UK To Stand Up For Vaping At COP10!

An article appeared out of nowhere on The Sun website in the UK yesterday saying that the UK is to stand up for vaping at the COP10 FCTC meeting in November?

Look I have no idea how credible this is – but if it was totally incorrect it would have been taken down by now!

You can read the full article here – “Up In Smoke – UK to defy calls for vaping ban – as ministers defend ‘Swap to Stop’ quit aid for smokers”

Why, Who, Where and What?
Well according to The Sun – the government are feeling very protective of their Swap to Stop scheme where free vapes will be offered to help people stop smoking.

It has been said that the UK delegation who will be attending COP10 will reject policies that jeopardise this programme and will offer advice to other nations who want to follow our lead!

According to the article the Conservative MP Craig Whittaker said…

“It is essential that at COP10 we stand up for our record and policies as a world leader on tobacco harm reduction.

The UK is on the right course in providing access to less harmful alternatives to smoking, and we shouldn’t let the WHO restrict this.”

Mark Jenkinson MP said…

“We cannot allow the WHO and other EU nations to dictate our domestic health policy.”

There is also a quote from the Health Minister Neil O’Brien…

“The delegation will not agree to any decisions which would impact on our ability to make vapes available for smokers who wish to quit.”

I do so hope this is true as it does look very promising!!