Vape Battery: A Complete Guide from Buying to Disposing

A vape consists of many components, and the part that holds the fixed internal battery of the vape is called the vape battery. These pen batteries are different from the replaceable batteries that are used in the box mod. In a larger vape device, the part which holds the internal battery is known as a mod. While using a box mod, the external battery you are using must be suitable for the mod. There are different types of batteries in the market for vapes; some have long battery life, and others are high in power. You can get your favorite vape battery from online vape shops, where cheap battery and premium battery are available. But it is always important to get the type of vape battery that is best suitable for you.

We will be explaining the complete guide of vape batteries in easy terms, starting from buying, using, cleaning, maintaining, safety tips, to storing, and lastly, how to dispose of the battery safely.

Type: What is a Vape Battery?
A battery built in the vaporizer pen for providing power is known as a vape Battery. The vape battery is considered the core part of the vaporizer, as its purpose is to provide the power that will heat the device's coil. When the battery provides the power, the liquid, wax, or herb is heated by the coil and takes a vapor. Hence without the vape battery, your wax pen or dry herb vaporizer is not possible to work. While using an average vape pen, it will contain a built-in battery, and the details must be available in the user manual of the vaporizer and can also find it on the detail page on its website. It is a very difficult job to know the quality of the vape batteries, and this is why it is recommended to read the product reviews by its existing customers.  

In the next part of this article, we will be explaining the few major types of vape batteries that are being frequently used in the vape market: 510 vape battery, eGo battery and 18650 battery.

510 Vape Battery
The 510 thread battery is one of the first vape batteries used; its name was given by Joyetech, the manufacturer of the eGo-T. Because of the 0.5mm threads used on the vape tanks, it was named the "510 thread". Many experts in vapes have recommended using the 510 thread battery because this vape battery is now the universal battery for vape pens. For those who like vaping on the go, the 510 battery provides them with many options. Many vaporizer companies have now used variable voltage batteries in the 510 thread batteries, allowing for cloud chasing opportunities and flavor-centric sessions.

The best 510 vape battery consists of a variable voltage battery that provides a voltage range of 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts. It is also said that the learning curve for the 510 thread vape battery is not so steep; hence it is a great beginner battery for those who are just starting to use the vape pen or wax pen.

eGo Battery
When e-cigarette was first starting to enter the market and became famous eGo-style batteries were the first batteries used. These batteries have a dual functionality that can accommodate both eGo style and the 510 thread atomizers. The eGo batteries are charged using a USB cable, and these batteries are powerful. One end of the USB cable goes into the ego-style vape, and the other goes into any plug, laptop, or compatible USB port. If the vape pen is being charged for the first time, it should be charged for about 12 hours, and later, it should be charged in 2-3 hours.

18650 Vape Battery
One of the most popular removal batteries used in vapes is the 18650 battery. One of its prime advantages is that this battery provides a great balance between power and output. You can use single or multiple 18650 batteries in your vape, which allow the coil to operate and power your vape in such a way that it hears the e-liquid in the vape and creates vapors for you. Before you put the 18650 rechargeable battery in your vape pen or box mod, you must know the scientific meaning and technical specifications required to find the best 18650 battery that is most suitable for you.  Any 18650 battery that has an issue of high temperature must be avoided. The most suitable battery will be that optimizes the performance of the vape itself. It is recommended that any battery above the 2500mAh capacity is ideal for use. But all of these specifications depend upon how you operate the vape, like mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung vaping.

Function: How Vape Batteries Operate?
Like any other consumer product, vape batteries are also different in how they are operated. The user should take many factors into account about batteries: how long these batteries last before they must recharge them, the output level of their power, and their overall features. Nonetheless, all kinds of vaping devices regardless of their vape brands or manufacturers share the basic functionalities and uses. All types of vape batteries are not manufactured in the same manner because each vape has different power requirements. Now we will look closer at the major functionalities of vape batteries and examine how they work.

Power ON/OFF
Most vape pens possess the on and off button features on them. The vapers can use these functions via a sequence of clicks. When pressing the power button five times in succession, most vape batteries will activate the vape pen, and another five clicks deactivate the device. On the other hand, some vaporizers do not have the power on and off button, but instead, they are activated once you draw an inhalation and take a puff.

