Vaping in 2021 – How did it change and where is it going?

A reflection of vaping change in 2021 and beyond.
Vaping has come a long way since 2003, when the modern e cig was invented. But how has vaping changed over the last year, and where could it possibly go in 2022? Let’s reflect on vaping changes in 2021 and find out.

Rise of the higher-power pod system

2021 saw a rise in the number of larger devices that use a plastic pod in place of a more traditional tank. Whilst the number of smaller devices that use a pod type tank has been growing since 2018, 2021 saw a sharp rise in the number of direct to lung devices that now have pod tanks. One key example of this is the Eleaf iStick P100, which graced the vaping scene from the start of the year.

USB-C Quick Charge
Again, this isn’t quite a new development for 2021. But the last year saw another rise in the number of devices that have USB-C charging ports. This means that devices charge faster and can support a larger amp input. It also means that plugging into a charger can be with the plug either way up. Much easier! This is especially important for higher power devices that are run at a higher wattage. With the ability to charge internal batteries faster, the year also saw fewer new devices that use removable batteries.

Smaller Devices

Every year we see new devices that have a similar battery life getting smaller, and 2021 was no exception. With a growing desire to have devices that are more pocket size and easier to use, many e-cigarettes were released with this in mind. Devices like the Skope Air and Intu Pro Mini still have very reasonable battery life and pack some great features into a smaller package.

AST Coils
All-time Stable Technology or AST uses a new material to better control coil temperature. It has become more popular in 2021. AST makes coils heat up faster, burn out slower and deliver better flavour for more of the coil’s lifespan. More devices are taking advantage of this new technology and more brands, such as Eleaf and Joyetech, are adding coils made of suitable material them to their existing selections.

The Dawn of Disposables (or is it?)

We can’t discuss changes in vaping behaviour in 2021 without mentioning the incredible rise in popularity of disposable e-cigarettes. Disposables are extremely useful for anyone wanting to vape in a situation when they can’t take out their main device, or as a stepping stone into vaping for those that want to begin with something that is extremely easy to use. But did you know that disposable e-cigs aren’t anything new? In fact, some of the very first e-cigs were disposables based on the exact same premise. Replace the eye-catching exterior of a Geek Bar with the look of a replica cigarette and you might see where I’m coming from. It seems that history really does repeat itself.

The Future of Vaping
With technology and trends constantly evolving, what could we possibly expect to see in 2022? Well here are a few things that we predict will happen to vaping in the coming year.

Fewer new 510 tanks

With the current focus on pod systems we might see typical 510 connection tanks start to disappear in favour of connections that fit pod type tanks onto a 510 mod. There may well be more devices where the pod connects directly to the battery like the Eleaf iSolo R.

More Disposables
The popularity of disposables grew incredibly quickly through 2021. This trend shows no signs of slowing any time soon. There have been many new and existing brands enter the disposables market. It is hard to imagine that we could need more, but it is likely we will get them anyway!

The Disappearance of Removable Batteries

With the emergence of more devices that are quick charge, the need to carry spare batteries is becoming unnecessary. The last year saw many people switching to kits that had internal batteries. This could see removable batteries becoming outdated. The charge capacity of relatively compact devices is as good as most dual-18650 mods. All we need then is for it to charge fast enough…  

Faster and Easier Charging
Charging your device has come a long way recently with the implementation of USB-C quick charge into most new devices. But even that is limited to around 3 amps. This year could see the introduction of a device that can take more amps, and that means an even faster charging! There’s also the possibility of devices that can be charged wirelessly. Although the technology available at the moment is limiting the speed of how fast a wireless e-cig would charge, who know what the future holds?

Cheap, Easy and Value for Money

Devices that are cheap and easy to use such as the Eleaf IORE Lite are becoming very popular amongst new vapers. They are small, easy to use and maintain, and are an introduction to vaping that is affordable by everyone. We anticipate that we might see more of these devices emerge and make vaping more widely accessible.

So, there we have it. A look back at the vaping changes in 2021 and a few of our predictions as to where vaping will go this year. What features do you want to see in future devices?