What Is a Squonk Mod and Is Squonking Right for You?
Squonk mods continue to grow in popularity among new and seasoned vapers. Learn what a squonk mod is and if squonking is something you should try.

Vaping is an incredibly popular pastime all over the world, but particularly in the U.S. According to statistics, more than 9 million adults regularly vape in the United States.

It's so popular that many people use mods to make their vaping experience even better. Mods can allow anyone to enjoy vaping in more places and in different ways. Avid vapers may have heard of a squonk mod and the benefits of using one. As squonking rises in popularity, those that regularly use vapes might be wondering what exactly it is and whether it would improve their own vaping experience.

Not to worry though. Read on to discover more about this vaping mod and whether it's worth using or not.

What is Squonking and How Did It Begin?
Squonking is a type of vaping style that requires the use of a bottom fed mod. The mod houses the large e-liquid bottle inside of it which is attached to a tube that runs through the 510 connection. When it is attached, the e-liquid travels through the connection and to the deck.

The roots of squonking started in 2009-2010 where an unofficial mod was made by a person on an E-Cigarette Forum. The mod was called the Juicebox and didn't end up becoming successful due to issues with modding and the creator's lack of ability to fulfill the massive orders coming in. However, this new vaping method didn't die there. It became an inspiration for another user, Robert O'Neill, who created and manufactured the squonk mod as we know it today. Why it is called squonking is a mystery though.

Advantages of Squonking
Squonking can be considered superior to other forms of vaping in a number of ways. Keep reading to discover why any vaper should get themselves a squonk mod!

1. Convenient for Everyday Use
Anyone who has ever used a vape before should be familiar with rebuildable dripping atomisers. Also known as RDAs, the one problem with them is that they involve dripping the vaping solution into the atomiser. This is both very inconvenient, and it can lead to big messes.

But squonking deals with all this.

With a squonk, there is no need to constantly drip. This makes use of a vape with squonk much easier than a regular vape.

2. Larger Vape Bottles
A regular bottle tank can hold around 5ml or less of vape solution. This is certainly not a lot and most vapers can use this up fairly quickly.

With a squonk mod, anyone who vapes regularly will find that the bottle is much larger. They generally hold more than 7ml, so anyone who uses it can bring more e-liquid with them anywhere they go.

3. Minimal Leaking
Leaking vape liquid can be a big issue for regular vapers. It can create a big mess and it means losing precious and sometimes expensive e-liquid in the process. But this is not the case with squonking. With a squonk, leaking and overflow are minimalized because any extra e-liquid ends up back inside the bottle.

4. Same Flavor and Vapor Production
Some regular vape users may be unconvinced by the amount of flavor and vapor a modded vape can provide for them. This is understandable as some mods can actually reduce the flavor and the amount of vapor production that a vape can provide.

Unlike these types of mods, a squonk is designed in such a way that a user does not lose any flavor when they take a hit. Likewise, the vapor production remains the same as well, so it does not hinder their experience in the slightest.
But with any good thing out there, there must be a bad side to it.

Disadvantages of Squonking

1. Battery Life
Unfortunately, one of the major disadvantages of squonking is that the battery life of the mod isn't very good. Most squonks only use a single 18650 battery. However, this is slowly changing now and some squonk mods use 20700 or 21700 batteries.

2. Higher Vape Juice Consumption
As squonking makes vape use on the go more convenient, a regular vaper may find that they will go through more e-liquid than with a regular vape. However, this very much depends on each person's individual vaping habits.
Luckily, squonk mods do come with larger bottles, so this may make up for this issue.

3. Squonk Mods Are Mainly Unregulated
Although there are some regulated mods on the market, most squonks are completely unregulated. Unregulated mods are undesirable for a number of reasons.

First, they can be very dangerous to use if the user is inexperienced. This is due to the fact that unregulated mods tend to have little to no safety features on them as there is no regulatory body that provides for this requirement.

For example, an unregulated mod will tend to accept any resistance atomizer even if it is obviously in the red zone of the battery.

Another reason why an unregulated mod might be an issue is that it causes the vape's power to decrease as the power of the battery decreases, leading to an unsatisfactory vaping experience.

Therefore, a vaping expert may have no problem using an unregulated mod. However, if the person is new to vaping, he/she might want to make sure that he/she squonk with a regulated mod.

Closing the Curtains: Should You Use a Squonk Mod?
Whether a vaper uses a squonk or not really depends on what they personally want from their vaping experience. For those who are new to the vaping scene, they may want to start with a regular tank that's easier to use before moving up to the squonk-related mods. However, if they are regular users of vapes and want to try something new, they should try out squonking. After all, who wouldn't want a more convenient solution to having on the go vaping with the same vapor production and flavor as a regular vape device?

For more information about squonking or vaping in general, ask the vaping experts here at these two convenient locations.