Top Tips for Vape Tank Upkeep

This blog will outline the most important vape tank maintenance tips so you can enjoy thick, flavoursome clouds for a long time to come. Read on to learn how to keep your vape tank in top condition!

Why you should keep your tank clean
Keeping your vape tank clean is the first and most important step in vape maintenance. This will prolong the lifespan of your tank, and make sure there aren’t any contaminants damaging your coil. Keeping your juice tasting crisp is the most motivating reason to get in there and clean out the tank. No one wants to take a hit of berry, only to get a muddy berry tobacco combo due to your old and new juice mingling together. Cleaning out all the remnants ensures this doesn’t happen, so no juice is wasted.

How often should you clean your tank?
Ultimately, this comes down to you and how often you vape. The best rule of thumb is to clean the tank every time you change the coil. If you are a light vaper and aren’t changing coils often, then it’s a good idea to clean your tank once every 1-2 weeks either way. This is especially important if you vape in an area where bits of debris and dust could be getting into your tank.

How to clean your tank
If you’ve never cleaned your tank before, don’t sweat! It’s a simple process that becomes second nature once you get into a routine. When you purchase your tank, it should come with instructions on how to disassemble the parts. Most tanks, such as our SMOK tank, just need to be unscrewed. Once you’ve disassembled the parts, give everything a quick once over to check nothing is worn out. Pay attention to the rubber O-rings that seal the tank. If the rubber is looking worn, it may cause leaks and should be replaced. Now it’s time to get cleaning. The best method is to clean each piece with a cotton bud dipped in alcohol. Make sure you aren’t using isopropyl alcohol, as this is toxic. If you don’t have any safe alcohol around then you can rinse the tank in warm water instead, just make sure you don’t wet the coil. Dry the parts off with a paper towel or microfibre cloth, and then leave to air dry fully. Once dry you can reassemble, refill with juice and you’re away!

Other key maintenance tips
Once you’ve got your cleaning routine down, there are a few other things you can do to look after your tank. Use a vape band. Your device will most likely come with a rubber band to put around the glass part of your tank. This protects it in case of a drop, saving you the hassle and cost of replacing the glass. Don’t let your e-liquid level get too low, as this can harm the coils. Make sure the tank is screwed together just right. If the tank is not screwed tight enough, this can cause leaks. However, overtightening the tank can damage the device, so try to get it tight enough to seal the liquid without going overboard. For coil longevity, use the right PG/VG ratio, prime your coils, and follow your device’s guidelines for optimal wattage range. Keep your tank upright to avoid wear and tear.