While it may not always be in your mind when you’re blowing smooth clouds of vape smoke, it’s essential to understand vape battery safety and practice it every day. Several cases of harm or serious injury from vape battery accidents have been reported from improper use. It’s likely that your vaping pen carries a 20700, 21700, or 18650 type of battery, all of which are strong energizers. These batteries are the reason you can vape in style for hours on a single charge. However, these are the same batteries that bear a risk for accidents if they are misused.
None of this information is meant to scare you. In fact, vape batteries are regarded as very safe when purchased from proper outlets. As with any trend, there will always be cases where individuals buy vapes from shady sources, and they malfunction accordingly. When they are purchased from a retailer that stocks trusted brands, the only thing you have to worry about is pushing your battery too far.
The potential for danger is true of any battery, not just those used in vapes. You can find lithium-ion batteries in a number of popular electronics, and if you do a quick search on the internet, you will see their potential for misuse. When the structural integrity of a battery is compromised, all that internal power comes out in a very external way. These facts, however, should give you solace. These are the same types of batteries we trust in our laptops and smartphones, and the test of time has shown that they are safe for use on a day-to-day basis.
It seems, though, that many sources prefer to report on vape batteries malfunctioning — rather than other similar malfunctions in laptops, for example — because the stories get more clicks. Vapes are very new to the market in the grand scheme of things. Before the 2010s, this concept was unknown to the general public. But, with the ever-increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes and vapes, many sources seem to be out to give them a bad reputation, if for nothing more than to get more readers.
The important thing to remember is that these types of accidents are absolutely avoidable in most circumstances. All you need to do is be mindful of how you use your batteries. If you are throwing them on the ground and stomping on them, then you probably know what to expect. There are, however, more unexpected ways to get your vape battery to explode. By following these simple tricks, you can avoid an accident altogether, allowing you to continue using your vape to your heart’s content.

Only use genuine batteries
If you see a vape price that’s too good to be true, there’s a good chance it is. The reason black market retailers can sell these vapes at such low prices is by cutting corners at every step. These downgrades are especially true with batteries.
The battery is the last thing you want to skimp on. Lower-quality batteries not only mean less charge-life, but they can very well be the motivating factor behind an untimely explosion or fire. You can avoid this by doing your research and only purchasing trusted brands. Most vapes will tell you what kind of batteries or amperage they use on the outside of their packaging.

Keep an eye on your wraps
Battery wraps can be a significant source of malfunctions. You should take time every so often to examine your wraps to make sure they aren’t damaged. If you see any sort of scrapes or rust, make sure to change them out for a new batch. You can find wraps online at a variety of retailers; otherwise, you can visit your local vape shop. These shops are abundant in most cities.
If you want to purchase the wrap itself to rewrap it, it’s an easy fix. All you need to do is take a heating source (like a household hairdryer) and do it yourself. Tutorials can easily be found online. If that sounds like too much work, stick around in a vape shop for a minute, and they will help.

Know your amp limits
Awareness of your amp limits is one of the most important safety tips, as going over your amperage levels can easily cause the batteries to malfunction. If the batteries don’t become distressed and go up in flames, they will at least fry your vape, and you’ll have to buy a new one. Typical batteries are rated within the 20 – 25 A range, so check to make sure that you aren’t going over that limit. Some sources of packaging like to oversell the amp-levels, so it’s wise to check online for the most accurate interpretations of the amperage.

Do not keep batteries in unsafe areas
An unsafe area for your vape battery can be as simple as carrying a loose battery in your pocket. When the battery is outside of the natural protection of the vape, there can be plenty of ways for it to get damaged. These can include conductors hitting the most vulnerable part of the battery or the battery becoming punctured by mistake.
When a battery hits another metal object, the science behind it is not pretty. Basically, the battery can become compromised, short-circuit, and begin venting its chemical contents. This can very easily result in a minor explosion that could lead to a fire. While you may not think you carry a lot of metal in your pockets, your car keys and loose change beg to differ.

Do not charge your batteries while you sleep
Charging your batteries when you’re not vaping might seem like the perfect time. But, proper vape battery safety says that you should not charge your batteries while you sleep, take a walk, or watch a movie. Any time you leave a battery alone to charge, you are risking a disaster. While the chances are low that something catastrophic will take place, this is not a chance you want to take. The charging outlet can be one of the most vulnerable places for a battery because the added electrical currents can only heighten the potential danger and act as a catalyst for malfunctions.

Do not expose batteries to high or low temperatures
A room-temperature battery is a safe battery. When you start increasing the exposure of the battery to the outside elements, you are only asking for trouble. The problem lies in their chemical reaction to extreme temperatures. You should always be mindful of this, as one night in the car on a chilly winter evening can raise your chance of an adverse reaction. The same goes for leaving your vape batteries in direct sunlight during the daytime. These changes in temperature can cause serious damage to batteries, beyond just draining their overall productivity.

Get rid of old batteries
We get it; it’s not always easy to say goodbye to a battery and shell out for a new one. However, there comes a time when you just have to do it. When you notice that your battery life is severely decreased or your battery is taking on exterior damage, it’s time to make a change. Once you do purchase a new battery, you’ll be happy you did. Newer batteries can make the vaping experience better in almost every way. From burning the vape juice at a higher temperature to allowing longer vape sessions, there’s no reason to hold on to the past.