Tips for Eco-Friendly Vaping

As vapers, we can give ourselves a smug pat on the back for not contributing to the millions of cigarette butts which are discarded by smokers every day. Then there’s the great satisfaction we can take in the fact that our vaping doesn’t worsen the huge issue of deforestation and degradation to the environment caused by growing tobacco.  
We can also congratulate ourselves for not breathing toxic-laden second-hand smoke on those around us, but we wouldn’t want to come across as self-righteous… 
But vaping is not completely without its environmental impact, so its important that we all do our bit to be as kind to the planet as possible while we enjoy our daily dose of Super-Sweet Sherbet or Mouth-Watering Menthol.  

All batteries, internal or external, need to be disposed of eventually, but the way you dispose of them is what matters most. Always make sure you put your old battery in a designated battery recycling bin rather than throwing it out with your general household waste.  
Another way of adopting an eco-friendly approach to vaping is to pass on any e-liquids which you decide aren’t to your taste to friends or family members. Re-gifting your e-liquids rather than throwing them out is a great way of reducing environmental impact, as pouring e-liquid down the sink could result in that liquid ending up in our waterways.  

Disposing Of E-Liquid
So, what do you do if you’ve got an e-liquid which you don’t like and can’t donate to anyone? Throw it away in the bin? Unfortunately, that also isn’t without its risks! This is because children or pets (who are well-known to have a knack for getting into everything!) could find the e-liquid and ingest it, which in turn could lead to toxic poisoning. And if you’re thinking of throwing your unwanted or expired e-liquid out in an outside bin to be on the safe side - think again! The risk of foxes and other wildlife getting into the bin and consuming the e-liquid is a big possibility and should be avoided at all costs. The safest and least detrimental option would be to use an absorbent material such as sawdust, wood chippings, natural kitty litter or Eco-Absorb (made from coconut pith) to soak up the e-liquid before putting it in a biodegradable bag and throwing into a secure bin.  

We strongly recommend that you recycle all of your empty e-liquid bottles via a designated plastic recycling facility. Every component of our e-liquid bottles is recyclable, including the lid, the outer box and the bottle itself. You can also recycle your e-cigarette hardware as the glass and metal components are widely recyclable.  

Power Save
Switching your e-cigarette device off completely when not in use will save power and help prolong the lifespan of your battery, so always be sure to power off your device rather than leaving it on standby in-between vapes. Similarly, you should only charge your e-cig device until it reaches full charge status, rather than leaving it to charge for hours on end or overnight. Not only does this help conserve energy, but it also promotes safety as you won’t be risking over-charging the device and putting strain on the battery.   

Carbon Footprint
Buying UK-manufactured e-liquid is another great way of maintaining your status as an eco-conscious vaper as it dramatically reduces the logistical carbon footprint. Although most hardware is manufactured oversees, it’s important to do your research and buy a reliable, high-quality device from a reputable manufacturer like Smok, Innokin or Aspire which will last at least 6-12 months to reduce the frequency with which you need to replace your kit. 

Rebuilding Your Coils
You can also do your bit for the planet by opting for a device which lets you rebuild the components of your e-cigarette rather than buying them premade. For example, building your own coils using wire like Flatwire UK and cotton such as The Yorkshire Vaper’s Fuzz Organic or Wicking Cotton by Cotton Gods is an eco-friendlier option than buying premade coils as there’s less waste materials. Rather than throwing out an entire premade coil, you can simply replace the cotton and keep on vaping. When the wire itself becomes aged, you can throw out the wire and build a new coil with one piece of wire instead of buying a manufactured coil.  

And while we’re on the subject of manufacturing, its worth pointing out that when you choose to rebuild, the aspect of manufacturing and the implications it has on the environment is effectively reduced as the construction is being carried out by you. Rebuilding components of your vape kit also means less packaging, as material for building tends to be sold in large volumes. This is a far greener option than purchasing a pack of coils (which are usually sold in packs of three or five) and throwing away the plastic packaging.  

You’re already doing your bit for your health by switching to vaping. Now it’s time to do your bit for the health of the environment by vaping with the preservation of our planet in mind.