Adjustable Temperature Control
If we speak in technical terms, variable voltage and temperature control are the same things, as the fluctuation in the voltage increases the temperature with the help of the vape atomizer. Temperature control is available on the box mods, offering multiple features. If we talk about dry herb vaporizers, the user needs to be very precise when controlling the device's temperature. Because the temperature is not up to the requirement, the dry herb will risk being combusted. Professionals recommend that precision temperature control must be present on the vaporizer. Additionally, most of the best vape pens, especially dry herb vaporizers, come with a built-in battery featuring adjustable temperature control.

Variable Voltage Output
The amount of power that travels in the vape battery is measured in 'Volt' (V). This power moves from the battery to the attached chamber or cartridge. When the amount of output voltage is set at a high amount, more energy can pass through the atomizer, which results in greater temperature and more vapor volume. The voltage control depends upon the preference of the user. Looking at the oil vape pens and wax pens available in the market, we can note that some of these vaporizers contain the variable voltage function, while others operate at steady voltage levels.

Vibrating Haptic Feedback
In the latest models of vape mods, the haptic vibrating feature has been introduced, which brings a new function to the vape itself. The haptic feedback function lets you know the preheat process directly, suitable for beginners and premium users. The main feature of this latest technology is that it helps users achieve easy dose control with a standardized draw time. Using this feature, the users will not have to worry about how much vapor they will be inhaling from one hit to another. The vape itself monitors the vapor quantity for the ultimate safety and control. Haptic feedback intuitively alerts users with vibrating feedback when the predefined draw time is hit. With this feature, the flavor and coil do not burn, and it is conducive for keeping longer battery life.

Buttons vs. Dials or Apps Supported
Many types of vaporizers are available In the vape market, which means there are also different features to choose from, like temperature control and voltage control. And these features are controlled by buttons or dials. Many vape models have OLED screens that contain touchscreen operations with no mechanical buttons or dials needed. There are some other premium models of vape available which are accessed using smartphone apps. These buttons and dials depend upon the preference of the user. Some may prefer mechanical buttons on the vape. Some will want an OLED screen to control the device using touchscreen options, while some will prefer using apps further to expand functionality, convenience, and access to information.

Display Screens
Most vape batteries contain OLED screens that display the current setting and other useful information of the vape like; voltage, ohms, wattage, and temperature. But not all vapes offer these kinds of features. Some only contain screens that tell you when it is time to charge the battery of the vape. These display screens also allow scrolling the features of the vape using an external button.

Safety Features
Most vape batteries possess a range of safety features and protection mechanisms to ensure optimal device protection to give a safe and enjoyable experience. The primary safety feature of the vape battery is automatically turning off after a small period of inactivity where the vape has not been used. This step is done to ensure that the vape does not start a fire, drain the battery, or do any other harm to the vaporizer. There are other features available in the vaporizers where there is charging protection over usage of voltage protection. Also, the vape device can be locked if the user wishes that no other person could use it.

AMP is the measurement of the amount of current. It is used in the charging process of the vape battery and requires no input from the user. Whenever charging a vaporizer, the AMP has the function to calculate the amount of current that the vape can utilize in a given time and how much power is required to charge the vaporizer at full potential.

mAh Capacity
mAh is the measurement of how much energy a battery can store in itself. To simply put, mAh capacity is the battery capacity. The higher the mAh of the battery, the longer time it can use. The higher the vaporizer battery's mAh rating, the higher energy it can store, resulting in longer battery life before recharging. Vape batteries with higher mAh specs will take longer in recharging once their power is completely depleted.

Design: How to Choose the Best Vape Battery
The user can choose the best vape battery based on different designs, colors, and device features. When choosing between the best vapes and their batteries, there are many different options available. Here are three factors that may affect your choices.

Various Shapes
Vape battery comes in different shapes and sizes. The most optimal battery types depend upon the user's preference, as in what battery types they are comfortable using.

