Vape Pens VS Box Mods – What’s the Difference?

Vape pens vs box mods, which should you choose? There are many different types of vape kits. Most of them can be put into categories or ‘styles’ and this is usually based on how the e-cigs look. But that’s not the end of it, there are key differences between them, so let’s take a look at the two most popular types of vape kits, vape pens and box mods. 

What is a Vape Pen?
As we are looking at vape pens vs box mods. We have to first know what each of them are.

A vape pen is an e-cig that is a pen shape. This doesn’t mean that they are the size of a pen, because most of them are bigger. It means that they are longer than they are wide and can be cylindrical.

This is what you might think of when you think of a traditional style e-cig. Vape pens have a long body, with a tank or pod at the top. They usually cannot be stood on their end and are usually MTL (mouth to lung) kits.

What is a Box Mod?
A box mod is an e-cig in the shape of a box. It’s really that simple. This doesn’t mean a cube, they are usually a rectangle shape.

They are called mods because back when the vaping industry was in its infancy, people used to make them themselves and ‘modify’ cases to make their own e-cigs. Hence the name mod.

Now they are some of the most popular vapes on the market.

What are the Core Differences Between Pens and Boxes?
Now we know what vape pens and box mods are, we can look at the differences between them.

It’s worth keeping in mind that these are generalised, not every vape pen style e-cig will be an MTL vape as an example, while not every box mod will have a bigger battery. Each e-cig is unique and it is worth looking at their individual features to find the best style for you.

oSize – The main difference between vape pens and box mods is size. Vape pens are compact, slender vapes that can easily fit in a pocket or bag. Box mod are bulkier and tend to be heavier. This is a major consideration when buying your next vape. This is something you will be carrying around with you all day, so if you are going to be storing your vape in your pocket as an example, a large box mod with dual 18650 batteries that is really heavy might not be the best e-cig for you.

oEase of use – Do you want an e-cig kit that you can spend time on, changing the settings, really tinkering with your vaping experience? Or do you want something plug and play that you install a vape coil, fill it with e-liquid and start vaping? These are the questions to answer to decide whether to get a vape pen or a box mod. Box mods tend to be more complicated, with menu systems and settings to change. While vape pens lean towards plug and play, being much simpler to use daily, with less maintenance.

oWhat is included – Box mods can be bought on their own and this is how many vapers will buy their box mods. They have their favourite tank, which might be one that you build coils for. They want a box mod with a certain power or battery life. A lot of box mods don’t come as a kit with a tank included or sometimes no batteries included. If you want a vape kit that comes with everything you need to start vaping out of the box, look at vape pens first.

oBattery life – This is purely a question of size. Vape pens are smaller, so their batteries will be smaller and they will need charging more often. Box mods are bigger, so their batteries are bigger. If you want a battery that is likely to last you a day or over before needing to be recharged, look at box mods. Remember though, when choosing a large battery, you are sacrificing portability as they will be bulkier and heavier.

oPrice – Box mods have larger batteries, are bigger, have more complexity and more features, in turn they tend to be more expensive. Vape pens are simpler to use and have smaller batteries, so even as a full kit might be cheaper than a box mod.

How Do You Choose Which One is Best for You?
The best way to decide whether to choose a box mod or a vape pen, is to list what is more important in your vaping experience, in order of importance. This can help you decide whether to go for a vape pen or a box mod.

If battery life, more power and DL vaping are right at the top of your list, then look at box mods.

If something compact, easy to use, with an MTL vape are your top picks, then look at vape pens.

Are There Any More Options?
Yes, there are many other types of vape kits. Not all e-cigs can fit neatly into these two categories, although in terms of shape most of them do.

That’s the fantastic thing about vaping, not only are you no longer smoking, but there is so much choice, that you really can find the perfect vape kit for you.

You might see vape pods, pod mods, disposables, vape starter kits, sub-ohm kits, MTL, DL, the list can go on. There is a vape kit out there for you.

Need help choosing a vape pen or a box mod?
While there is a massive variety of vape pens, box mods and everything in between, the most important thing to remember is this. The right vape kit for you is the one that keeps you away from cigarettes. No matter what it looks like.