Tips to Keep Your Vape Batteries Running Efficiently

The reason for the rapid drain is that, unlike remote control batteries, the amount of energy needed to operate your vape pen is substantial. Since the battery would have enough power to bring the weed or some other plant inside at higher temperatures, it will not work as long. As a result, the cells used are more efficient.

However, there are a few things you can do to make the battery work better for you and save you money. We have collected some of the best 18650 batteries. Here are few tips for keeping the vape pens' batteries alive for as long as possible.

·Switch Off When Not in Use
The easiest way to conserve battery, like any other electrical or electronic component, is to switch it off while not in use. When you're not using your e-cigarette or vape pen, make sure it's totally turned off. And if you are not smoking, the unit will drain the battery if the power button is turned on. You can notice a longer battery life if you make it a habit to turn it off if you aren't using it. In addition, the battery lasts longer between charges.

·Be Mindful of your Batteries When They are Charging
 It's never a smart idea to charge your vape pen batteries to 100%, much like your phone's power. Leaving it on for prolonged periods of time after it has been fully charged often destroys the battery and reduces its effectiveness. When charging the charger, be careful not to overcharge it. When it crosses about 80%, make sure to delete it. This kind of battery treatment not only ensures that it runs for more cycles, but it's also a safety precaution. Overcharging can result in dangers such as fires.

·Don’t Drain till the Last Straw
It's enticing to keep using the vape pens until the battery is fully depleted. However, over time, this form of use harms the battery. It shortens the battery's charging time and allows it to discharge more quickly. When you try to recharge it, you can still have a limited amount of charge left. Holding a charging threshold for your e-cigarettes anywhere between 20% and 25%. Your battery will recharge with less energy and last longer as a result of this.

·Keep your Batteries Clean
Cleaning your batteries can help them last longer, just as cleaning your vape pens can help them last longer. Batteries that are dirty drain easily. Your batteries go into your vape pens and then into your pockets on a regular basis. Since the risks of e-liquid spills are higher in this situation, routine cleaning is needed to keep things running smoothly. If the battery is dirty, the relation between the pen and the battery is poor, resulting in low performance. Purchase a plastic case to keep your battery in. This keeps them clean and makes it simple to store them.

·Store your Batteries at the Right Temperature
If you have a habit of tossing your battery around, there's a good risk you're destroying it. If you store the battery in an area where it is subjected to excessive heat or cold, the cell's life cycle will be shortened. If you keep the cells on top of your refrigerator or television, for example, the temperature will begin to harm it. Leaving it on charge for an extended period of time raises the internal temperature. Keeping the battery at room temperature and well-protected in a box will make it last longer.