Vaping Accessories

Electronic cigarette accessories range in function, price, and design depending on what you’re looking for and what brand you’re viewing. Accessories for ecigs can really contribute to the personalization and uniqueness of vaping and may enhance or at least make the vaping experience easier for you. Like cell phones, accessories for each brand vary, where one product exists under one brand but not elsewhere, another product may exist from a different brand. Sometimes accessories can be mixed-and-matched across different brands but that’s not always the case. The best way to determine whether or not a certain accessory that’s different from your brand will work for your needs is to read the description, compare dimensions, read specifications, and if at all possible – try it out in a local vape shop or smoke shop. If you’re serious about vaping then you’re serious about your accessories. Some accessories that may interest you are various different chargers for your ecig battery, carrying cases for better portability and protection, soft drip tips for cleanliness and easier transition to e-cigs, universal adaptors for maximum customization, stylish lanyards, ashless trays, e-juice / e-liquid accessories for making your own flavors and vapor, and dry herb vaporizers if you’re interested in vaping more than just e-liquid.

Most e-cigarettes are rechargeable and require the use of rechargeable batteries. If you’re just staring out with vaping after transitioning from traditional tobacco cigarettes or in the process of starting with vaping from the very beginning, then you’re probably going to start out with a standard starter-kit. Most starter kits consist of a charger, a battery, and e-juice / e-liquid / disposable e-cig cartridges, but it’s important to note that this is not the be all end all of products and options in the vape world. Rather, it’s only the beginning. One thing in general that you may either want to replace or have a back-up of is a charger. The well-known ecigarette brand ePuffer knows a lot about e-cigs and vaping, and they are continuously working to perfect their products. They provide several different charging options to users: there’s the slim e cig wall charger, the standard car adapter that can pair with an USB cord, and the auto or manual passthrough e-cig which is more like a new form of ecig than a battery. Apollo ecigarettes also have a portable on-the-go style charger that looks and feels like a standard pack of cigarettes; it’s one of the best on the market.

Slimmer Charger
The slim e-cig wall charger is just like it sounds – it’s slimmer than other charging ports and therefore leaves behind a smaller environmental footprint. This is an ideal accessory for those who are limited on space and on wall sockets. This is often the case in compact dorm rooms, small studio apartments, tiny houses, or older buildings.

Car Adaptor
A car adaptor with a USB cord is very useful for recharging your e-cigarette battery on the go. It’s a perfect travel companion for long car trips and road trips or for vacationing and experiencing the great outdoors while camping. You can plug the car adaptor in and then hook it up directly to your e-cig battery. No more having to lug around and tote several fully charged batteries and hope that you have enough.

Passthrough Ecig
A very unique product available through the ecig brand Vapor4Life is the passthrough ecig. This is an electronic cigarette that’s similar to the 1st generation mini ecigs, but instead of running off battery power it connects directly to a wall charger making it one of the first corded electronic cigarettes. Due to the ability to receive a direct 5 volts to super charge your vaping experience, you’re able to achieve high quality vapor that’s thick, robust, and comparable to 2nd generation and 3rd generation ecig vapor production ability. This is perfect for use in the car, at the desk, or near the bed on the nightstand as it’s not nearly as portable as its battery counterparts.

Portable Charger Case
The portable charging case that Apollo Ecigs has is very comfortable and convenient to use. It’s perfect for recharging your batteries when you’re away from an outlet for extended periods of time such as while flying, in the car, or out for a fun day and night. You will always have access to a fresh battery whenever you need it, and as we all know a fresh battery equals more vapor.

E-cigarette Carrying Case
The electronic cigarette carrying case is the perfect way to transport your e-cigs, including extra cartridges and batteries without risk of damage and losing your e-cig. Cigavette provides the user with several different e-cig cases that are about the size of a standard pack of tobacco cigarettes on up to the size of an eyeglass carrying case. They have several different styles ranging from feminine to masculine in design depending on your exact needs and personal preferences.

