The Guide to Different Types of Vape Pens.

Working out which type of vape pen is right for you can be tricky, especially when you’re new to vaping and faced with a huge variety of options to choose from - it can be overwhelming!

Here we want to help you choose the best vape when it comes to selecting a vape pen and understand the best vape liquid to use to ensure you’re getting not only value for money but something that suits your needs.

So, we’ve put together this handy beginner guide to vaping with a vape pen and all the important information about the different types of vape pens available and how to start your journey.

Disposable vape bars in a range of colors and flavors can be a great starting point

Disposables are a great place to begin your vaping journey and have pre-filled, sealed, pod cartridges, so all you need to do is choose which flavor you like the sound of.

They are an example of a 'closed system ' which cannot be opened or refilled, so there's no messing about with separate parts or needing to know any vaping terms - making them one of the best vape for beginners.

Complete with a non-removable fully charged battery and a coil (the heating element), they are designed to be used right out of the pack. They tend to be 'draw-activated ', which means all you need to do is put it to your lips, inhale (draw), and ta-dah you're vaping!

Containing 'nicotine salt ' vape liquids, which have stronger nicotine ranges from 20mg - 50mg (the average range is 0mg-18mg) and a neutralizing ingredient to make the higher concentration a smooth, satisfying intake.

Disposables offer a 'mouth-to-lung' vape style that feels akin to the smoking experience on the back of the throat - this is called a 'throat hit ' in vaping terms.

This disposable method is perfect for anyone looking to begin a transition to vaping who is used to fairly regular smoking or looking for the same kind of satisfaction.

They're also a great way to stay on top of your needs, by keeping a few spares handy, you can always grab one when you feel the urge and take the panic out of running out!

There's an increasing choice of advanced disposables if you've tried the basics and want more but aren't ready to commit to a permanent device - which are bigger, more powerful, and can be recharged!


What: Disposable devices with absolutely everything you need to vape out of a packet

Who: Ideal for beginners or as easy back-ups when you need one, just in case!

Why: They are super easy and satisfying with a huge range of flavors.

Why Not: They are relatively expensive compared to reusable devices and aren't great for the environment.

A classic vape pen with a glass tank and a single button to operate.

Vape Pens.
Vape pens are one of the most popular choices on the market as they typically have a cylindrical shape and a familiar feel to cigarettes, making them less of a tactile transition.

As well as their appealing shape, vape pens offer two types of experiences:

·Lower regular vape juice nicotine levels with big, airier vapor clouds known as 'sub-ohm'
·Higher nicotine levels with nicotine salt for a smooth inhale and subtle vapor exhale called 'above-ohm'

With a removable and refillable tank (the glass cylinder at the top which contains the liquid) and coil, these devices offer a re-usable setup with replaceable parts that will cost you less over time than disposables.

Vape pen devices catering to regular vape juices with lower nicotine strength levels, use coils from 0.8 Ohms and under to give a 'direct-lung' experience of an airier flavor with more vapor being inhaled.

The above-Ohm vape pen options use the stronger nicotine salts with coils 0.8 Ohms and over, offering a similar inhale feel to smoking referred to as 'mouth-to-lung ' in the vaping world.

Most vape pens have adjustable airflow, allowing you to control how much air gets pulled through the device, and affects the heat of the coil, the flavor, and the amount of vapor produced.

Some, feature adjustable power settings via clicks of a button, allowing you to turn it up and down to suit the coil you're using. Most coils have the power or 'wattage ' settings they require written on the side of them, so if in doubt, double-check.

Some vape pens can automatically recognize the coil 'resistance ' (whether it is sub-ohm or above-ohm) and adjust your settings accordingly, so are great choices for those of us looking for a simple experience.

Compatible with regular sub-ohm vape juices and stronger Nic salts.


What: Cylindrical pen-shaped vape devices which are simple, refillable and rechargeable devices.

