If you can't go anywhere without your vaping gear, then using it in your car has undoubtedly crossed your mind. Although vaping and driving is a dangerous mix, if you consider a few ground rules, you can get by with vaping while driving.

If you're a beginner in vaping, starting vaping in your car is not recommended. Instead, try to ease your way into vaping while practicing it outdoors or indoors, not in a moving vehicle. 

You should always have your hands on the wheel while driving, and if you want to vape while cruising down the highways, that might seem impossible. However, browse through these handy tips for vaping in the car and enjoy your joy ride guilt-free.

Will Vaping Destroy Your Car's Interior?
Without going around the bush, yes - vaping can cause some damage to the interior space of your car. Vaping inside your car isn't considered a good idea mainly because of maintenance, especially upholstery.

Vaping can cause your windows and other interior parts to dim and visible muggy marks on them because of the vegetable glycerin used in the vaping liquid. Although there are many e-liquid flavors to choose from, they are made using vegetable glycerin that will do the same to the surfaces, no matter the taste.

Besides ruining your car's interior aesthetics, vaping will also leave an unpleasant smell that might be hard to eliminate if you practice vaping inside your vehicle with the windows closed. No matter how you feel about vaping, consulting a guide to vaping is always a good idea.

On a more serious note, vaping clouds can impair your vision, especially in cold weather, which might take a bad turn.

Is It Legal To Vape While Driving? 
Generally speaking, vaping is legal, but there have been cases of prohibition of vaping while operating a vehicle brought upon laws that demand driving safety. Vapes can be purchased through any online vape store, and there haven't been any reported issues with prohibition; unlike vaping on planes, vaping while driving won't get you in trouble with the law as long as you keep up with the existing road and driving safety regulations. 

Although US laws haven't halted vaping while driving per se, vapers must still be very cautious and act according to existing safety laws.

What To Consider For In-Car Vaping
Vaping in the car can be a joy ride for you, but if you do it vehemently, you might end up doing more harm to yourself or your vehicle. There are some vaping tricks to consider to ensure you have done your part to have a safe drive while vaping.

1.Always keep your car window open while vaping, and blow the vapor out the window instead of inside your car; 
2.Never, ever vape inside your car if there are kids with you;
3.Pull up on the side of the road or any designated area to vape - it's a much safer option than be in motion and vaping at the same time; 
4.Avoid dealing with the vape like adjusting settings, dripping, or refiling a vape tank while driving. 
5.Try using a less powerful vaping device inside your car - cloud-chasing is a no-no.

If you're persistent on vaping inside your car, considering these few tips might help you stay safe on the road and ensure no harm comes to you or your car. Also, making sure to never empty or throw the coils out the window goes without saying. You also need a clear vision of the road ahead, so you must ensure nothing impairs it. Safety first! 

Does Vaping Leave a Smell in The Car? 
Just like cigarettes, vaping also leaves an unpleasant smell in your car. Plus, due to the vegetable glycerin used for making the vaping e-liquids, some parts of the interior might be layered with sticky stains. 

However, odor-wise, vaping is less prominent since it quickly evaporates, so vaping can leave a smell unless you've vaped with your windows up. On the other hand, although many vapers claim that vaping won't make your indoor space smelly, you'll feel a residual smell if you don't air out the space or roll the car windows down as you vape.

If nothing gives you as much thrill as vaping in your car while on the road, jamming to your favorite tune, always remember to check some safety boxes first. Crack open a window, pull up to vape, never vape when kids are present, and dispose of your trash accordingly.

These simple tips and tricks will allow you to vape safely - for you and those around you!