The Ins and Outs of Vape Tank Compatibility

If you’re investing in a new piece of vaping hardware, whether it be a new device or a new tank, you’re probably wondering about the compatibility factor.  As we know, a lot of tanks and devices are compatible with each other, but is this always the case?  Today, we’ll be talking about whether or not you can use any tank with any device, as well as which factors determine the compatibility of these two essential pieces of vaping hardware.

Can All Vape Tanks and Devices Be Used Interchangeably?
As you may already know, most vape tanks and devices can be used interchangeably.  This largely has to do with the fact that most of them share a 510-threaded connection.  However, this is not always the case.  Sometimes, you’ll find a specialized device or tank that is only compatible with a certain vaping style, such as squonking.  Or, you’ll find that a certain manufacturer has created a one-of-a-kind vaping setup in which the tank and device can only be used with each other.
It’s always better to be safe than sorry, which is why we urge you to never assume that your tank and device will go together.  That’s why we’ve made this list that walks you through every factor that determines whether or not a tank and device will work together or not.

Things That Determine the Compatibility of a Vape Tank with Other Devices
Size is an important determining factor that’s often overlooked.  As you know, different tanks have different sizes, both in terms of length and diameter.  If you use a large tank with a small device, for example, you’ll end up with a top-heavy setup.  Considering the fact that tanks tend to be made from glass, a top-heavy setup can be very risky as it makes it likely that your tank will shatter due to your setup falling over.  So, make sure that you pay attention to the size of a tank before pairing it with your vaping device.

Coil Compatibility
Next, you need to determine coil compatibility.  Not all tanks can be used with all coils.  And, as you know, the relationship between your coil and your device’s output settings is very important.  So, make sure that you check to see which coils are compatible with a tank before using that tank with your vaping device.  For instance, if the tank you are looking at can only take coils within a certain resistance level range, you need to make sure that the wattage settings of your device can accommodate that resistance range.

Next, we have material.  As we said, most vape tanks are made from sturdy Pyrex glass.  However, this is not always the case.  Some tanks out there are made from plastic, and that’s to make them more affordable.  Now, plastic tanks work well with some devices, but not others.  The higher the output level of your device, the more resilient a material you’ll need for your tank.  That’s because a high wattage level will cause heat to transfer to the tank, and if your tank is made from flimsy plastic, it could melt.  Needless to say, you don’t want that to happen.
In fact, it’s widely believed that glass is always better when it comes to the construction of a tank.  That’s because Pyrex is highly durable, and the glass material won’t interfere with the flavor of your vape juice.  Additionally, Pyrex glass can handle extremely high output settings of a device without melting or cracking.

Now, we have the connection factor.  Most vape devices and tanks share the same connection, which is a 510-threaded connection.  This is that small little gold screw that sticks out of your tank and fits into the small hole in the mod.  While most hardware pieces use this connection, there are some exceptions.  Luckily, this is an easy thing to determine.  Simply read the description of the tank in order to see whether or not the manufacturer states that the tank utilizes a 510-threaded connection. 

Vape Juice Capacity
Vape juice capacity is another determining factor that’s often overlooked.  The thing is that the higher the output level of your device, the faster you’ll go through your vape juice, because higher output levels evaporate more e-liquid at a time.  Therefore, you want to make sure that you’re using a tank with a high enough capacity to hold a lot of e-liquid at once.  Otherwise, you’d find yourself refilling your tank every couple of hours or so, and that can get annoying.  If you’re using a sub-ohm system that operates at a high wattage level, go with a tank that can hold at least four milliliters of e-liquid.  Anything less would be inconvenient due to how much vape juice gets evaporated per vaping session.

Next, consider the maker of the hardware.  Lots of companies make vape tanks, and not all of them are high in quality.  While technically a vape tank from a certain manufacturer may be compatible with your device, if it’s made with subpar materials, it won’t give you the satisfying vape that you deserve.  Always try to choose hardware pieces from trusted brands that are known for producing reliable, high-quality products. 

Of course, this is a superficial factor, but it may matter to you regardless.  If you want your vaping setup to have a nice look to it, take the appearance of the tank into account before deciding whether or not you wish to use it with your mod.  For instance, maybe you want the colors to match.  Or, maybe, you want it to have a shape that complements the shape of your device.

Lastly, we have features.  Different tanks have different features, and some of these features may not function properly if they’re not being used with the right device.  For instance, most tanks have adjustable airflow rings, but the different airflow levels can only truly be enjoyed if your device has a wide enough variety of output settings.  So, check out the features of a specific tank before deciding whether or not it will bring you the most satisfying experience along with your vaping device.

A Proper Setup Matters
Vaping is all about finding the right setup that consists of exceptional pieces of hardware.  But, choosing those pieces is only half the battle.  The most important thing is making sure that your hardware pieces are compatible, especially when it comes to your tank and your vaping device.  Use this guide to make sure that your tank is compatible with your device for a smooth and satisfying vape.