Types Of Vape Tanks — What Is Each Tank For?

Different from e-cig reservoirs, there are three main types of types of vape tanks. While they may all look similar, each has their own benefits and attributes which perform differently and offer users separate amenities when vaping.

Atomizer tanks are e-liquid reservoirs fit together with machined threads. They attach by screwing them together or being press-fit in the case of the tube. These tanks are often modular and come apart for refilling or replacement of parts. The most common items that requires replacement are the rubber seals, or o-rings that prevent the tank from leaking.

Types of Vape Tanks Explained

There are two basic varieties of rebuildable component atomizer tanks. Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, are refillable reservoirs that hold e-liquid in a glass, or Pyrex cylinder. Fresh cotton is packed around the heating coil inside of a head. The head is a replaceable atomizing unit of an RTA.

The basic working elements of vape tanks are the mouthpiece, cylinder, 510 thread, head, coil, and wick, usually cotton. Cylinders are clear cylindrical metal basins which hold e-juice waiting to be atomized. Inside of the cylinder is a rebuildable or replaceable head.

When vapers refer to RBAs RTAs or RDAs, they are often talking about rebuildable tanks. Rebuildable tank atomizers, or RBAs come in two different varieties; an RTA is a rebuildable tank atomizer. An RDA refers to a rebuildable drip atomizer, or dripper tank. These heating platforms don’t actually have a tank. Instead they have what drippers refer to as a deck, or the platform upon which their coils and cotton sit.

Not All Vape Tanks Are Created Equal – Some Are Specifically Meant for Cloud Production And Flavor

RDA is short for Rebuildable Drip Atomizers. Dripper decks are the types of vape tanks that have only the barest of elements required for producing vapor. Some tanks offer the option to both drip or draw e-juice from the tank. However, many drip decks consist of a platform fitted with a coil and loosely packed with a wick. As a result, RDAs are popular for producing the densest vapor output or clouds.

Drip Tanks or drip decks are the choice of advanced vapers who want more powerful or flavorful hits from their e-cig. In addition, these are also the mods used to produce dense vapor clouds. Dripdecks WOULD provide the best of everything, IF, they didn’t require users to continuously “drip”. Drippers need to constantly replenish their coils with e-juice. This focuses the heat into a singular hit that is able to deliver both big clouds and big flavor. These type of vape tanks are the best for flavor