The latest and greatest e liquid flavour names

OK, I know that I have visited this territory before but please forgive me for revelling in a few fabulous flavour names once again.
I first proffered a list of funky names back in the darkest of ages otherwise known as the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s face it, we all needed cheering up then. At least we could continue to vape when there was nothing else to do apart from repainting the living room or tracking down toilet rolls.

My previous list of marvellous monikers was less than comprehensive anyway. I would like to introduce you to yet more e liquids that you might like to try.

Here are 10 flavours with impressive names that will always put a smile on your face. I should also point out that great names can come in handy as they ensure you can remember which juice you need to order! Or maybe that’s only an issue for coffin dodgers like me!

1.The Shocker
It isn’t often that a brand would in any way suggest that one of its products is shocking! But this fizzy treat from Cosmic Fog is shocking for the right reasons. A tempting fusion of sweet strawberry, sharp apple, tropical mango and lemonade, The Shocker is a refreshing e liquid that should not be missed. Its name is attention grabbing and its flavour is also calculated to make your taste buds sit up and take notice. Available as a 70VG shortfill, the shocker can only be enjoyed by sub ohm vapers.

2.Dream Cream
This one conjures all sorts of naughty thoughts that I should banish from my tiny brain immediately! Dream Cream by Charlie’s Chalk Dust (and there’s a great brand name if ever I saw one), delivers an indulgent blend of vanilla cream, fudge and hints of cinnamon. If you are looking for juice with the feel-good factor, this one knocks it out of the park. Sadly, only sub ohm vapers can see their taste buds tripping the light fantastic after a puff of Dream Cream as it is 70VG.

3.Boss Reserve
It might sound like a vintage wine and one bottled for the enjoyment of the Godfather, but Boss Reserve is available to all. This moreish recipe from Cuttwood features notes of honey Graham crackers, roasted nuts, creamy milk and banana. In other words, this is a breakfast treat, and it tastes as good as it sounds. Made in the USA and boasting a 70VG base for amazing clouds, Boss Reserve just might beat a full English as the perfect way to kickstart your day.

4.Green Energy
It sounds as if it has been mixed for eco warriors but Green Energy would appeal to all fans of refreshing flavours. This punchy offering from IVG gives you a blend of lime and menthol that keeps things suitably uplifting. It’s available with both a high VG and a 50/50 base, ensuring that every vaper can enjoy a greener vaping future. The perfect choice for fans of chilly citrus juices, this impressive e liquid will energise your taste buds every time you take a puff.

Did you know that Xenon is a colourless, dense, odourless noble gas? It’s usually used in light-emitting devices including camera flashes and strobe lights. The brightness of this flavour ensures that honours its name!  An exciting choice from the Jack Rabbit range, Xenon is a feature of the equally well-named Cyber Rabbit series and gives you a pleasing fusion of blueberries and pomegranate. It is worth sampling this 70VG shortfill if you enjoy fruity juices.

6.Patas Pipe
If you happen to be wondering what a patas is, then we can enlighten you. A patas is a ground dwelling monkey although it is unlikely that you would find one smoking a pipe. As you might imagine, this is a tobacco flavour but one with chocolate and vanilla in the mix. We are sure that recently reformed smokers would appreciate this sumptuous take on a tobacco vape and it is to be found in the Twelve Monkeys range. Well, it would be, wouldn’t it?

7.Sucker Punch
A hit that you definitely do want to take, Sucker Punch by Suicide Bunny features a wonderfully creamy base taken to the next level by dragon fruit. It has to be said that the blend is unique, and it is certainly impressively smooth. The 70VG shortfill gives you a generous 100ml serving of this not so little sucker and the juice is suitable only for sub ohm set-ups. Don’t forget to stock up on nic shots to complete your e liquid.

8.Swamp Thang
This special treat from Ruthless will take you back to your childhood in an instant. It gives you a toffee apple in a bottle and you will love the blend of fruit and candy notes. Better still, there are two versions of Swamp Thang. Choose either the nicotine-free juice with a 70VG base or the 50VG version with salt nicotine. You can sample this flavour whatever the nature of your device and if you appreciate chilly finishes, try Swamp Thang on Ice!

9.Blood Sukka
A refreshing flavour with genuine bite, Blood Sukka by Vampire Vape is something of a legend. Delicious cherry notes are blended with berries and red fruits to create a layered feel. But the recipe also features eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol! The result is a juice that is super-cool in every possible way. Regardless of your hardware, you can feast on Blood Sukka as there are 70VG and 40VG versions to choose from.

10.High Voltage
It would be impossible to assemble a list of great flavour names without including one from the T Juice range. High Voltage lives up to its moniker with its fusion of Maraschino cherries and menthol. You will love the icy kick on the exhale and this juice boasts a 50VG base suitable for most MTL devices. Why not power up your vaping experience today with some High Voltage action?