The History of Vaporesso

Vaporesso has become synonymous with excellence in vaping hardware, combining their user-friendly technology with some of the most exciting innovations to ever grace the market, and a unique knack for providing vapers with the most sublime flavor imaginable. The brand has really risen to fame with the introduction of numerous pod systems, but they’ve actually been on the scene for years, and is one of the longest-established brands in the industry. Still, as it turns out, even many of Vaporesso’s most avid fans know little about the company’s origins, or even where they’re located.

How it All Began
Launched in 2015, Vaporesso is currently the proud owner of over 800 patents, thanks to their stellar innovations since their very first products hit the market several years ago. The brand’s parent company, SMOORE, was founded in 2006, and when they finally established Vaporesso 9 years later, they came up with the brand’s motto, “Establishing a Smoke-Free World.” It’s safe to say that the brand has accomplished that mission, especially as many of their vaping systems are uniquely beginner-friendly, offering an easy bridge from analogs to vaping technology.

Vaporesso’s headquarters are located in the town of ShenZhen, the Chinese mecca for the tech industry, and home to other legendary vape brands like SMOK and GeekVape. The brand is a leader in vaping research, and its parent company has played a massive role in their success, boasting no less than 5 research institutes around the world, with 100 tech researchers, all of whom are certified doctors boasting Masters degrees.

Vaporesso’s innovations are legendary, and in terms of worldwide success, it all began with the Target Mini Kit, launched in 2016, which remains a sought-after vaping system to this day. The Target Mini Kit ushered in a new era of vaping hardware – one with more compact, user-friendly, and streamlined elements to offer a no-fuss approach to fluffy clouds and mouthwatering flavor, perfect for first-timers and advanced users alike. In 2017, the brand launched their first dual-battery kit – the Revenger, which sold more than 5 million units. However, it wasn’t to be their most successful kit to date, as we now know.

In 2018, Vaporesso launched their famous Swag Kit, one of the first box mod systems to utilize a single 18650 battery to offer a more compact type of setup. Using the GT Coil, the Swag Kit shows just how much cloud-chasing action one can get without having to use a bulky and overly complex piece of hardware. The ideas behind the Swag have since been copied by many other vape brands around the world. That year, the Vaporesso Zero also came out, acting as one of the very first open pod systems, utilizing refillable cartridge and rechargeable, integrated battery. Since then, a number of new Zero products have come out, offering a new and improved approach to the original format with each release.

It was in 2019 that Vaporesso truly entered the mainstream, with the first of the now-legendary Gen series – the ultra-stylish Gen Starter Kit, renowned for its sophisticated aesthetics and 220W maximum output, and offering the AXON Chipset, to raise performance standards industry-wide. Since then, the Gen continues to refresh itself in new and exciting iterations of the predecessor, to always appeal to the next generation of vapers.

In more recent memory, Vaporesso launched the XROS in 2021, which has continued to remain one of the most sought-after pod systems on the market. The XROS acts as one of the most compact yet advanced pod systems out there, with a consistent 18W output, powerful 800mAh integrated battery, use of the AXON Chipset, and interchangeable XROS Mesh Pods, allowing users to easily switch between both types of e-liquids.

At the same time, Vaporesso has 30 patents to it name for ceramic heating elements, 20 child-protection patents, 30 safety feature patents, and many more. One of the first brands to make ceramic coils the norm, they have demonstrated a clear emphasis on flavor-boosting technology through a number of exciting innovations.

Aside from the impressive products themselves, it must be said that Vaporesso is renowned for making some of the most reliable vaping hardware in the world. They boast one of the largest facilities, with a staggering 10,000+ employees who produce over 100 million coils and 20 million atomizers each year. Their facility meets GMP requirements, and has earned an ISO9001 certification thanks to their impeccable quality control.

We’ve already touched upon Vaporesso’s knack for flavor-boosting features, but how is it that they’ve managed to develop that reputation? A lot of it has to do with their COREX technology, exclusive to the brand, which comes from their inventive Morph-Mesh, offering a gradient-like structure in which the mesh material is thinner in the center than on the sides. What may seem like an insignificant structural detail actually plays a powerful role in how we experience the flavor profiles of our e-liquids, by mimicking the density of cotton, to allow for the proper heating surface area to bring out the best in each ingredient in a vape juice product. Meanwhile, the use of microfiber-enhanced Cumulus Cotton boosts flavor further by being a fluffier material, to absorb e-liquid more efficiently for tastier clouds.