The Top 7 Health Benefits of Vaping

There have been many medical studies on vaping. As this relatively new trend grows rapidly on an international scale, people are asking if it’s really as healthy as it seems.

Well, doctors have finally ruled that the health benefits of vaping are far better than smoking traditional cigarettes and cigars. With no tobacco, tar, or smoke, they have the potential to improve the lives of smokers by reducing their exposure to harmful ingredients and chemicals.

Yet the pros don’t stop there! Learn more about why these popular devices are rapidly becoming the preference of today’s culture.

7 Advantages and Health Benefits of Vaping
There are several benefits to trading your old smoking habits for vaping. However, we’ve collected 7 of the more common reasons people make the switch.

1. Vaping is Less Hazardous Than Smoking
The Surgeon General has been warning us for decades about the hazards of smoking. Yet warnings touting risks such as lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and more wasn’t enough to cause a cultural shift that would shut down the tobacco industry.

The highly addictive nature of cigarettes proved stronger than the warning labels. Yet when vaping hit the scene, it brought with it a much healthier alternative. With its liquid containing far fewer than cigarettes’ 24 cancer-causing chemicals, it seemed like a no-brainer.

These devices release a flavorful vapor that avoids the incurable diseases associated with the chemical-rich smoke of cigarettes.

2. Vaping Doesn’t Leave a Nasty Smell or Residue
Gone are the days of yellow fingers, smoke stains, and the permeating musk of your latest smoke break. The vapor released from e-cigarettes carries a more appetizing scent associated with its flavor. You won’t wrap up a vaping session tasting like an ashtray or smelling like an old dive bar.

Beyond that, e-cigarette vapor won’t stain your clothes, furniture, or other items. This much cleaner alternative makes you more tolerable, huggable, and kissable to your coworkers, friends, and loved ones.

3. You Can Choose Nicotine Levels in Vaping
Trying to kick the smoking habit? While all cigarettes have high levels of nicotine in them, vaping liquids give you the option to choose a lower or even no-nicotine option. This makes it a possible option for weaning yourself away from a nicotine addiction without going cold turkey.

In fact, studies have even shown that vaping regularly is less addictive than traditional smoking. Considering it’s also less deadly, this is a persuasive argument for making the swap.

4. It’s Safer to Vape Around Others Than to Smoke
Secondhand smoking has been proven to be just as hazardous as smoking itself. With no filter for the secondhand smoke consumed by others, there is nothing to reduce their intake of the harmful chemicals. That means those who just happened to be stuck in an area where someone is puffing on a tobacco product are subjected to the health risks.

Vaping, however, is composed of far fewer chemicals as well as zero tar and smoke. This makes it far safer to consume around your friends and family than tobacco products.

5. Vaping is More Socially Acceptable
Ever noticed how you can vape indoors and out without offending everybody around you? Instead of a whiff of your e-cigarette vapor sending people into coughing fits and eliciting offensive glares, most have found that others don’t mind the habit.

Unlike smoking, there are fewer established regulations for when and where you can vape. Whether you’re in a restaurant, on a subway, inside your car, or sitting on the couch of a friend’s house, people will whip out a vaping device without a second thought.

While this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show common courtesy by asking strangers in close vicinity whether they mind before whipping out your e-cigarette, it does make a statement.

While the habit is fairly new, it has been embraced by society as something far less offensive than tobacco itself.

6. It’s Cheaper to Vape Than to Smoke
Even Time admits that vaping is 40% cheaper than smoking. While it’s an impressive percentage, your eyes will grow even wider when you realize how much it really is.

To give you an idea, A smoker who consumes a pack a day will save a whopping $1,182 a year. Think about what you can buy with over a grand left over in your pocket. You could take a vacation, buy a new computer, go on an Amazon shopping spree, or be a boring, responsible adult who puts it into savings.

The point is vaping puts money back in your wallet.

7. Vaping Comes in a Variety of Tantalizing Flavors
Not only is vaping healthier than smoking, but it also comes with a menu of flavors. Shoppers of e-cigarette liquids will stumble upon a variety of exotic flavors that would do Willy Wonka proud, including:

·Gummi Bear
·Banana Nut Bread
·Blue Raz Cotton Candy
·Peach Green Tea
·Pink Spot
·Watermelon Wave
·Black Mamba
·Rip Tide
·Frozen Lime Drop
·Peach Pit Tobacco
·Apple Fritter
·Bavarian Cream
·Coconut Smoothie
·Cold Brew Coffee
·And More!

With multiple companies whipping up new products and flavors, the options are ever-growing. Because the liquid is man-made, there are few boundaries to the flavors they can add.

When your favorite taste starts to grow stale, you simply find a new one. It’s incredibly easy to find something new, no matter how picky your taste buds may be.

It’s one of the many reasons why vaping has spread beyond the regular smoking crowd to new enthusiasts. With the decrease in health risks and the heightened flavor and experience, more people are willing to pick up the habit.

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