Vaping Can Restore Lung Defense [for Ex-Smokers] Finds New Study

Talking [and even thinking] about lung health is difficult when you’re a smoker or an ex-smoker. And I know it’s difficult even when you switch to e-liquid vape pens, too. You get bombarded with so much information out there about vaping and lung health, and most of it is negative and wildly inaccurate.

So if you’re a fresh-of-the-boat vaper [or a smoker thinking about switching to vaping], I have some great news for you.

This news should have you doing flippin’ cartwheels. Unfortunately, you won’t find it in the mainstream media… which is why I’m writing about it here.

Ready for it?

Here it is:

If you’re a smoker-turned-vaper, your lungs WILL recover!

And it’s not me saying it. Nope. This is straight from the mouth of a renowned vape researcher and internal medicine doctor, Riccardo Polosa.

Never heard of him? Here’s a brief run-down of who he is and why his work is immensely important for you.

Who is Polosa & Why is His Lung Health Study Important for the Vaping Community?
Riccardo Polosa is a full-time Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Catania with the specialist role as a Respiratory Physician amongst the others.

His prime academic research focus was concentrated on mechanisms of inflammation, biomarkers of disease activity, and novel drug target discovery in the area of respiratory medicine (asthma, COPD, rhinitis).

His latest study shows why and how transitioning from smoking to vaping will restore the lungs’ primary defense against harmful substances. The reason why you’re hearing about him just now is because the topic showing how vaping can be helpful to your health is not interesting to mainstream media.

But we’re here to correct that.

What Does Smoking Do to Your Lungs?
Let’s start by looking at the smoking gun [lame pun intended] between traditional cigarettes and your lungs.

I don’t have to harp too much about it — smoking damages your lungs, and it diminishes your lung capacity. It makes it harder to breathe… and more likely that you’ll get a nasty lung-specific disease.

So what happens when you smoke?

Before I start with the whole explanation, I must mention the cilia of the respiratory tract, as they are crucial for the rest of this piece.

In layman’s terms, they’re a small thread structure, almost like hair, and they’re a vital part of our lungs. Cilia is there to catch stuff/particles that can harm the more delicate lung tissue and cause disease. Think of it as a built-in filtering system.

Cigarette smoke contains a ton of toxic compounds that directly damage cilia.  All that tar in combination with everything else gets cilia congested, slimy, and sticking together. The result is increased mucus production which is a recipe for lung disaster.

Of course, your body will try to battle this and remove everything harmful inside. The mucus build-up will be used in the mucociliary clearance [MCC] process as a transporting agent enabling all that sh*t to leave your body efficiently.

However, since cilia are gatekeepers, when stressed out too much, the whole MCC process is in danger. It has difficulties removing all harmful substances from your body since there is a lot to deal with, and they are running on 50%. Basically, while smoking you are shutting down the filtering system that keeps your lungs and body clean.

Switching to Vaping Rejuvenates Your Damaged and Congested Cilia

It is important to mention that vapor produced while vaping is far less toxic than cigarette smoke. 

Prof. Polosa’s study finds that smokers-turned-vapers have healthy cilia similar to people who never smoked. Their MCC process and cilia are at near 100% capacity.

What does this mean?

It means that vaping reverses the harmful process of smoking and allows cilia to heal themselves. And what’s the benefit of that? Well, after a few months = healthy lungs, no more issues with coughing, no chest pain, reduced chances for bronchitis and other lung illnesses.

Also, the study shows that, even if cilia are not completely regenerated, vaping helps maintain a certain level of defense, important during the transition phase. The bottom line is, smokers who switch to vaping have a lesser risk of developing any type of lung illness and also can slow the progression of any existing ones because their lungs are shedding way more bad substances than those of a smoker.

And while not all damage may be reversed, it’s enough to make a considerable difference. Way better than continuing to smoke, I’d say. Don’t you agree?

Why Do You Still Cough When You Just Switch to Vaping? 
Smoking causes drastic mucus build-up in your body and also prevents it from being discarded completely due to damaged cilia.

When you transition to vaping, cilia can finally heal and start doing the work. 

As the MCC process starts getting back in action it has to discard all that mucus build-up. Since it has to go somewhere, the cough has its purpose and may last for a few weeks to a month. 

Funny enough, the first month of transition is the most important since there are a lot of things you have to get used to. Most ex-smokers get back to cigarettes in that timeframe, due to various reasons, and cough is usually one of them. 

But if you manage to push through you will be better for it.

However, smoking is not entirely without risks… although those risks are minimal.

Polosa clarified that even small modifications in how people vape, such as regularly changing coils, cotton, and using quality juices from respectable sources can decrease that danger. He also explained how science has enhanced vaping over the last decade, and how it can additionally improve it in the future.  Another great way to reduce any risk associated with vaping is to go for devices with the Mouth-to-Lung (M2L) style of vaping. Not only does it make for an easier transition, since you’ll still have that feeling of inhaling as if you are smoking a cigarette vibe, but also you’ll reduce aerosol production.

What if You Simply Decrease Your Daily Cigarette Intake?
Yes, but only if you cut down to 2-3 cigarettes per day. Is this realistic?

Going from 20 cigarettes a day is a challenge only a few are capable of and it requires a high level of discipline. In most cases, people simply get back to smoking as if nothing happened.

But even if you do reduce cigarettes, you’re STILL damaging your cilia AND they still don’t get a chance to recover. Essentially it’s like saying that you’ll be taking 2 drops of poison per day instead of 10.

Rather simply switch to vaping and at least give it a try.

No one is forcing anything on you, but if you are able to live with 2-3 cigarettes a day, you can also live without them too. If that’s not the case, the reduction will not have the effect you’re looking for.

Give Vaping a Try & Start Finally Start Breathing
I can tell you from personal experience that vaping will transform your life. It did for me and for hundreds of vapers I know.

But I’ll stick to one singular point here…

If you’re tired of hacking and heaving… tired of running out of breath when you walk up the stairs… and tired of not being able to enjoy life like you used to…
… switching from cigarettes to vapes will take that all away — slowly but surely.

So what do you have to lose?

The choice is yours — if you’re ready, choose one of our state-of-the-art vaporizers today!