Tips To Protect Your E-cig Batteries

Whether you are a loyal fan of the E-Go e-cig or swear by your advanced PV/mod, there’s one common aspect that you just cannot ignore- safety requirements for your battery. The battery is the powerhouse of your device, and while it ensures unhindered vaping all day, it also has the potential to cause serious damage.
For starters, the batteries used in e-cigs are lithium ion batteries. Although these are labeled safe chemistry batteries that don’t blast when stressed to their maximum, and instead vent, there’s still need to understand your e-cig batteries and how to keep them in optimal condition.
Since e-cig batteries are rechargeable, and come in multiple capacities, there is no fixed amount of time for charging an e-cig battery.
Some people strongly emphasize that you should only charge your mods once the battery has completely discharged. This isn’t true because lithium-ion batteries- unlike nickel-cadmium batteries are free from the ‘memory effect’ which is why you can put them on charge when the LED glows purple (losing charge phase) if you know you’d be out for long.In fact, it is recommended to charge your battery before it completely drains out.

If you really had to pick out a concern related to the charging and discharging side of the batteries, then there is one. Over-discharging the batteries or using it when the voltage runs dangerously low can be harmful. But in all e-cigarettes the battery becomes unserviceable when the voltage drops to 3.0. It’s like an inbuilt auto cut.

E-cig Batteries And Heat

You have probably heard about keeping your batteries safe from heat. It’s true your e-cig batteries are affected by heat. This is because the lithium ion batteries in your vaporizers work by the same mechanism as the batteries in your laptop and mobile phones, which are heat sensitive.
According to a report by the United States Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), your lithium ion powered devices including your trusty electronic cigarette should be ideally kept at room temperature.

Don’t Leave Your E-cigarettes In The Car

Much has been said about leaving babies and pets in a locked car. The temperature inside a car is relatively much higher than on the outside, and since e-cigarette batteries are heat sensitive, you should avoid leaving them behind in your car or keep them for prolonged hours directly in front of a heating vent.

When the temperature rises above the recommended degree, your mods have to work doubly hard to produce the same amount of vapor. So if your battery lasted three vaping sessions per day under normal room temperature, inside of a hot car you can only enjoy about one and a half sessions.
And the reduced functionality is not the only problem. When the battery is being strained to work under a heated environment it can damage both the battery and the device. If you batteries start to look bulging or bubble or melt, immediately replace it.

Are E-cig Batteries Affected by Humidity and Freezing Temperatures?

We’ve already established that heat can spell doom for your mods. Conversely, vaping in cooler temperatures can affect the longevity and functionality of your batteries too. If you’re slipping out for a vape, it’s okay but leaving them out when the temperature drops a good couple of notches will make the e-liquid expand and subsequently destroy the battery and device.
If water or sweat seeps through your e-cigarette and reaches the main battery part, it will cause it to stop functioning. That’s elementary science.

Some Quick Safety Tips

Always purchase your e-cig batteries and other accessories from a reputed brand.
Don’t leave charging batteries unattended.
Don’t stow away an e-cig battery for too long. Regular usage ensures they perform well. It’s like working out- the more you exercise daily, the better your stamina gets.
Keep your electronic cigarettes clean, especially the threads connecting to the battery.