Tips to Help You Quit Smoking for Your New Year’s Resolution

How to Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Success
Whenever we cross over into a brand-new year, many of us choose to make new year’s resolutions in the hope of sparking some positive change in our lives. 

If you’ve decided that for 2022 you’ll be focusing on improving your health and wellbeing, one of the ways you might choose to do so is by quitting smoking. In fact, every year, kicking cigarettes to the curb is one of the most common new year’s resolutions and around one in seven smokers are ready to give up smoking this January. 

If you count yourself among those who intend to quit smoking this year, you’ve made a great decision as turning your back on cigarettes is one of the most positive lifestyle choices you can make.With that said, it’s worth remembering that quitting isn’t easy and around half of all new year’s resolutions fail. 

That’s why we put together this useful guide to help you stick to your guns and make this the year you finally turn your back on smoking once and for all. So, to make life that little bit easier, here are our top tips for making your quit attempt a success in 2022.

Tips for Making Quitting Smoking Your New Year’s Resolution
With the right mindset and some handy information on how to beat your cravings, you can become smoke-free this year. Here’s some helpful tips and info to help you succeed.

Keep Yourself Distracted
When you quit smoking, you may experience a number of negative effects, both physically and psychologically. For instance, you may become restless and find it difficult to sleep, while many people also find their mood is affected and they become much more irritable. 

If you experience any of these, fear not as they’re both temporary and completely normal. These are simply withdrawal symptoms that arise due to the fact your body is being starved of its usual supply of nicotine. Although feeling this way will subside with time, it can be frustrating and these withdrawals are responsible for the vast majority of relapses. 

If you’re sitting around for hours at a time with nothing to occupy your mind then chances are it won’t be long until you’re thinking about smoking. Finding new activities to partake in is a great way to keep your mind distracted, and you’ll suddenly have less time to dwell on your withdrawals which will seriously reduce the odds of you caving in to your urges.

Increase Exercise
If you’re wondering which activities you can do to help keep your mind off smoking, exercise is always a brilliant place to start. Not only will increasing your physical activity help keep you busy, but it’s also a great way to improve your fitness and overall well-being.

As we may already know, exercise is super-effective when it comes to tackling stress – something you may be experiencing in droves due to your nicotine withdrawals – so not only will it help to keep you busy, but the increased physical activity will also get those endorphins pumping, which is great for maintaining a positive mindset and strengthening your resolve. 

Stay Positive
Without a doubt one of the most important tips we can give is to stay positive and remember why you’re quitting smoking in the first place.

At times, the withdrawals and negative emotions you experience may seem overwhelming, but whenever you start to feel down or defeated just remind yourself about the health benefits you’ll enjoy by quitting. Hopefully you should start to feel more upbeat in no time.

Use a Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) Product
If you’re serious about quitting smoking, a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) product could make all the difference between success and failure.

NRTs deliver the nicotine your body is used to, but without the 5,000 or so chemicals that come with smoking, many of which are responsible for the multitude of health issues associated with combustible tobacco products. 

Hands down the most helpful NRT you can buy are electronic cigarettes, which have been proven to be twice as effective as other products such as nicotine patches, lozenges and gum.

As well as their efficacy in helping people quit smoking, a landmark study demonstrated e-cigs are at least 95% safer than smoking, so if you’re struggling to pack in cigarettes without nicotine and you’re in search of a comparatively safe product that’s proven to help, then vape devices might be just what you’re looking for.

Tips for Quitting Smoking with a Vape Device
If you’re considering making the switch from smoking to vaping, here are some tips for ensuring your transition is a successful one:

·When you first get started, consider switching between smoking and vaping and gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke, increasing the amount you vape until you’ve eventually weaned yourself completely off tobacco products.
·Remember it’s okay to slip up every now and then. Quitting smoking can be a long and difficult process for some. Relapses are common, but as long as you don’t give up straight away your cravings should subside soon enough.
·Start with a high e-liquid strength. We would recommend around 10mg for casual smokers and 18-20mg for heavy smokers. For beginners this will be harsh so try nic salts as they’re naturally smoother.
·Reduce the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid over time. We would recommend dropping the nicotine strength by 3-6mg every couple of months.
·Eventually you will drop to 0mg nicotine and the chemical cravings will be gone and it’s time to put down your vape.
·Some people continue to vape 0mg nicotine for pleasure, given the hundreds of delicious flavours to choose from, however, most people start to forget about their vape as they’re no longer addicted.

Getting started
To help you get started, we’ve put together a Stop-Smoking Starter Pack that makes it easier than ever to stick to that New Year’s resolution and finally wave goodbye to cigarettes. 

For this starter pack, we’ve given you two options – the budget-friendly VOOPOO Argus P1 pod device and the more premium Vaporesso Target 200. Both are fantastic kits that will help you overcome your smoking addiction once and for all!