Whether you’re an experienced adult vaper or have just purchased a device for the first time, we here at Logic wanted to share some helpful tips for vaping at home. After reading this blog, you’ll have a better understanding of some simple ways to make vaping indoors a better experience.

Here are our suggestions for making vaping at home more calm, clean, and comfortable:

·Keep Windows Open – Avoid vaping indoors (or in your car) with the windows closed. Instead, find a comfortable spot of your choice and open your windows as much as the weather allows. Keeping your windows open will help to reduce any film or residue left behind on the glass, which is sometimes caused by vegetable glycerin. It can also help to cut back on condensation that gathers on your windows during cooler temperatures so that you can vape comfortably year-round, no matter the weather outside.

·Care for Your Device – Maintaining your device is simple but crucial. No matter how often you’re vaping at home, we recommend keeping your device consistently charged at least a little amount, and never letting the battery drain until it dies completely. Doing so can help significantly lengthen the battery’s life. Also, be sure to keep your device’s battery away from high temperatures and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight (read: don’t leave it by the window and forget about it) or other metal objects. Treat your device like any other electronic product and store it away correctly when not in use.

·Change Refills Anytime – Don’t let yourself fall into a repetitive routine!
Ready to explore more? Check out our FAQs for the answers to all your questions, or visit our how-to articles to learn more about our devices and the world of vaping. And remember—we’re here for you during these trying times.