Vape Mods vs Vape Pens, Which One Is Ideal for You?

Box vape mod and vape pen battery are currently the most popular power choice for vape users. These powerful batteries offer more convenience and are available in various styles. In addition, vaping batteries have created significant impressions on their users because of their remarkable technology and evolving hardware. But how are they different from one another? What are their underlying attributes? Before discussing these devices in detail, let's get their rough idea!

A Quick Rundown on Box Mod Vape Battery and Pen Battery
Box mods are preferred options as they offer customization and have more power than a pen-style battery. Nowadays, Box mod vape and other compact pen-shaped vaporizers are called "batteries" because they are mainly composed of batteries. However, box mods are large and incredibly powerful devices. They also offer great functionality, high-quality design, optimum power, and good battery life. So which is the best box mod? Which is better to buy? It all depends on your requirements. Both devices offer unique benefits to their users. What about cons? There are some, and we will discuss them in more detail.

Best Vape Batteries in a Nutshell
Before discussing these devices, the crucial thing to note here is that these pen-shaped devices are called batteries in pop culture. Plus, both models work with batteries.

We are clearing the context here to eliminate confusion. 

Vape mods are bulkier, larger, and possess more advanced features than conventional vaping if we compare the two. What's more, you can modify your vaping device according to your needs. Cannabis connoisseurs usually prefer box mods because they are geared with several options. For example, you can customize them or add another cloud-enhancing kit to enhance your setup.  

In contrast, pen-style vaping devices are sleek, sophisticated, discreet, and simple. You cannot modify them as they are usually used straight out of the box. Now let's discuss these two vaporizers in detail. How do these devices work and their pros and cons?

If you want to learn their nitty-gritties, let's tap into it!

What Is A Box Mod Vape?
Box mod vape is a kind of box-shaped battery used with oil cartridges. It has increased popularity in vaping industry, , is available in endless flavor options, and offers a delectable taste today! Plus, these devices were more fun to smoke and to produce massive clouds.

So what makes this device popular today besides its flavorsome rips?  

A box mod vaporizer allows various customization options. It includes a battery, coils, and a complete setup to heat the coils and your concentrate. The impressive thing about this vaporizer is that it enables users to personalize and design according to their needs. Thus, it gives individuals full control over the temperature, power, and potency of the hits. In addition, there are a wide array of modifications that you can do to your Box Mod. For instance, you can include LED displays, new coils, long-lasting batteries, and other essential attachments. The possibilities to customize your device are endless, and you can upgrade your smoking setup according to your preference.

What else? If we talk about its design and functionality, the vape mod is compact, and its exceptional battery will last for hours. Plus, it produces more vapors or large clouds and is bulkier than other battery models. Not to mention, most vaporizers do not offer battery replacement options, and you have to discard them after usage. However, with box mods, you can replace batteries. Moreover, box mods are versatile and can support almost any liquid like concentrate or juice.

Vape Pen Battery: What Is It?
Vape Pen battery is the answer if you search for a plug-and-play vaporizer with a pre-filled cartridge. These electronic vaping devices heat liquid containing flavorings and nicotine. The thing to highlight here is that the term vape battery is the constellation of small pen-shaped batteries, box mods, and other vaporizers that possess batteries and heat concentrate. But this term most often describes smaller vaping devices with a sleek design with screw heads to attach concentrates. Moreover, pen-style vaping units offer convenience and are straightforward to use. What's more, they are discrete, and users prefer them for their pre-made cartridges that are readily available in several dispensaries and headshops.

What about their functionality and design? They come with separate attachments or fitted atomizers for vaping e-juice. In addition, these e-cigarettes are composed of a mouthpiece, heating system, storage space for inserting e-liquid, and a battery.  These vape batteries are not incredibly powerful. You cannot customize them as box mods; however, they are available in various varieties and unique features like modification in design, different attachment options, wattage control, etc.

Do these vape batteries have greater longevity? As compared to box mods, they do not. However, their batteries might last for a year or days. Plus, these disposable vaporizers usually last for hours or days on a single full charge.

In summary, vape batteries are perfect for casual smokers who do not wish to remodel their vaping setup. In addition, these sleek vaporizers are efficient and easy to use. As mentioned earlier, you can not customize them, but they are available in various designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. You can opt for several stellar-designed and trendiest vape pens for their delicious rips, wattage capabilities, and battery life.

Vape Pen Battery VS. Box Vape Mod
We have compiled some of their differences and similarities to help you understand better. These are as follows:

Two of a Kind
·These e-cigarettes are crafted to work with batteries. The batteries provide power to heat the coils.
·They both possess good battery life and work according to the recommended time.
·These electronic devices offer wattage adjustments. You can adjust their wattage according to your preference.
·Both devices work by heating the atomizer or heating chamber to vaporize various substances like oils, wax, or herbs.
·These vape kits are available in various sizes, colors, designs, and shapes.

Distinctiveness Between the Two
Although they possess a simple mechanism and offer a similar purpose, these devices vary significantly in many ways. These are the following differences you should know about:

·Vape pens are smaller, stored easily, portable, and are designed for comfortable usage. In contrast, box mods are large, less portable, but robust devices.  
·Box mods are larger, moderately bulky, have a clunky design, and have an exceptional battery. They are powerful and have greater battery longevity.

