with denser vaping. You need to put it into the bypass mode to kick start the 200W power for enthralling smoking pleasure. You can just draw and enjoy a mouthful of vapor.

You will extend the use of R Kiss 2 Vape kits using a rechargeable battery. You can enjoy a long-lasting experience of vaping using the device powered by two 18650 batteries. The innovative 2A charging port for quick charging and allows pleasurable smoking.

·Improved experience with a large Fire Key
The vape kit comes fitted with a large `Fire Key` for enhanced user experience and instant operation. The 1.3 inches TFT screen allows understanding of operation facilities and improves your vaping experience. It comes with an intelligent atomizer.

Other notable features of R Kiss 2 Vape kits are short circuit protection, overheating protection, reverse battery protection, low battery warning sign, eight-second cut-off, and self-adaptive power control. All these features give you a rich vapor kicking into your mouth.

·Quickly fill with e-liquid
You can refill the tank in the R Kiss 2 Vape kit using Scripture e liquid. You can remove the tank from the device and keep it in your left hand. You can use your right hand to press the button and move it in a counter-clockwise direction. You can pour the e-liquid through a slot into the tank. You need to close the cap and wait for a few minutes. It allows the saturation of the cotton.

You can buy your favorite e-liquids in various flavors at online stores to satisfy your smoking desire. The online stores also sell vaping kits at affordable rates. You can choose the best vaping kit and place an order using a debit card.