Vape Detectors – Cashing In On Misinformation?

I may be actually drawing attention to these companies by writing this article – but I can’t help myself!

The hysteria about underage vaping has taken a new turn, there are now companies cashing in on “Vape Detectors”. Even marketing them to schools!

I suppose it is an improvement to the invasive strip searches some pupils have been subjected to in the US.

Vape Detectors
It appears that many companies are now offering devices which apparently detect vaping.

There are various methods of notification, some sending messages to staff member’s phones showing time and location of alert.

Sadly the advertising for some of these devices is shocking.

Preying on the Negative media commentary of vaping being “dangerous”.

We all agree we don’t want underage people vaping or smoking, but the scare stories some of these companies are pushing, border on lies.

You may also think this is just something from the USA authorities who can be pretty anti-vaping, but nope – these are also in the UK!

One creator of a detector in the UK – Simon Hassett who is behind the “VapeGuardian” device, was quoted in an article in the Daily Mail…

“Mr Hassett said that his concerns as a father about the risks of vaping inspired him to try to tackle the ever-growing issue.

The sensors detect vapour once it has come out of someone’s lungs and Mr Hassett said he has been ‘particularly shocked’ by the amount of nicotine and microplastics in each puff. “

Also he is quoted in the Southern Daily Echo as saying…

“We have been receiving great testimonials from schools and they have all come back very positively and said there has been a drop in children vaping.
“In week one of having the detectors, schools received 17-22 alerts each day.

“On week two, it dropped by an average of eight to 11 alerts per day. We then saw consistent drops from there.

“It works as a deterrent and they are definitely doing what they are intended for – 51 per cent of all people who vape have never smoked before, and that’s an issue because it was introduced to lead people away from smoking.

“Children are addicted.”

Vape Guardian seem pretty much against vaping full stop…

Another company who make vape detectors – Zeptive – is pretty anti-vaping too…

So here we are with yet another UK company – The Safety Centre and their website states…

“Schools and universities are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of vaping. The use of e-cigarettes has been linked to health risks, mental health problems, and addiction. Schools are increasingly looking for ways to keep students safe from this new form of nicotine consumption. One way schools have been tackling this problem is by installing vaping detectors in their buildings, perfect for areas a camera cannot be placed – either due to legality such as in bathrooms or due to cost/convenience.”

“Vape detectors can help protect kids from the dangers of nicotine addiction and lung problems. It helps you to strike up a conversation on vaping as a serious and harmful issue.”

“Nicotine is extremely addictive and can harm adolescent brain development and the toxins from vapes can cause irreversible lung damage.”

“Vaping has also been shown to have negative side effects that can jeopardize the health of both users and bystanders. Vape pens produce vapours that contain nicotine and other chemicals that are known carcinogens or toxins that can be harmful when inhaled or absorbed through skin contact. The vapours may also contain metals such as nickel, lead, arsenic, and more.”

I am cringing here reading some of this.

My Thoughts
I can understand why these devices are needed and I feel they are a better solution to some methods used, such as closing off pupil toilets and invasive searches.

However the way some of these companies are using misinformation to market the devices really stinks.

Surely these fall foul of Advertising Standards?

Why not just market them as devices to detect covert vaping? It doesn’t need all the bullcrap to sell them?