Pen-style Vape Battery
Pen-style batteries have a tube shape. That is why it is known as a vape pen shape battery. It contains an integral battery that comes in various kinds of sizes. The best vape pen battery is ideal for those who desire a traditional electronic cigarette and pen-style e-cig or those who seek a sleek battery for their dab pen.

Box Mod Vape Battery
Box mods are the most popular option for vape batteries, as they offer more customizations and more battery power. Box mods are specific batteries with more variety in battery power, life, functionality, and design.

The Kind Pen Car Key Vape Battery
Differed from the common wax pen battery, the car-key-shaped battery is the latest kind of vape battery in the market. The special thing about this battery is that it out swings the vape cartridge after pushing a simple button. It can hold vape cartridges from 0.5ml to a larger 1.0ml. It’s called the car key vape battery because it looks just like a key fob car key.

Vapmod Music Player alike Vape Battery
This kind of vape battery is a highly compact vaporizer battery because it uses concentrate oil cartridges. With the sleek design, it looks like a music player or an iPod. Its voltage range is 2.5V to 4.1V. The primary function of this battery is for herbal concentrates. It is highly portable and aesthetically enjoyable.

Lookah Snail Battery
Lookah is designed in such a way that its battery comes in the shape of a snail. This vape battery design is considered a high-rated compact design. One of the many features that it provides is that this vape battery can easily work with the Lookah Snail Wax Replacement Coils and Mouthpiece. The battery has a power of 350 mAh and has a voltage of three levels, 3.2V, 3.6V, and 4.2V, which can be modified.

Attracting Colors
Since vapers have various preferences, they can pick any battery color per their wish. For example, Airis Janus is the most recent vaporizer produced for oil carts or e-liquid cartridges. This smart vape mod can support both thread cartridges and pods. This genius vape battery is equipped to work with every version of 510 thread cartridge, compatible with 0.3 ml, 0.5 ml, and 1 ml carts.

Advanced Designs
Vape batteries are now being made with some extra advanced features that provide feasibility for the vapers, especially the visible oil window for real-time use tracking and adjustable sizes for the cart.

Visible Oil Window Design
The Vapmod Vmod Vaporizer has a special feature where it contains an E-liquid window, where you can check the liquid levels of the vape. That means you can easily know when to refill the vape oil via this extraordinarily designed battery for carts. If you have been using oil vape pen for a long time, you should try the compact oil vape mod for a different vaping experience.

Adjustable Height and Width
The Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod comes up with an advanced adjustable diameter to make the compatibility more universal, which means it will fit your 510 cartridge to a great extend. This feature is precisely designed. The UNI mod's chamber height and width are adjustable per the user's requirements and preference with this unique feature. This Yocan UNI box allows you to fit all oil atomizers at different diameters.

Cleaning: How to Clean Vape Battery?
A vape user needs to keep his vape battery clean and maintain it from time to time. It is a practice of good hygiene that you regularly clean your vape and maintain it properly as it is important to keeping your equipment safe to use and in working order. There are three major steps that vape experts have explained in the vape cleaning procedure.

Step 1: Move the Vape Battery from Vaporizer
There are different methods of opening various kinds of vaporizers. Some are screwed together, and others are joined together via plastic. It is essential to disassemble the vape battery and vape cartridge before any cleaning is done.

Step 2: Gently Scrub the Residue of the Vape Battery
(Materials needed: Rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, water)
The vape battery is an essential part of the vape pen, and if not handled or cleaned properly, it could become a potential danger for the user. Cotton swabs are used for cleaning the exterior of the battery. Never put your battery in any liquid, users should do all the battery cleaning externally, and users should do no soaking on the battery. Also, vapers should check the battery's connectors to know whether they are free from any residue.

Step 3: Waiting for the Vape Battery Dry
As you know, sometimes rubbing alcohol is used to clean a vape battery, and if the vape is not dried correctly, the alcohol will give an off taste to your vaporizer. Hence while cleaning the batteries, you should always dry the battery completely before assembling it with the vape. Once your equipment is fully dry, it is safe to refill your tank or insert a new cartridge, reassemble the individual components, and vape your products.