Whereas vape pens have a thin, sleek design, and are less powerful. These batteries offer simplicity, and their battery life is lower than box mods.

·Box Mod vapes offer a wide array of features that you can implement to achieve a unique experience. They offer several customization options.

Contrastingly, pen batteries have limited customization options. These are efficient devices that require minimal experience to enjoy nicotine hits.

·Vape pens are more convenient and straightforward to use than vape mods. They appeal to users because they include pre-made cartridges and do not require substantial know-how.
·Box vape mods are ideal for vaping enthusiasts because they can produce massive clouds and hits and deliver a powerful flavor.

In contrast, vape pens are perfect for casual smokers who wish to enjoy decent flavors. These e-cigarettes can not produce large clouds, but they satiate the users because of their smoking-like experiences.

·Because of their compact size, vape pens are more discreet than box mods.
·Although vaping pens offer wattage control, there are no wattage settings better than box mods. Experienced smokers rave about mods as they deliver a more potent throat hit.
·With box mods, you have more options to change batteries and opt for high-quality ones.

Vape Pen Battery and Box Vape Mods: Pros and Cons
The boon and banes of these electronic devices are as follows:

·Box mods tend to hold the charge in abundance. That is why their batteries can last an entire day or longer.
·Several vape batteries are compact, travel-friendly, portable, lightweight, and discreet.
·You can modify your box mods to transform them into an ideal vaporizer for your e-juices, concentrates, or other preferences.
·Several reliable and cost-effective vaping battery varieties are available in the market nowadays.

·Small vaping battery designs like stylus-pen style devices might not hold enough charge, and they are not as durable and sturdy as box mod Vapes.
·Box mods are portable, but they are bulkier and larger than other vaporizers. Plus, they are not discreet, and their powerful mechanisms can use the battery a lot. Thus, resulting in shorter battery life than other power-efficient vaporizers.
·Temperature adjustment option is commonly present on box mods that allow users to enjoy their perfect temperature hits. However, newly upgraded e-cigs do offer such features nowadays.

Box Vape Mods Features
Manufacturers are upgrading vape mods design and crafting these devices with various trendy features that will make your smoking session worthwhile. If you are thinking of buying a box mod at an online vape shop, you will most probably find these features enlisted below:

·Digital displays for indicating battery level, error messages, atomizer resistance, and current settings.
·Charging of devices via USB.
·Upgrading firmware through USB.
·Great battery capacity, i.e., beyond 4000mAh.
·Temperature, voltage, and wattage settings.
·Greater power range.

Advanced Box Mods Unique Features
More advanced Mods are equipped with plenty of unique features that only make smoking the best vape experience.  

·Bluetooth connectivity and support will track usage and help charge your device with smartphones.
·Adjustable height and width adjustment for matching various oil atomizers.
·A mini touch screen for showcasing pictures or for quick changing of settings.

Reasons for Investing in Box Mods: Novice Smokers Guide
Comparing the device's advanced features with other vaporizers indicates that this e-cigarette is crafted for advanced smokers or vaping enthusiasts. However, that's not true. You can use it if you are a novice smoker because manufacturers set their device settings to default. Besides the wattage settings - that deliver power to the coil - you can ignore other settings until you are well-versed with them.

You can also opt for the best temperature controlled box mod because you can use it instantly after buying them. In addition, their settings are usually set to default. What's more, vape mods come with tanks that are low-resistance and offer unrestricted airflow. Also, if you like inhaling oil cartridges from different sizes, especially the 510 thread cart, you can choose a box mod that comes with an adjustable holder chamber width design. Here it is! The Yocan UNI box mod is engineered for matching most of the oil atomizers with its patented adjustable width. Nevertheless, several companies today are manufacturing vape box mods with multi-features for people who prefer mouth-to-lung inhalation.

The Takeaway
After all, investing in a vaping setup depends on your needs. A box mod is the answer if you prefer a portable, incredibly powerful device that offers more features. These e-cigs enhance vaping experience and offer advanced features.  Moreover, box mods' functionality is diverse as their internal space is massive. Plus, they hold large batteries with higher wattages, and they last longer. In contrast, pen batteries are also functional and popular, but they target a different consumer base. They also produce delicious, potent hits and have a great battery life; however, their capabilities are less than their large fellow contenders.

In short, box mods are complex setups that require more power to burn the concentrates. As a result, massive, dense clouds are produced.

If you are a veteran smoker and enjoy those big clouds, this big setup with customizable options is the best bet. However, if you are looking for a travel-friendly and discreet smoking option for on-the-go vaping sessions, a vaporizer with a pre-made cartridge is perfect. When purchasing these e-cigarettes, keep the requirements in mind and go through their boons and banes. This will help you select the right product according to the preferences you desire. That's it! You have reached the end of the informative vaping guide. This was all about the difference between the vape pen battery and the box vape mod. Since you know all the details, you can select the best vapes according to your needs. So are you a casual smoker or a veteran smoker? Which product are you going to select? A pen battery or a box mod?