Vaping A Hobby or Actual Lifestyle Choice?

Vaping has been a growing industry for just a little over a decade, and as any vaper will tell you, the market offers a wider array of vape products than ever before, allowing us to really customize the way in which we experience our e-liquids. Vaping has attracted a diverse array of consumers looking for a new way to maintain their nicotine intakes, ranging from hip, technologically savvy young adults to seniors who were finally ready to end their relationship with tobacco.

Because vaping appeals to so many, and because the market offers such a diverse variety of ways to experience this technology, everyone has their own unique relationship with it. The question is, is vaping a hobby or a lifestyle choice?

Vaping as a Hobby
A hobby is any activity done for the sake of pleasure. And, many vapers get a lot of pleasure out of the industry, and it’s easy to see why. Vaping allows us to explore an enormous array of e-liquid flavors, and many of us love collecting as many as possible so that we can have everything from sour candies to rich and creamy desserts at our disposal. And, of course, we can’t leave out the gear itself. The hardware market is dazzling in its variety of offerings, providing us with loads of devices, atomizers and coils that allow us to explore different ways to experience flavorful vapor.

Therefore, vaping hobbyists see the activity as so much more than a nicotine delivery choice. They enjoy experimenting with different technological setups and vape juices and building their collection of vaping goods.

Vaping as a Lifestyle
Then, there are those who view vaping as a lifestyle choice. These are the vapers that turned to vaping after they decided to quit smoking, and never looked back. They view the vaping industry as that which gave them the ability to finally call it quits, so to speak. And, as a result, they tend to be outspoken about vaping to those they know who smoke, advocating for it as much as possible.

Neither or Both
Of course, things aren’t always black or white. Many people who vape do so both for hobby and lifestyle-related reasons. Maybe they were first attracted to the activity because they wanted to quit smoking, but once they began exploring the various devices and vape juice flavors out there, it quickly became a hobby. Then, there are those who advocate for vaping and dedicate a large portion of their budget to supporting local vape shops, all while making sure that they’re always buying the latest products to hit the market, meaning that their relationship with vaping is both a hobby and a lifestyle choice in the most extreme sense.

Plus, some fall into neither category, using vaping as a simple means to an end. They may opt for the most inexpensive, user-friendly and low-maintenance products on the market, never really feeling the need to explore what’s out there, or advocate for that which vaping is capable of. At the end of the day, you don’t need to fall into one of the two categories to be considered a vaper. Your own relationship with vaping is unique.

It’s all about the relationship that you choose to have with it. One of the many wonderful things about vaping is that we can decide how committed we are thanks to the massive variety of options that we have when it comes to maintaining it.