Maintaining: How to Maintain a Vape Battery?
Vape experts always say that those who use a vaporizer frequently must clean the vape battery at least once a week with the proper procedure. No matter using an oil vaporizer or a dry herb vaporizer, the amount of vape usage is directly proportional to how much you need to clean the vape battery. A good rule of thumb is to clean the vape battery when you see any residue or when your vape has an irregular, "off" taste.

Safety: How to Keep Your Vape Battery Safe?
These days it is seen that the use of vaporizers, vape batteries, vape accessories and related vape products has become quite famous and popular. While falling in love with using a vape pen, you should pay attention to the battery safety. Keeping the vape battery is very important because the battery is an essential part of the vape pen, and the complete functionality of the vape depends upon the battery. Here are five tips and tricks for keeping vape batteries safe.

1. Stop Using Batteries That Throw Sparks
Vapes contain external and internal batteries depending upon the device's manufacturer. Still, it is of grave importance that you pay attention to your vape batteries and notices if they are showing off some odd signs. If you ever encounter some mini sparks in your battery for some reason, it is best feasible to throw your batteries away and get new ones. If your vape batteries are giving sparks, then they are on their way to flaming out, which can be very dangerous for the users.

2. Avoid Using Leaking Batteries
If you notice that the batteries of your vape batteries are not working properly or are leaking, and it can be seen visually, then you should get rid of these batteries. Leaking batteries is never a good sign, and they can be a hazard to your health. Battery acid is dangerous for your skin and can cause severe burns.

3. Do Not Leave Batteries In A Hot Car
If someone is bringing their vape to their college or office, a common mistake is leaving the vape or vape batteries in the car. If the car is parked underneath direct sunlight and becomes hot, this creates a very dangerous situation. If the temperature exceeds a certain limit, it could cause the vape or the vape batteries to explode in the car, which would be catastrophic. Hence, one should never leave their vapes or batteries or turn off the vape device in the car.

4. Do Not Leave Vape Batteries In Your Pocket
If you are continually triggering your vape mod in your pocket, then it is getting hot. It is also creating a stressed draw on the battery. Either of these factors can cause the batteries to explode. It might not even blow up in your pocket while it might explode on the next hit you take from it.

Lock the vape mod or turn it off before carrying it in your pocket. Doing this will prevent the firing of the vape battery from pressure and movement. Please keep it in the pocket with nothing else. The batteries should be fine inside the mod. Don't carry loose batteries in pockets, though. Always carry extra batteries if that applies in plastic storage cases to protect them.

5. Charging the Vape Batteries Properly
Using a different cable or vape charger to what your vaporizer came with can cause problems because the charger you are using may have a higher voltage than your battery which will cause your vaporizer to overheat. Not keeping an eye on your vaporizer while it’s charging is a safety risk. Most well-made mods have a cut-off point where they stop charging when they are full, but unfortunately, this function fails sometimes. How to charge vape battery? Always using a matching vape battery charger. Plus, to avoid overcharging your battery, make sure you check it regularly and never charge at night while you’re sleeping.

Storage: How to Properly Store Vape Battery?
Vape experts always recommend storing vape batteries in a cool and dark place for safety reasons. If the vape is to be stored for a lengthy period, then it is recommended that the battery should be at least 40% charged. Doing this ensures enough power is stored to keep the protection circuit stable while the battery discharges.

Troubleshooting: What Should You do If Your Vape Battery Stops Working?
If the vape battery stops working for some reason, the user can take some precautions themselves.

·The user should make sure that the vape cartridge is properly connected to the battery.
·The user should make sure that the vape battery is properly charged via Type-C of Micro USB charger.
·While assembling the vape, the user should not over-tighten the cartridge because doing that could inhibit the battery from working.
·The user should make sure that the airflow in the vape is not blocked.

Disposal: How to Dispose of a Vape Battery?
Vape battery manufacturers emphasize that the safe disposal of vape batteries should require that these batteries are fully discharged and cooled down. After that, you should wrap your vape battery in a newspaper or any other kind of paper and place it in the trash with a battery recycling icon.