In England 2020, vaping products were the most popular aid amongst smokers trying to kick the habit for good. This is unsurprising as, according to Public Health England, between 60% to 74% of smokers successfully quit cigarettes when using vaping as an alternative. Although vaping is an effective aid in stopping smoking, it can have some side effects, the most notable being vaping dehydration. This article will explore what causes vaping dehydration, its common symptoms, and how to combat it.

What is Vaping Dehydration?
One of the four major ingredients of e-liquids is propylene glycol (PG). PG is a humectant substance, meaning it has the ability to attract and retain water molecules. When you vape, the humectant consumes the water from your body and prevents it from being absorbed.

So when you exhale your vape cloud, the water vapour within it is actually made up of water extracted from your body during the vaping process. If you do not drink enough water to replenish the liquid you have lost, you can experience vaping dehydration. Additionally, some ingredients used in e-liquid flavours like salt, caramel and sugar can also be dehydrating.

The Symptoms of Vaping Dehydration
Although the symptoms of vaping dehydration can be unpleasant, they are highly unlikely to cause serious harm. Common symptoms of vaping dehydration include:

·Increased thirst
·Dry mouth and/or throat
·Dark-coloured urine
·Reduced urine volume and frequency
·Dark undereye circles

If vapers remain dehydrated for long periods, they can experience more serious symptoms such as dry skin, fainting episodes and loss of taste.

How to Combat Vaping Dehydration
Dehydration caused by vaping is most common amongst vaping beginners, especially if they do not monitor their vaping frequency and fluid intake. Luckily, vaping dehydration is only a temporary condition and can be dealt with relatively easily by following the methods below:

Consume Enough Water
According to the Mayo Clinic, females should consume approximately 2.7 litres of water a day, whereas males should consume approximately 3.7 litres of water a day. It’s important to note that these amounts may vary depending on your activity levels and overall health.

Try Flavoured Water
If you struggle to consume the recommended daily amount of water because you find it boring and tasteless, we recommend experimenting with sugar-free infused water. You can make healthy recipes at home using herbs, fruits and vegetables for an extra taste kick.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine
Overconsumption of alcoholic or caffeinated beverages should be avoided by vapers, as these drinks can dehydrate us. That’s not to say you shouldn’t enjoy a nice morning coffee with your vape, but just remain mindful of your consumption levels throughout the day.

Eat Water-Rich Vegetables and Fruits
Natural, solid foods like veggies and fruits contain plenty of water; for example, apples, grapes and carrots contain approximately 80-89% water, with bananas and avocados containing around 70-79% water. Therefore, try to incorporate these foods into your everyday diet to avoid vaping dehydration and enhance your overall health.

Vape Responsibly
If you’re unwell, especially if you are experiencing vomiting or diarrhoea, avoid vaping altogether, as you’re more likely to become dehydrated. In addition, you should also reduce the amount your vaping when exercising, as physical activity can also lead to dehydration.

Vaping Dehydration Summary
Experiencing dehydration when vaping is usually short-term and can be easily combatted by drinking more water. Keeping a bottle of water handy and taking regular short sips is the best way to stay hydrated. If you continue to feel thirsty when vaping, even after increasing your fluid intake, head down to your local vape shop, which will be able to provide advice on liquids, devices and setups.