Vape Starter Kit for Newbies [The Informative Guide]

Back in 2014, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that nine million American adults vaped; a figure that has no doubt grown significantly in recent years. Just a few years ago in fact, people who were new to vaping tended to use e-cigarettes as a replacement for tobacco. Today, with ten American states (plus Washington D.C.) legalizing weed for recreational use (and another 21 for medicinal purposes), the market has changed completely.
The vape pen starter kits on sale now are versatile enough to be used for e-liquid nicotine or cannabis oil, and there are advanced options such as vape kits that use a pod system (a pod is basically a vape tank and atomizer in one system).
After vaping a pod, you can simply toss it away and install a new one. This makes things a lot easier, and most users would agree that the keyword in vape starter kits is ‘convenience’ (although ‘discretion’ isn’t too far behind).

In today’s saturated market, we’ve discovered that companies like Kangertech, Eleaf, SMOK, and Sigelei are among the top brands in the industry. In this in-depth guide, we help you determine the best vape starter kits available in 2020 (and beyond) in what is an effort to point you in the right direction in regard to getting the most out of your money.

Types of Vape Starter Kits Available
When checking out vape starter kits, your best bet is to focus on vape pens or box mod kits. A beginner starter kit (for either option) can have a lot of needless accessories, so tread carefully when browsing online. We recommend purchasing a kit because if you try to buy everything separately, you’ll have to ensure that everything fits and works together; this isn’t an issue with a kit. Of course, it is also cheaper to purchase a kit.

Vape Pens

As the name suggests, a vape pen is a pen-style vaporizer that is ideal for anyone seeking to switch from tobacco cigarettes or weed joints. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a pen that’s capable of lasting for a whole day on a single charge. Its main components are a battery and an atomizer, the latter of which contains a coil that heats up your e-liquid and turns it into the delicious vapor you enjoy so much.
One thing you’ll really want to pay close attention to is the size of the tank. If you buy a vape pen with a small tank, you’ll have to refill it often if you’re a regular user. There are also mini vapes with tiny capacities, but they are designed for quick hits on the go. Vape pens tend to have thicker batteries than the earlier ‘cig-a-like’ devices, and produce better vapor while also lasting much longer.

Box Mods

A beginner box mod is deemed to be a device with power output between 20 and 50 Watts. It is important to note that most beginner mod kits don’t have an atomizer tank, so you have to purchase it separately. It should go without saying that the higher the wattage, the greater the vapor produced.

The ‘feel’ of a box mod is akin to that of holding a carton of cigarettes. The ‘box’ part of the device is the power source, while the tank holds and vaporizes the e-liquid.
To be honest, box mods tend to be better for experienced users because while they are more expensive, they offer a wide range of features not found in vape pens. For instance, some models have adjustable airflow slots to help you control vapor production, while others enable you to change the temperature produced by the coil along with wattage and resistance.

Mechanical Mods
We have only included this device to inform you that it is not for beginners. They are mechanical tubes which pull power from the battery and send it to the atomizer. Mechanical mods used to be the most powerful around but now, most regulated box mods outperform them. Also, Mechanical mods can be dangerous because using them typically implies having a working knowledge of Ohm’s Law, which most people obviously do not have.

Pod Mods
These devices have been hailed as the ‘future’ of vaping. As well as being small, light and portable, they are simple to operate which makes them a perfect choice for beginners. They don’t look like an e-cigarette, though. In fact, pod mods look more like music devices! Features include pre-filled pods and tighter mouth-to-lung draw, and they are designed for those users who believe “traditional” vaping is a little too complex for them.

For instance, most pod mods carry batteries with 300aMh or less, which means they don’t last very long on a single charge. Also, barring rare exceptions pod mods are unable to produce the kind of vapor production (or flavor) that seasoned vapers crave. Even so, they are solid options for newcomers and there are now more advanced devices on the market with features such as temperature control and 900aMh batteries.

Best Vape Starter Kit Manufacturers
We struck out to find the best vape starter kits for beginners, and we have added five brands that we believe will offer you everything you need at a decent price. Best of luck on your search, and we truly hope you can discover the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for yourself!

1 – Kangertech Vapes

The Kangertech Evod Starter Kit bundle costs just $26.85 online, and is easily one of the best vape kits if you’re a beginner. It includes an Evod dual coil tank and an Evod twist battery, both of which come in eight cool colors. The kit includes:
·An atomizer
·Micro USB charger
·650mAh battery (if you want more power, just pay an extra $1 to upgrade to a 1100mAh battery).
·A Pyrex tank with a 2.5ml e-liquid capacity.

Also, the larger battery gives you enough charge to last a full day, and the dual bottom coils offer 1.5 ohms of resistance. There are even safety features for newbies, such as having to click the power button five times in quick succession to switch it on, and over-discharge protection which turns the battery off when it reaches 3.2V.

