Any experienced vaper knows that SMOK coils, like regular coils, are the one part vapes can't be without. For newbies to vaping, the term SMOK coils might throw them off a bit, but it is not a difficult matter to understand.

What makes coils so important is the fact that it is the part of the vape that transforms the vape juice into vapor. The coil is the street name for atomizer heads, but you'll frequently find them under that name.

Don't feel overwhelmed if you don't know anything about SMOK coils because we're about to lay down all the details and main aspects of SMOK coils. So be sure to keep reading. 

Introduction To SMOK Coils
SMOK coils are regular vaping coils that work with particular vaping devices called SMOK, one of the most popular brands today. 

SMOK coils are easily the most popular, quality-made coils that fit a wide range of vapes. The reason why many vapers choose SMOK as their go-to coil is the fact that the brand uses state-of-the-art technology to manufacture and assemble the coils to perfection. 

You won't have to search high and low to find the sought-after SMOK coils - you can visit any online vape store and browse through the wide selection of coils.

What are Coils and How Do They Work?
To put it simply, a coil is an essential part of any vape - it is where the e-liquid gets heated up and turned into vapor. Coils are made of metal and are placed within the vape tank, absorbing vape juice and vaporizing it.

In essence, coils are made of three parts:

1.Housing (also referred to as casing), which is usually constructed of metal;
2.A strip of coil wire;
3.And wicking material, like a strand of cotton.

Furthermore, the coil and the wicking material are placed within the housing. Coils work rather simply, as opposed to what many newbies to vaping think.  First off, the vape battery charges the coil with energy. Next, as the coil heats up and reaches a certain temperature, the wicking material soaked in e-liquid becomes heated, turning the e-liquid into vapor.

To break down the elements of coils even further, let's explain each part's purpose in detail.

Housing (Casing)
The coil's housing part contains the wire and the wick. It's a general practice that casings are made from metal, but it's not uncommon for certain brands to use ceramics instead. 

Most coil manufacturers use Kanthal wires, which are an alloy made from three different metals, each conducting energy in the most beneficial way. Similar to Kanthal, Nichrome is another coil wire material that's an alloy of two different metals. Nichrome is usually somewhat thinner than Kanthal, which enables it to heat up quickly, and can generally be detected as part of a variety of sub-ohm atomizers. 

Steel, nickel, and titanium are the most common metals used to make coil wires. 

Also, it's worth mentioning that some ceramic coils vouch for a longer lifespan of the vape and enhanced taste. However, we would not recommend using ceramic coils due to many complaints from the vaping community about tiny pieces of ceramic breaking off and ending up inhaled into the lungs.

Wicking Material
A coil isn't complete without a wicking material. Most commonly, cotton is the go-to natural material for wicking. Still, it is not out of the ordinary for coil manufacturers to use other materials like rayon, silica, or stainless steel mesh.

In a nutshell, those are the fundamentals of coils - a simple mechanism that turns liquid into vapor.

Different Types of Tanks and Pods From SMOK
SMOK offers a vast selection of tanks and pods that will satiate even the pickiest palates. It's praised as one of the best vape manufacturers by more than 1 million social media followers and is present in over 50 countries and regions worldwide.

From vape tanks and pods to coils, there's basically nothing you can't find at SMOK. Out of the many different tanks and pods, SMOK features vape tank bestsellers like the TFV8 Cloud Beast, the TFV8 Big Baby Beast, the SMOK Resa Baby Tank, and more. 

Pods-wise, SMOK doesn't disappoint, either. The SMOK Nord 2, the Nfix, the Thiner, Nord 4, and the G-Priv Pro are some of the most sought-after vape pods. Whichever pod or tank you choose, depending on your preferred vaping style (MTL/DTL), you'll get the best vaping experience.

The Nord series by SMOK is by far the trendiest and sought-after vape mod on the market today. 

A Nord pod boasts 94mm in height, 30mm in width, and a sheer 18.8mm in depth. Regarding the visuals of this quality-made pod, the Nord is pleated with Cobra panels that add to the exquisiteness of the design. 

SMOK went the extra mile for vapers that want a colorful pod and launched a wide range of finishes and colors to the Nord pod, like the leather series and marble. Besides the stunning outer shell of the pod, there's a single button on the Nord pod that allows vapers to easily control the device while monitoring the battery level through a LED light indicator.

Don't let the petite size of the SMOK Nord pod fool you, as it boasts powerful 1100, 1800, and 2000mAh rechargeable batteries fully competent to deliver a wattage range between 5 and 80W.  Besides coming in with an integrated type-C charging port and using a company-own magnetized connection, it also packs a few protection features like the 8-second cut-off protection, short-circuits protection, and a low voltage warning.

