Uwell Caliburn – What is the Best Pod Kit From the Series?

Over the years Uwell has redefined the vaping industry with a wide range of pod kits from the Caliburn series that show the different needs of the modern vaper.   

Starting with the original Uwell Caliburn, at the time of writing there are now a whopping 16 different Uwell Caliburn pod kits to choose from!  

Many opt for a Caliburn device as they’re well known for producing fantastic flavour from the varied coil resistances. However, is there one kit to rule them all? Let’s break down the different kits and what they offer – from battery size to key features.   

Uwell Caliburn & Koko (2019) – the Originals
At the time, we were just seeing the emergence of nic salts as an alternative to freebase nicotine e-liquids. Vapers were looking for something smoother on the throat that felt like cigarettes. They also seek a device that was just as convenient to use and easy to hold.   

With the slim Uwell Caliburn and compact Koko devices, you had differently shaped alternatives to traditional vaping kits that offered auto-draw activation. The Caliburn had a 1.4 Ohm pod for a restrictive mouth-to-lung (MTL) experience while the Koko was supported by a 1.0 Ohm MTL pod. Both were simplistic in design but effective, nonetheless.   

They had relatively small 520mAh battery capacities which were offset by the fact you didn’t use as much e-liquid, compared to a vape kit tailored towards direct lung (DTL) vaping and high VG vape juice.  

Uwell Caliburn G and Koko Prime (2021) – Further Innovation
The following year was the dawn of a new age with the vibration technology from the Caliburn G, with new pods and coils. In addition, the Koko Prime was a slightly larger boxed pod kit with a funky new design.   

Both had larger batteries at 690mAh and smaller pods (1.6ml) than their predecessors meaning the longevity wasn’t as much. However, because of the bigger battery capacity and quick charging with type-c compared to USB previously, the performance was better overall.   

With the Caliburn G, it had grooved edges and the option of a fire button as well as auto-draw. Comfortable to grip, it was a clear upgrade on the original Caliburn. Meanwhile, the Koko Prime had one up on the first Koko from 2019 with a multi-coloured splash design. 

Not only is this a stylish pod but a versatile kit too. Uwell created more options with the Koko Prime when they introduced the reversible pod feature. When you turn it from one side to the other it creates different levels of airflow. This means you can have a smoother vape or a more restrictive vape based on personal preference.  

Like with most of the Uwell Caliburn’s, it’s another messy-free top-fill device that’s easy to top up on the go. It helps to prevent leak issues in contrast to some other vape brands out there that cause issues depending on the design. 

Caliburn A2 and AK2 (2021) – E-Liquid Windows
Uwell stepped up its game by listening to the user feedback from previous pod kits highlighted above. The new Uwell Caliburn A2 and AK2 designs of 2021 featured a conveniently placed e-liquid window just below the mouthpiece on both pod kits.   

This meant the vaper could always see the remaining vape juice and alerted them to stop coil damage.  

The flavour was fantastic on both devices thanks to the new Pro-Focs technology, ensuring maximum flavour with each draw.   

And yet, Uwell reduced the battery sizes with both kits back down to 520mAh, when vapers craved more wiggle room.   

Caliburn A2S, G2, GK2 and Koko Prime Vision (2022) –  Much of the Same 
Uwell released four devices last year as 2022 saw slight tweaks to the series. As we know with vaping, it’s about finding the little changes with your device that make a difference. Some offer what you need, and others lack the features required to get the right throat hit or need to be charged too often, which can lead to frustration.

Uwell began the year with the Caliburn G2 which followed on from the Caliburn G. The newer version has an e-liquid window like some of the Caliburn’s released in 2021 and unlike the Caliburn G. The battery is slightly larger at 750mAh which should last any vaper all day.   

Shortly after that was the release of the Caliburn Koko GK2 which is all about the light display and design. It has a LED system that flashes on the outside of the device and supports a lanyard too if you want to carry it around your neck. It’s pocket friendly and has a reduced battery life of 690mAh.  

The Koko Prime Vision released in Autumn 2022 is your geeky tech version from the Koko series, highlighting the inner workings of the device through the visual display from the transparent model. There are also multiple-coloured versions in varied themes, showing a similar compact box design and easy-to-vape mouthpiece. It supports 0.8 Ohm and 1.0 Ohm coils for an MTL and restrictive direct lung vape.  

Finally, in 2022 we saw the release of the Caliburn A2S. This follows on from the Caliburn A2 with a very similar design and performance. The only real difference is it’s an auto-draw-only device with no fire button – which is a welcome safety feature. It fast charges to 90% in only 30 minutes but houses a smaller 520mAh battery.    

Uwell Caliburn A3 & Koko AK3 (2023) –  Funky LED Displays
Like most major vape brands, and any technology business you can think of, Uwell churns out a long line of very similar products if they continue to sell. The Uwell Caliburn A3 is very similar to the A2 and A2S, except with the A3 you can disable the fire button and only use auto-draw. In addition, the 1.0 Ohm pod creates a warmer vape, so that is something to admire. But it is again a 520mAh battery device and looks practically the same.  

In comparison, the Koko AK3’s main feature is the LED display on the side of the device, which is a different design feature from the Koko AK2 from 2021. It not only indicates the battery level but looks awesome too, for those who want a device that stands out! Once again, it’s a 520mAh battery vape kit.   

Caliburn Tenet and Tenet Koko (2023) – Steampunk Imagined
The Tenet and Tenet Koko have gone in different directions in terms of look. Uwell has gone for something much bolder with a steampunk vibe that crosses over with the Batman Dark Knight film trilogy. Looks seriously ace and even the packaging must have taken some work in production! They utilise the Caliburn G coils, so you have a few different MTL and RDL choices. The devices are robust, offer adjustable airflow and are comfortable to grip.  

Caliburn Gk2 Vision (2023) – Futuristic Tech Look
Last but not least we have the latest version of the Uwell Caliburn (16th to date), which is the GK2 Vision. Another flashy pod kit with a compact box design and a seriously stylish LED system, which lights up whenever you vape. You’re not able to turn this off, which is something to consider. It supports a lanyard like some of the previous devices and offers top fill as standard. The translucent body shows all the bells and whistles of the GK2, which is a common theme with lots of different brands these days.  

Verdict – Every Vaper Will Be Different
To summarise, how can you pick a final vape from 16 different products that everyone will like? In vaping, it’s impossible to select the best Uwell Caliburn device because there are so many with varied features. If you don’t like a small battery capacity, we suggest the Caliburn G series, which has the largest. For stylish designs, we suggest the Koko series. And for flavour and discreet nature, we suggest the A series. But what it all boils down to is what you like reader – we just hope that this summary has helped to narrow down your options!