Things You Can Put in a Vape Pen

With the start of vaping trends taking toll, and among other queries, people have started taking to blogs deriving curious ways and asking questions regarding vaping things including, what can we put in a vape pen. From flavors to water, eager beavers in the vaping industry, are asking questions and we step in to answer, even to the ones thinking of putting alcohol in their e-cigarettes.
Somehow the list of things to put in the e-cigarettes is not too extensive and yet extensive if one switches from smoking to e-cigarettes have to choose from almost 50 flavors. Not mentioning the long line of brands registered to sell products, we must look at how to manage ourselves when looking to vape as there might arise complexities when one does not like a flavor, or is allergic to something, or nicotine level being uneven.

Can I put water in my vape pen?
It is but human nature to be curious about something they try a new, and as it happens, a lot of vapors want to know if they can vape water as e-liquid. Would you want to sip hot boiling water and then from within your lungs push out nothing but invisible vapors? No, right? Such is the case when one puts water as e-juice in their e-cigarette. As there would be water in the vaporizer, there will not be any clouds of vapors emerging from the mouth so it kills the very purpose of it there and then.
Gradually, moving to the nicotine, there isn’t any available in water and that is where, again the purpose of vaping dies. As most people are inclined towards the use of vapors for the purpose of controlled nicotine and eventually quitting smoking and the habit of use of nicotine.
Although nicotine is not harmful as it is only a stimulant that is inhaled into body, but it can also be a healthy element for humans when used in a controlled manner.

E-cigarette is delicate
One of the major things that one must keep in mind while having such ideas of putting things in vapor is that it is an instrument, a device, that has value, and is designated for specific uses. There have been times when people put in different ingredients from their home in to vapor, and it fired back badly for them causing burns, or harm.
These are the best E liquids you should try in your vape pen
Burst E Juice
Kilo Black Series
Drip Factory E-Liquid

Can we vape honey or alcohol?
Considering the usage, it is not recommended to use anything else other than e-liquids, in your e-cigarette. Alcohol and honey both are useless and either will torch your wick as soon as you turn it on and can be cause of harm to you or people around and not to forget, the e-cigarette.
List of things not to put in e-cigarette:
·Coconut Oil
·Corn Syrup
·Pure Concentrates
·Essential Oils
With all these elements in mind, be careful not to try anything you don’t know about with e-cigarettes, as it can be harmful for you and cannot be of any purpose other than waste of time. And with so much to choose from, why would anybody want to go away from all the available flavors?