Understanding the 5 Basic Protections in Box Mods and Advanced Pod Systems

Ask the majority of experienced vapers, and they will tell you that the more advanced the vape mod, the better. Box mods, along with more high-technology pod systems that’re out there, offer up impressive amounts of output power, while allowing us to customize a lot of vaping settings so that we can find our sweet spot down to the most precise adjustments.

There has been a long-standing myth that centers around the safety of vape mods, and typically the more advanced ones, at that, claiming that mods are generally unsafe. We’ve all heard rumors of exploding devices and the like, but in reality, today’s mods are made with safety features that are built into their chipsets – aka, their tiny control panels that dictate how these pieces of equipment operate. These safety features exist precisely because of the customizability of the devices. The more we can tinker around with different settings, the more room there is for us to make an adjustment that isn’t actually compatible with what the device is built to do.

And, that’s where safety features come in. These safety features, or protections, step in should we be using our device incorrectly, to prevent any damage or danger from occurring.

What are the Main Protections That Box Mods and Advanced Pod Systems?
Let’s go over each of the safety features/main protections below so that you can appreciate exactly how they work to keep you and your device safe.

Open Circuit Protection
Open circuit protection intelligently senses the voltage at which your mod is operating, to ensure that an open circuit never occurs. An open circuit is the result of a current failing to flow in an electric circuit. Current is only capable of flowing if there is a closed circuit – aka a specific, clearly defined path through which the current may flow. Should there be a break in the circuit, aka path, current has nowhere to go, and this is where things can get dangerous, as there’s now an excess of voltage building up in the circuitry. Basically, an open circuit protection prevents the voltage from getting too high due to an open circuit existing.

5-Second Vaping Protection (Cutoff)
Another feature that has become standard is a cutoff time, which is usually 5 seconds. What this means is that if you pull on your mouthpiece while firing a hit for longer than 5 seconds, the device automatically stops providing power to the coil in order to heat the e-liquid. As a result, the flow of vapor completely stops. This is usually accompanied by a blinking light of some sort.

So, why would vape mod manufacturers want to make sure you don’t take any hits that last for longer than 5 seconds? It’s simple – basically, the longer you are actively firing a hit, the longer your coil has to maintain a high level of heat to convert the e-liquid in your tank or cartridge into vapor. And, at a certain point, the coil can get too hot, which can be harmful to your hardware, and besides that, this increases the chance of your coil burning out and “dying.”

Short-Circuit Protection
A short circuit is the result of an electrical circuit of lower resistance than the standard circuit, and this usually occurs when components of the device unintentionally make contact with one another, resulting in a diversion of the current. For instance, this can occur when internal wiring gets damaged, and two wires that are not meant to make contact with one another do. The result can be dangerous, because now the electrical current can result in burning of the internal circuitry. Short-circuit protection detects an overcurrent, which is the result of a short circuit, and trips and breaks that circuit.

Low Voltage Protection
Low voltage protection is another very important safety feature of any standard vape mod. Mods operate within a specific voltage range, and if the voltage is too low, only certain electrical components will work while others won’t, which can lead to a variety of malfunctions. Low voltage protection means that the device will not work should the mod’s voltage become too low.

Overcharge Protection
Overcharge protection involves the actual process of charging the battery of your device. When the battery has reached a full charge, the charging process automatically stops. Overcharging a battery can cause the battery to overheat, and thus, can negatively impact the health of the battery by lowering its capacity.

These Amazing Safety Features/Protections Will Keep Your Device Running Smoothly
Clearly, while vaping is not inherently dangerous, these protections are essential to ensure that your device operates safely and efficiently at all times. Each feature has a tremendous role in the function of any unit, so that all that you need to worry about is enjoying a satisfying vaping experience.