Vape Tank FAQ’s

Using A Vape Tank For The First Time

When you get your shiny new vape tank through the post we highly recommend doing the following before filling with juice.

1.Take it apart and put it back together a few times.

Seriously, it’s no fun trying to figure out the mechanics of a tank if you have e-liquid everywhere. This will also stand you in good stead for when you come to replace your coil.

2.Optional: Remove the coil from the tank and give the other parts a quick rinse under warm water. Then dry with a paper towel. Do not soak the coil, you will kill it.

Cleaning isn’t 100% necessary but from time to time we have see tanks arrive that have residual machine oil on the parts.

Not much of an issue nowadays as manufacturing processes are more thorough but you may want to make sure.

How To Fill Your Vape Tank For The First Time

OK.. You will have your coil installed of course so double check first.

Most new vape tanks now have a top fill function. This is brilliant news for all vapers making filling super easy!

This is a broad instruction and it may change slightly for your tank.

Top Fill Slide

1.Push the top cap to the side
2.Fill With E-Liquid
3.Take your time filling to avoid overflowing vape juice

Top Fill – Full Cap Removal

With some tanks the top may unscrew fully.

Priming Your Coil – Very Important!

OK.. So you have a vape tank full of e-liquid, now you just vape away right?

Whoa! Hold your horses!

Step away from the tank and allow the vape juice to soak into the cotton in your coil. To be on the safe side give it 10 minutes.

Ermmm Why?

If you vape immediately after filling you run the risk of the cotton being dry that will result in the dreaded dry hit. Once you get the dreaded burn, we’ve all been there, this makes your coil unusable. That is unless you like the taste of burnt cotton.

An extra tip is to take a few drags on the tank WITHOUT pressing the fire button. The idea behind this is to help draw e-liquid through to the cotton. You can close up your airflow while you do this. Go easy though, you don’t want to flood your tank.

Extra Priming

For extra priming you can actually drip e-liquid directly onto the cotton that you can see on your coil. This needs to be done before filling the tank of course.

To do this remove your coil from the tank. You will see cotton peeking through holes on the side of the coil. A drop or two of e-liquid in each opening will help give you a head start.

prime your coils!


Secondly, look into the top of the coil head. You will see the wire sitting over some cotton.

You can also drop a couple of drips of juice down the inside wall of the coil.

Tilt the coil head and turn the coil as you drip and you will see the cotton suck up the liquid.

I don’t personally bother with this step but it adds an extra layer of protection from burning your cotton.

How Do I Get Big Clouds From My Vape Tank?

If clouding out your living room with vapour is your thing then be sure to get a tank that helps you do that to start with. The SMOK TFV16 is a real cloud chucker. No surprise really as the coils are massive.

You can also open up your airflow fully and take a long draw.. Then sit back and watch as the person sitting next to you disappears.

In addition to the above using an e-liquid with 80VG+ will help with dense clouds.

Please don’t do this in a public place. Be a conscientiousness vaper hey!

How Do I Make My Coils Last Longer?

The nature of the beast with stock coil tanks is that coils will need replacing every now and then.

Different vape tanks can have varying coil life. If you get 2 weeks out of a coil then we would class this as pretty good going. Especially if vaping at high wattage.

To help prolong your coil life take a look at the juice you are using. If you like sweet, cloying e-liquids the sugars will build up on the coil resulting in dry, burnt flavour coming through.

If you don’t want to change your juice flavour then just expect to change coils more often.

We have also tried cleaning stock coils under water and/or using a clear alcohol such as vodka. Personally, coils are never the same after doing this. Save yourself the hassle and just replace.

Burnt Taste Coming Through?

Try not to chain vape, especially if your coil can’t handle it.

When you become a little more experienced with vaping you will recognise when the cotton is running dry and a nasty dry hit is on the way.

It’s there in the background as you notice the flavour drop off slightly.

Make sure there are no air bubbles trapped around the holes on the coil head where the e-liquid soaks in. If you see any bubbles trapped in this area then the e-liquid is likely not fully reaching the coil.

Tip the tank or remove the top of the tank (Slide top across) to release the pressure. You should see the bubbles rise to the top. The burning flavour should subside.

Vape Tanks For Temperature Control

Temperature control may be an area of vaping you want to explore. In short, the technology is there to detect when your coil is getting too hot due to the absence of e-liquid. This prevents you vaping on a dry coil.

Great technology but you can’t use all coils in TC mode.

So Which Coils Can You Use in TC Mode? And Which Coils Not to Use

Stainless Steel (SS) – Can be used in both wattage and TC mode
Titanium (Ti) – Only TC mode – Not to be used in Wattage mode
Nickel (Ni200) – Only TC mode – Not to be used in Wattage mode
Nichrome (Ni80) – Only Wattage – Not to be used in TC mode
Kanthal – Only Wattage – Not to be used in TC mode