2 – Eleaf iCare 2 Vaporizer

The Eleaf iCare 2 is a terrific choice for would-be vapers that are keen to get away from cigarettes or joints. It has an unusual box shape design, but it is very small and portable. Its all-in-one design is another attractive feature and it includes a 2 ml capacity tank, a 650 mAh battery, and a 1.3-ohm coil with a maximum output of 15 Watts.

We advise you to work your way up through wattages until you find the one you’re comfortable with. Also, at under $20, it is a fine initial investment for your introduction into the vaping world.

3 – SMOK Stick X8 Vaporizer

SMOK’s Stick V8 vape was a very popular option as a starter kit, but the SMOK Stick X8 is no doubt an improvement on the original design. Its airflow system is designed to prevent leaking, and the 4 ml tank should be large enough for any vaping enthusiast. Moreover, the hinge system makes filling the tank easy and we loved the level of vapor production, not to mention the outstanding flavor. The kit includes:
·0.13-ohm X-Baby X4 Core Coil
·0.25-ohm X-Baby M2 Core Coil
·3000 mAh battery with a maximum capability of 20 amps continuous discharge
·Micro USB cable

The battery life indicator is an excellent feature, although you won’t have to charge it very often! Its recommended range is 30-45 Watts and it includes safety features such as the 8-second cutoff and short-circuit protection. 

4 – Sigelei 90W Vape

The Sigelei 90W Plus TC 26650 Box mod kit doesn’t have the catchiest title, but it more than makes up for it with an outstanding level of performance. The vape kit includes:
·A 26650 4200 mAh battery
·Dual temperature control
·4.8ml sub-ohm tank
·0.5-ohm Kanthal coil
·0.2-ohm Ni200 coil

The tank has a huge capacity and the battery will last you for an entire day easily. The range of temperature, wattage and voltage settings means you can experiment and find the ideal setup for you. Also, the OLED screen displays all the relevant information and the temperature range is from 212 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

5 – Twelve Juno

This brand’s Ultra-Portable Kit costs just $29.99 and includes:
·An all-in-one system
·1.6 ml capacity tank
·1.3 – 1.5-ohm resistance
·Three prefilled pods
·User manual
·380mAh built-in battery

This offering from Twelve Juno comes in a very stylish and sleek design, and at a little over four inches high, it fits comfortably in your purse or pocket. It probably won’t produce enough vapor for experienced users but it is perfect for newbies. It is easy to refill and use, and you can take it anywhere without attracting unwanted attention.

Where to Buy Vape Starter Kits
Before setting out to buy a vape pen starter kit or making your first purchase, you need to ask yourself the following question: “What would be the best vape starter kits for me?” To answer this ultra-convoluted form of self-inquiry, it is necessary also to answer the following five questions:
1.How often do I vape?
2.Will I need more than one battery?
3.What is my budget?
4.Do I need a portable device or am I only going to vape at home?
5.Will I need accessories such as a wall charger or carrying case?

As you can see from the short reviews of the best vape starter kits we did above, there are options available with the bare minimum – and some with a fair number of extra features. Those seeking a quick and easy smoke won’t need anything more than the most basic kits, which typically include a battery, clearomizer, and a USB charging lead. All-in-one kits are excellent if you just want to vape and go.
If you plan to bring your device with you to work or while traveling, however, you’ll want to consider things like battery life and tank size. There are vape devices with swappable batteries that let you change them on the move, or alternatively you can pay a little extra for a vape pen that allows for several hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Where to Buy Vape Starter Kits?
We recommend going to to browse their massive selection of vape starter kits for sale, because the site really does offer an unbiased, ultra-detailed look at hundreds of devices from all of the most reputable brands. If it isn’t worth buying, then these guys will tell you straight.

Final Thoughts on the Best Vape Starter Kits
Vaping has been on the wrong end of a lot of negative publicity recently, which makes us wonder; to what extent is Big Tobacco sticking its nose in? Vape devices represent a clear and present danger to the trillion-dollar industry that is “BT,” and everyone knows how ruthless they can be when dealing with perceived threats.
Even the most ardent critics of this new movement can’t deny that vaping is probably good for your health in comparison to traditional cigarettes. In fact, smoking in the “old-fashioned” way involves consuming hundreds of possible carcinogens from cigarettes, and it kills 480,000 people a year in the United States annually (and six million people worldwide). Meanwhile, it’s estimated that 16 million Americans are living with a disease caused by smoking.

Moreover, most manufacturers of vape devices include cartridges with different nicotine strengths so you can gradually wean yourself off the addictive substance. Eventually, you can use the 0 mg nicotine cartridges and vape for no other reason than the fact that you enjoy the process.