The Innokin Sceptre II Has Arrived with a Host of Royal Upgrades

Press Release
Innokin’s best-selling pod device returns and looks sharper than ever.

The original Sceptre released in 2020 and quickly became one of Innokin’s most successful devices of the past five years. Two years on, the veteran manufacturer has assessed feedback from the original device to bring a wide range of improvements to the Sceptre II.

Improved airflow
The original Sceptre device featured a bottom airflow system, which required the user to remove the pod from the device before making any adjustments. The small lever system wasn’t precise enough for some users, which led to MTL versions of the original pod being released later.

The Sceptre II features a full redesign of the airflow system. Now, an airflow slider is located on the side of the pod, which can be accessed at any time without removing the pod from the device. The new system has been designed for greater precision, allowing for a wider range of airflow settings from tight MTL all the way up to a restricted direct lung draw.

Push to fit coil system
Coil swapping has also been overhauled for the Sceptre II. In the original device, the coil base was incorporated into the pod and had to be removed with a quarter turn motion before the coil itself could be unscrewed. The Sceptre II simplifies this process with a push-to-fit base, making coil swaps much faster.

Compact design
The original Sceptre was pretty compact considering its 1400mAh battery and premium construction, but the Sceptre II improves on this, too. The new device maintains the same battery capacity, with a smaller, sturdier chassis and more refined aesthetic.

Firing button
The original Sceptre featured a small manual fire button on the side of the device, which some users found inconvenient, making automatic draw the preferred method of activation. Those who prefer manual activation will be glad to hear that the fire button has been moved to the front of the device for the Sceptre II, which is certainly a more ergonomic choice.

New S-coil
The Sceptre introduced Innokin’s S-coil line, which is now featured in a range of entry-level devices.

The Sceptre II launches with an all-new 0.6Ω MTL coil and Innokin claims that this variant delivers better flavour than ever before. The Sceptre II is also compatible with 0.5Ω, 0.65Ω and 1.2Ω S-coils for a full range of MTL and RDL experiences.

Overall, the Sceptre II is a top-to-bottom reimagining of the original Sceptre, which hopes to enhance the experience with convenient features, better build quality and enhanced performance. Could this be new reigning monarch of pod devices?