Top-Rated Vapor Mods For 2021? What I’m Using & Why…

When it comes to vapor mods – or vape mods and box mods, as they’re also known – it really does pay to go with a quality brand. And right now, these are the top-rated vapor mods for 2021…

When you test as many vapor mods as I do, you learn a few things about build quality, components, and why buying “cheap” isn’t always necessarily a good idea when it comes to mods.

I own $50 mods and $250 vapor mods and, believe me, there is a difference. However, with this guide to the best vapor mods for 2021, I wanted to focus on quality at the exclusion of price.

I still have a recommendation for my #1 pick for 2021’s best premium vapor mod, but the rest of the recommendations are all very affordable.

This way, you can buy “cheap” but not get screwed over by poor build quality and/or components. And, please, keep in mind that the vapor mods I’ve listed below are ALL mods that I have been using for at least 12 months.

And they’re all still going strong.

Best Vapor Mod – If Budget Is No Concern…

Lost Vape Centaurus DNA250c
This vapor mod is one of the most advanced, potent mods on the planet right now. It ships with EVOLV’s DNA250c chipset, has a variety of vaping modes, including the new REPLAY mode, and it looks absolutely stunning.

If you can spare the three figures to get this vapor mod, do it – it will not only last you for years to come but it will provide you with the best vaping experience on the market right now.

Best Vapor Mod – If You’re On A Tight Budget…

VooPoo Drag Max
The VooPoo Drag Max isn’t just a great value vapor mod, it is also one of our top-rated options for 2021. In fact, the VooPoo Drag Max is currently our #1 rated vape mod.

Why? Simple: it is very affordable and it is super-versatile, thanks to its innovative design which essentially melds together the idea of a pod vape and a traditional vape mod.

With this vapor mod, you can run MTL tanks, mesh coil tanks, sub ohm tanks, and even an RBA deck. And, best of all, it does it all in one package. This is basically what the future looks like, if the market has one…

Best Small Vapor Mod – If You Want Something Compact…

UWELL Caliburn G
The UWELL Caliburn G is a pod vape, so it is properly compact, meaning it will fit in your pocket and take up zero room. The OG Caliburn was great, legendary, in fact, but the Caliburn G, its successor model, is even better.

You have improved design, a larger battery, improved coils, and even an adjustable AFC. The key thing here, however, is performance. Performance and flavor. The UWELL Caliburn G is a master of both. And it is very inexpensive too, hence its inclusion on this list.

Best 21700 Vapor Mod

Dovpo Odin Mini Vape Mod 100W
The Dovpo Odin Mini is a stunning, premium vapor mod that runs on either 21700mAh, 20700mAh or 18650mAh Vape Batteries. It is ideal for anyone that like to use MTL tanks, as these run at lower power, so ensure the battery life stacks up.

Designed in collaboration with Dovpo, Vaperz Cloud and Vaping Bogan, the Odin Mini 100W is one of the finest vapor mods to launch in the last 12 months. It is a little pricey, but once you use it you will know where all that extra money went.

Wrapping Up
With respect to the best vapor mods for 2021, these are my number one picks right now – across all price brackets.

If I could only have one, and I had to get rid of all my other vape mods, I’d probably keep my VooPoo Drag Max simply because it is so darn versatile; you can run it as an RBA, a mesh coil tank, and even an MTL tank.

And given its price (it’s very affordable), that makes it the most appealing option from both a performance and a value for money perspective too. If the vape market survives the next 12 months, this is what I expect most modern vape mods to be like.

The VooPoo Drag Max is compact, versatile, has a great design, and is ideal for both beginners and experienced vapers alike. It perfectly melds the concept of a pod vape and a vapor mod and tank combo into one seamless platform.
It really is a brilliant piece of engineering.