Vape like a pro: 5 beginner vaping tips to make you look like a pro

Almost all vapes follow the same mechanism. You get a battery source that powers the heating element, aka the coil. The coil would then vaporize the e-juice in a small chamber. You then inhale the vapors typically via a mouthpiece.

A vape is a collection of systems all working together. You can’t segregate even of them from the others. That’s why you should maintain every single part to enjoy a quality vaping session. Before we mention tips on vaping like a pro, let’s educate you on – the art of proper inhaling

The way you inhale, as a beginner, can make or break the following experiences. Correct inhaling technique is paramount; otherwise, you could end up with a surge of unpleasant nicotine and a bad cough.

Mostly, you have two inhalation techniques to pick from –

This technique is best for small vapes that have high resistance coil and high nicotine. The moment you take a drag, the sensation would feel similar to sucking the air through a coffee straw. The drag should feel tight. You get low vapors, and it should feel much like smoking, something that many people specifically crave for.

Here’s what the technique entails –

·Draw the vapor slowly in your mouth for a couple of seconds
·Close the mouth and hold the vapor for about two seconds
·Open your mouth and breathe the vapor into your lungs
·Once vapor reaches your lungs, exhale.

1.Direct Lung
This is the best inhalation technique for larger vapes that come with low resistance coil and use low nicotine. The drag should feel like sucking through milkshake straw. You get a maximum vapor, which feels like a ‘bong hit.’ However, the feel is generally comfortable and smooth since you’re dealing with low nicotine.

The technique involves quickly drawing the vapors into your lungs, followed by immediate exhale. 

If you don’t know what would be the best method, check the nicotine content and use it as a way to determine the best inhale practice. Thumb rule dictates that for nicotine between 12-60 mg, MTL is better. For low nicotine content ranging between 0-6mg, go with direct lung inhale. 6-12 mg is suitable for both types.

Cigar puff
This technique doesn’t exactly involve inhaling. You can use this method for high and low power devices. You will still be consuming nicotine, which is absorbed by the mucous membrane.

Tips for vaping like a pro

1.Buy premium liquids
Low-grade e-liquids are often packed with impurities. Not only do they taste bad, but you also put yourself at the risk of falling sick. Go with a reputable vendor such as Big Daddy Smoke and invest in premium juices. They carry medically-approved, high-grade and pure nicotine. In other words – research first, buy later!

2.Find an ideal PG/VG ratio
E-liquids with 100 VG (vegetable glycerin) tend to create smoother and thicker hits. Low-value VG would create deeper and smaller clouds. If you are looking for a ‘throat hit,’ then that’s what you should go for. Depending on the kind of hit you desire, stick with low/high VG accordingly. A high VG ratio would generally produce better quality smoke with less throat hit. It’s naturally sweeter.

3.Store in a dark room
Just like wine, if you let a bottle of e-liquid sit in the dark for a while (typically one-two weeks), it would taste richer. The flavors tend to marinate when you give it time.  

4.Plastic tank warnings
Menthol, essential oils, cinnamon, and citrus are all acidic flavors that can crack/wrap a plastic tank. If you are a beginner, know that most starter kits come with plastic tanks. If you do pick these flavors, make sure to buy Pyrex or high-grade glass tanks to avoid any possible damage.

5.Mix up the flavors
The best part about vaping is that you can let your creativity run wild. If you can’t figure between two flavors, go ahead and make your own. You will be surprised at how finding that bespoke flavor can completely change the entire vaping experience.

6.Avoid vaper’s tongue
Sometimes, when you have been vaping one flavor for a long time, it’s possible that after a point, you would stop getting the taste of that flavor. This phenomenon is called ‘vaper’s tongue.’ If that happens to you, know that it’s completely normal. E-cig users experience that regularly. When that happens, the best way to fix it is to switch up the flavor. Try a new one and then go back to the original one. Staying well-hydrated can also help with this condition.

7.Regularly check your e-tank
Make sure to clean and empty your e-tank as often as you can. Make it a point to do it at least once every week. The process is rather straightforward – you disassemble the vape, pour the residual liquid out, rinse the mouthpiece, tank, and atomizer under running water. Air-dry everything. Failing to check and clean your tank regularly will result in a bad tasting, nasty flavors.

8.How to vape on the go
If you like to vape often while on the run, we suggest you keep a bandana and a piece of cloth with you. Have something to clean any leaks and also wrap up your liquids, so they remain safe from accidents and damages.

Final thoughts
Hopefully, this post will help you enjoy the best beginner’s experience with vaping. Stick with these tips, and you will go a long way.