Soft Drip Tip Mouthpieces
Soft rubber drip tip mouthpieces are designed to resemble the feel of smoking an actual tobacco cigarette in an effort to make the transition from traditional tobacco cigarette to electronic cigarette easier. The brand Volcano provides users with a large variety of rubber mouthpiece drip tips that easily slide onto the end of the cartridge. These rubber soft tips are also very helpful for keeping your e-cigarette cartridge clean. Let’s say you have a bright and vibrant colored lip stick that you really dislike wiping off from your cartridge before putting it away, well then the rubber soft tip is exactly what you need. It will keep your lipstick on your lips and away from your cartridge for a clean and more hygienic smoking experience. It’s also the perfect ecig cartridge if you have sensitive teeth as it prevents any spare drips from entering your mouth and causing your discomfort.

Universal Adaptor
V2Cigs provides users with a universal adaptor that makes it possible for V2Cigs superior flavored cartridges to combine with other ecig brands batteries. Some batteries that work well with the V2Cig adaptors are South Beach Smoke and Njoy. Simply attach the V2Cig universal adaptor to your favorite flavor cartridge from V2Cig and attach just about any battery to complete your e-cigarette. This is the perfect accessory to have if you’re really into customizing your mini e-cigarette and are interested in achieving the best personal experience possible.

Lanyards are a great way to carry around your mini-cigarette as they provide you with quick access to your e-cig. So no more digging through your purse or trying to find a pocket to cram your ecig into! ePuffer has a very classy looking lanyard that’s both simple and stylish. It’s a unique lanyard in that you’re able to enjoy an ePuffer ecigarette without removing it from the lanyard. This is the perfect ecig accessory for use in the club with your girlfriends or while traveling through an airport. This unique ecig lanyard is the perfect way to wear and use your e-cigarette.

Ashless Tray
Some people simply like the feeling of putting a traditional tobacco cigarette down into a normal styled ashtray. While e-cigs don’t require an ash tray as there’s no ash to dispense of, you may still want to place it down in a hygienic manner. Ashless trays provide the e-smoker with the ability to lay their e-cig down without risk of losing it or picking up nasty germs in a public place. Ashless trays may even enhance the look and appearance of actually smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette if that’s what you are after. The very popular e-cigarette brand Blu Cigs has a very simple, sleek, and inexpensive ashless tray that will complete your smoker look and allow you to put your generation 1 e-cig down on the counter of an airport bar, at the coffee shop group table, or even on a ledge or bar counter at the club without risk of losing it to circular motion or picking up disgusting germs that exist in public spaces.

E-liquid Accessories
If you’re really into vaping and interested in mixing your own flavors, then you should check out Halo Cigs e-liquid line of accessories. These include a base PG and VG for vapor, empty bottles to hold the unique vapor flavors, and tweezers to help you reload your cartridge or cartomizer faster and easier.
Halo Cigs has a premium American-based e-liquid that’s completely unflavored but still held to the highest standards and full of nicotine. This is great for creating customized and personal e-juice flavors on your own. The empty bottle pack that Halo Cigs has available are the perfect pocket-sized drippers for preserving and carrying around your unique flavor combinations. Take them out with you to clubs and parties and share your unique flavors with all your friends! The tweezers set available at Halo Cigs is designed to make refilling your cartridge easy. Their needle point nose makes grabbing the rubber foam in the ecig cartridge a breeze. They’re the same tweezers used by professionals.

Dry Herb Vaporizer
While most e-cig users start off with electronic cigarettes in the form of vapor, there are times when an ecigarette user may want to vape dry herbs and flowers. That’s where a dry herb vaporizer comes into play. A dry herb vaporizer allows the user to vape their favorite dried herbs, flowers, or wax concentrates for longer without a pungent smoky herbal aroma that is associated with smoke. E-Puffer provides a very sleek and durable dry herb vaporizer that’s inexpensive. This particular vaporizer, the dry herb G5 vaporizer is wind-resistant and comes with a long-lasting battery.

Electronic cigarettes are growing rapidly in popularity, and with that comes a desire for maximum customization, personalization, and an overall desire to achieve customer satisfaction. As a result, there are more and more ecig accessories. This is only the beginning, and this article only scratches the surface of some very popular e-cig accessories, but there’s so much more out there and new accessories are added every day.