Top 10 Vape Tanks for All Vapers in 2022

What are vape tanks?
Vape tanks are a kind of pen-like or box-shaped atomizer that holds e-liquid and vaporise it into vapour. Usually, it consists of a drip tip, top cap, tank section, replaceable coil, and tank base, and most vape tanks can be paired with any compatible vape device via a 510 connector.

How does a vape tank work?
To start your vaping, you need to screw and prime the coil into the tank first. The coil is served to heat the e-juice. For better vapour production, make the cotton wick get fully saturated with e-juice.

Then fill in the vape juice and couple it with a battery mode to start your vaping. When you press the fire button, the coil will get the electricity to turn your vape juice into vapour.

Different types of vape tanks
To meet various needs, there are versatile vape tanks in the vaping market. We can put it into four categories. MTL tanks and Sub-ohm tanks are best suited to beginners, RTA, RDA and RDTA are a sort of DIY type of vape, also named Rebuildable Atomiser(RBA), which should be picked by advanced vapers.

MTL Tank
MTL is a short name for Mouth to Lung, which means a vaping experience that emulates the feeling of smoking a real cigarette, so it is ideal for first-time switchers.

The MTL tanks generally deliver a discreet amount of vapour, perfect for vapers who love stealthy vaping. It is recommended to use 50/50 e-liquid or high PG options.

Sub-ohm Tank
As the name indicates, sub-ohm means the coil resistance is lower than 1 ohm. The lower the coil resistance you choose, the bigger vapour you will get. So Sub-ohm tank is used to produce a massive cloud of vapour and enable it to vape a DTL(Direct to Lung) style, suitable for cloud chasers.

The majority of sub-ohm tanks have adjustable airflow to fine-tune your preference. To create huge clouds, you should fill a high VG blend of e-juice in the tank and utilize a powerful mode.

Rebuildable Tank Atomiser(RTA)
RTA is an abbreviation for Rebuildable Tank Atomiser. The word ‘rebuildable’ normally stands for rebuildable coils. The coil can be made with different wires as you like. Accordingly, this kind of tank requires you to master a knowledge of Ohm's Law and battery safety.

As to the choice of e-liquid, it depends on the coil you installed. If you adopt a sub-ohm coil, you can select a high VG concentration, otherwise, the 50/50 e-liquid and high PG option is a better option.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser(RDA)
To use a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer for vaping, you need to manually add e-liquid to the coils and cotton wicks, instead of being fed from a tank. It is to prevent the wicks and coils from getting dry and keep a stable and fresh vapour production.

Although RDA vape tanks demand fiddle operation, it offers a refreshing and stunning vapour taste.

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer(RDTA)
It also falls under the RBA category, a combination of RTA and RDA. So you can experience both drippings like RDA and refill e-liquid with a tank like RTA.

Top 10 vape tanks in 2022

#1 Geekvape Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank
Geekvape is one of the most reputable brands that provides a number of high-quality vape products around the world. The Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank is the latest version of the renowned Zeus family.

It can be paired with most vape mods on the market via a threaded 510 connection and offers a 2ml e-liquid capacity, a top-fill design as well as adjustable airflow. There are two types of sub-ohm coil available. You can enjoy an authentic DTL inhalation with it.

#2 UWELL Crown IV 4 Sub-Ohm Tank
Uwell is an outstanding vape manufacturer, specializing in all-around developments in the vaping field. The Crown IV 4 Sub-Ohm Tank comes with superior stainless steel construction, providing a 2ml standard e-juice capacity.

Using its Dual SS904L coils can deliver stunning clouds of vapour and delicious flavour due to the Pro-Flavor Optimization Core System.

#3 Aspire Atlantis EVO Sub-Ohm Tank
Established in 2013, Aspire is a pioneer vape brand that focuses on the innovation of vaping products across a full range. The Atlantis EVO Sub-Ohm Tank is designed with a clear and simple setting, offering an ultra-efficient juice flow platform grounded in Aspire's Atlantis EVO Coil System. Plus both 0.4ohm and 0.5ohm Atlantis EVO coils to achieve your preferred taste.

#4 SMOK TFV9 Sub Ohm Tank
Smok is a leading e-cig brand all over the world and is one of the first companies to use dual coils. A ream of vapers is familiar with its popular TFV4 Sub Ohm Tank. The TFV9 Tank features the latest V9 mesh coil series for great flavour and dense vapour production.

#5 Vaporesso GTX 18 Tank
The Vaporesso GTX 18 Tank contains two options of coils, including 0.8ohm and 1.2 coils. Thus, it allows you to have MTL vaping and restricted DTL vaping.

Vaporesso is established in 2006, making it one of the longest history vape companies in the vaping industry. Vaporesso is also considered one of the pioneers of Ceramic Coil designs with the release of the Target and cell structure.

#6 GeekVape Z MTL Tank
GeekVape Z MTL Tank is the first Geekvape Z series Tank for achieving tight MTL vaping. It is compatible with Geekvape A series coils. The Z tank means literally, it comes with a craved Z appearance, and the glass tube is well protected by a metallic shell which can be more resistant to breaking.

#7 VooPoo PNP RTA Pod Tank
Voopoo acts as the chip leader in the vape industry and presents the most enjoyable and considerate vaping experience. The PNP RTA Pod Tank is the first RTA atomizer with magnetic suction, bringing users to bring unparalleled convenience. Packed with a 0.2-ohm coil, it can generalize massive clouds and fresh tastes.

#8 Vandy Vape Kylin Mini V2 RTA
Vandy Vape always comes up with the most exceptional design for its vaping products. The Kylin Mini V2 RTA is slim and compact, equipped with a 270°honeycomb airflow for enchanting taste and smooth inhalation. It supports 0.3ohm Fused Clapton Coil.

#9 Wotofo x Mike Vapes Recurve Dual RDA
With a focus on rebuildable atomizers, Wotofo is a well-known vaping brand, wholesaler, and retailer. The Wotofo recurve dual RDA is the result of a partnership between Wotofo and YouTuber Mike Vapes.

It is a dual coil rebuildable drip atomizer. The delicious cloud creation is enhanced by the Recurve Dual design. The exterior chassis, quad terminal build deck, and postless RDA all add to its aesthetic appeal.

#10 Vandy Vape Mato RDTA
Here comes a Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. It not only enables you to dripping like RDA, but also provides you with a tank to contain the e-liquid as RTA.

The Mato RDTA allows you have a side filling and bottom feed or drip. The BF pin makes it can be paired with the Squonk Mods.