Who: Perfect for beginners who have either tried disposables or want to take the step to a permanent, reusable device - or someone looking to start with a simple kit. Also compatible with nicotine reduction over time (if that's your goal).

Why: Refillable, rechargeable with replacement parts, vape pens offer good value for money with a variety of options for liquids and parts.

Why Not: They require more maintenance than a disposable and a little bit of operation.

The Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System

Pod Systems.
Pod Systems are more advanced devices than disposables and, like vape pens, are refillable, rechargeable and customizable with replacement parts that require a level of maintenance.

They tend to be more square, but still small enough to fit comfortably in your hand, with a simple, click-in magnetic pod cartridge that quickly slots into the top of the device (which is often referred to as a 'mod ' or sometimes a 'battery ').

The pod cartridges are easily refilled via a silicone stopper that pulls out to reveal a fill port - through which you squeeze in your chosen liquid.

Pod systems can be one of the most versatile vaping devices, offering replacement coils suitable for stronger nicotine salts and lower strength regular vape juices, giving you the option to create your own vaping plan with the ability to start stronger and work your way down in nicotine strength and throat feel, with the choice of ending on a 0mg nicotine liquid if that's your aim.

Some pod systems have even simpler re-fillable pod cartridges that come complete with a built-in coil, once the coil is used up, simply replace the whole pod with a new one.

You will know if the whole pod or coil has finished when you notice the flavor drop or it starts to taste strange - so you might want to stock up on a couple of spares to ensure you're not caught short.

Pod systems come as either 'draw-activated ' (operates on inhaling) or with simple button operation with typically a press and inhale mechanism. They often come with LED battery life light indicators, so you can easily tell when you need to plug it in to charge as they will change color.

Adjustable airflow features are also available on the more advanced devices, catering to 'mouth-to-lung ' (MTL) or 'direct-lung ' (DL) options.

·'Direct lung ' is a looser, airier inhale and is commonly used for a lower nicotine sub-ohm experience with regular vape juices, producing larger, more visible vapor. For this kind of vaping experience, you will need to select a sub-ohm coil that is anything 0.8 Ohms and lower.
·'Mouth-to-lung ' is a tighter, more intense feel with stronger nicotine mg Nic salts, expelling thinner more discrete vapor. If you think this style of vaping is more suited to your needs, you will require a 0.8 Ohm and above coil resistance which is compatible with these stronger liquids.

Compatible with regular sub-ohm vape juices and stronger Nic salts.


What: Typically a squarer form to a vape pen but small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, refillable, rechargeable devices with pod cartridges and a more versatile vape device.

Who: Perfect for a beginner looking for a multifunctional device with easy to use snap in pods.

Why: Refillable, rechargeable which offers great value for money - but also a variety of options for higher and lower nicotine strength liquids and compatible replacement coils or entire pod cartridges.

Why Not: They can require more know-how than a disposable and a little bit of operation via buttons.

Pod Mods come with a huge range of vaping options and can be adapted to different pods, tanks and coils.

Pod Mod kits.
Pod Mod Systems are more advanced than vape pens, simple pod systems - and are more akin to box mod kits (the most powerful devices on offer with big, typically square bodies and large screens).

So, if you've tried a simpler device and you find that it's not quite hitting the mark for your personal needs and know the kind of experience you like, a more advanced pod mod system could be a good next step.

They are more complex with increased power and a bigger body, featuring either a pod cartridge or a tank (a glass tube with a mouthpiece at the top and a threaded screw at the bottom which attaches to the device).

Often featuring a small screen that displays a whole menu of options, these devices are suited to vapers interested in completely customizing their vaping experience and have a good knowledge of the vaping basics to be able to make the most out of the advanced settings.
As we have established, there are different types of vapes for different users, and to suit different needs and lifestyles.

Whether you’re an experienced user wanting to upgrade, or a new user looking for an entry-level vape, we have something for you.

Explore our full range of vapes, including disposables and starter kits for your new vape pen, pod system, or box mod.

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