Vape Coil Awesomeness Factors

Most vapers don’t pay much attention to the coils when they first start vaping, assuming that they have little to do with the overall vaping experience.  But, as their vaping journey goes on, they soon realize that the coil is perhaps the most important component of all.  For one thing, vape coils determine things like the size of one’s clouds, the strength of the flavor and how long the e-liquid lasts.  Additionally, sometimes, the wrong coil can actually cause serious problems as it can damage your vaping device.
That’s why we’re here to make things easy for you.  We’ve made an easy-to-follow guide to choosing the right coil for your vaping setup.  Our guide is based on the six main attributes of all vape coils: size, resistance level, maker, device compatibility, price and vaping preferences.  Simply use this guide the next time you need to purchase new coils in order to ensure that you end up with the vaping experience that you desire.

Tank Coils vs. Cartridge Coils
Before we begin breaking down the main attributes of vape coils, we need to make sure that you understand the difference between vape tank coils and vape cartridge coils.  As you may already know, when we talk about vape tanks, we’re discussing box mod and pen mod setups primarily.  And, when we talk about cartridge coils, we’re talking about pod mod setups.  Cartridge coils and vape tank coils cannot be used interchangeably as they are only designed for their corresponding vaping system.
Most pod systems come with their own coils, and you cannot use any other coils with your particular setup.  However, there are some pod systems on the market that do allow you to switch out coils.  So, if you have a pod system that does allow you to utilize different coils, the information below can still apply to you.

The Factors to Consider When Choosing Coils

Resistance Level (Ohms)
The most important factor to consider is the resistance level of the coil.  Every coil has its own resistance level, and it’s measured in ohms.  You can easily find the resistance level of the coil on the packaging or in the manufacturer’s description.
As you may know already, each resistance level is only compatible with a specific wattage range of your device.  In other words, if your coil’s resistance level is 1.2ohms, you can only use a certain range of wattage levels when utilizing your vaping device.  So, it’s absolutely essential that you take into consideration the wattage level that you like to vape at before choosing a coil, so that you can buy the correct resistance level.

Another important factor to consider is the manufacturer of the coil.  Any hardware company that makes vape tanks or cartridges also makes coils that are specially designed to be used with that specific tank or cartridge.  It’s always best to go with the coil that was made for the hardware that you’re using.  Another reason why considering the manufacturer is so important is because of the fact that not all manufacturers produce high-quality products.  The last thing that you want to do is buy a flimsy, low-quality coil from an untrustworthy manufacturer.
Next, we have size.  Size refers to the diameter of the coil.  The diameter of the coil actually determines many factors of one’s vaping experience.  Generally, the wider the diameter of the coil, the more cloud-chasing you’ll get, because larger coils allow more e-liquid to absorb into the wick.  The smaller the coil, the more concentrated the flavor will be.  Therefore, choose your coil size based on the type of vaping experience that you’d like to have.

Next, we have compatibility.  There are several different kinds of vaping devices out there, and you must go with a coil that’s compatible with that specific device.  For instance, you can’t use a pod coil with a sub-ohm vape tank.  Additionally, you have to make sure that the size and shape of the coil fits in your tank or cartridge.
Like we said, all tank and cartridge manufacturers produce coils that are compatible with your hardware.  However, there are brands that make coils that will happen to be compatible with your tank or cartridge from another manufacturer, mainly due to coincidence.  What’s most important is that the tank fits properly in your atomizer.

Now, we move onto price.  It’s good to take price into consideration when purchasing coils.  For one thing, the average vaper goes through a pack of coils every two months or so, which means that over time, they spend a lot of money on them.  Therefore, it makes sense to want to find ways to save money by going with coils that are more affordable than the rest.
However, you also don’t want to spend too little money on coils.  Vape coils that seem extremely low in price may be that way for a reason.  For instance, maybe the wick material isn’t made from organic cotton, and therefore won’t absorb your e-liquid in a way that promotes a clean, smooth flavor.  Or, maybe an extremely cheap coil is made with subpar materials that will not last for more than a few vaping sessions.  It’s always good to compare prices when you’re shopping for coils so that you don’t spend too much or too little.

Lastly, we have preference.  Preference refers to what it is that you want out of your vaping experience.  Are you trying to chase enormous clouds?  Are you interested in a bold flavor?  Is a strong throat hit the most important element of your vaping experience?  Knowing what vaping preferences you have will help you choose the right coil, as different coil designs promote different aspects of the vaping experience.
For example, let’s say that your primary goal is to blow thick, enormous vape clouds.  Then, you’ll want to choose a coil that’s made for this type of vaping experience.  Coils that are ideal for cloud-chasing tend to be wider in diameter, and they have a resistance level that’s lower than one, hence the term “sub-ohm.”  So, knowing that information, you’ll be able to purchase a coil for your cloud-chasing needs based on the various attributes of the coil’s design.  Similarly, lower-resistance, smaller coils are associated with a bolder, richer flavor.

Coil Knowledge and Determinations are Key
When it comes to vape coils, it’s all about knowing which factors to consider before making a purchase.  As you can see, choosing the right coil for your vaping setup isn’t all that complicated.  Use this guide in order to buy the perfect coil that will satisfy your unique vaping needs.