Types of Nord Available
The Nord kit, the Nord 2, Nord 4, and Nord 50W are among the best vape pods available on the market. There are also other superstar models in the Nord series, like Nord X, and Smok Nord Pro.

Each of the available Nord pods serves a different purpose.

1.Nord 2: The second in the Nord series has attracted the attention of many vapers, both newbies and pros. It features some pretty cool characteristics that vapers loved in the original Nord edition, plus some extra perks like a bigger battery of up to 1500mAh, and a 0.69inch OLED display that indicates battery level and charging time;
2.Nord 4: SMOK's Nord 4 boasts a super-fast battery of 2000mAh, which delivers a maximum output of 80W for an ultra-powerful sub-ohm indulgence or a pleasurable MTL vaping sesh. SMOK's Nord 4 features a super sleek design with two airflow rings on both sides of the pod, which makes it easy for vapers to adjust their airflow to be more intense or looser;
3.Nord 50W: It is undoubtedly the most wholesome vape pod in the Nord series and is a fan favorite. The Nord 50W boasts a not-so-shabby battery of 1800mAh, delivering a long life span of the battery, which makes it the perfect vape for those that move around frequently. What separates the Nord 50W from other pods in SMOK's Nord series is the atomizer-recognition function which automatically detects the coil type and adjusts the wattage to deliver an optimized vaping experience. 

SMOK's RPM series have also grabbed the interest of vapers, especially newbies to vaping. RPM stands for Real Pod Mod, which is an effort by SMOK to minimize the differences between pod systems and box mods. 

By creating RPM, SMOK allows vapers to experience vaping most genuinely, regardless if you're a beginner or a seasoned buff.

RPM SMOK Coils Types
SMOK's replaceable RPM coils come in several different varieties. SMOK's RPM coils enable a long-lasting, powerful, and genuine vaping experience. 
To suit various vaping preferences, the SMOK coils for the PRM series come in six varieties:

1.The 0.4-ohm mesh;
2.The 0.6-ohm triple-mesh coil;
3.The 1.2-ohm quartz;
4.The 1.0-ohm SC coil;
5.The RPM RBA coil;
6.And the RPM 0.3-ohm MTL.

Each of the 6 RPM coils delivers a superb vaping experience that'll allow you to vape for days, anytime, anywhere you like.

The highly-praised Fetch Series by SMOK is one of the most elegant-looking pod mods to suit a picky vaper. Besides looking like a million bucks, the Fetch pods also have some stunning features.

The Fetch is designed as an all-encompassing pod system with multiple handy features without complicating vaping. The Fetch series comes in a Pro and Mini version, delivering superb vaping experiences.

Fetch Pro
The Fetch Pro part of SMOK's Fetch series delivers professional vapers a fantastic vaping experience with the power of 80W. SMOK went the extra mile and used a high-quality composite material to fashion out the stunner that is the Fetch Pro.

The Fetch Pro is available in 6 colors, and it comes in kits containing one Fetch Pro device, one Fetch Pro RPM pod, one RGC pod, one Type-C cable, and a user manual.

Fetch Mini
The Fetch Mini version of SMOK comes in an acrylic and glass version, featuring vibrant colors and many handy options. It is the newest open pod system that's undergone some severe alterations and improvements.

The pod's body of the glass variant is made of cutting-edge glass with a hardness of 7, which renders the pods look smooth and lustrous. 

Regarding the battery, the Fetch Mini runs on a 1200mAh battery and weighs 105 grams, making vaping that much more enjoyable without extra weight on the hand. Thanks to Fetch's progressive technology, you can adjust the wattage to suit your vaping preferences, anywhere 
from 5W to 40W.

When it comes to tanks, they are equally as important as any other part of the vape, and SMOK knows just how to make them.

TFV8 Tank
SMOK's TFV8 Cloud Beast tank boats a vape juice capacity of 6ml, a trademarked SMOK Turbo-Engine coil architecture, an adjustable double bottom airflow, and a top-fil system that ensures a spill-proof e-liquid top-off.

What's worth mentioning is that the TFV8's coil structure is unique and patented by SMOK so you won't find another one quite like it. Plus, there's a super wide, heat-resistant drip tip to ensure a smooth vaping experience. 

TFV8 Baby Tank
The baby version of the TFV8 tank comes in various color options, an airflow-adjusting feature, and an awesome overall look and feel. It's 1/3 smaller than the Cloud Beast but is just as powerful. The TFV8 Baby tank can hold up to 5ml of e-liquid, which is a nice quantity that'll deliver amazing flavor and huge clouds.

TFV16 Tank
The TFV16 is deemed the king of SMOK tanks, and for a good reason. It features two mesh coils for the ultimate flavor delivery and unmatched cloud production. The king also boasts a huge pyrex glass tube which augments the juice capacity to a stunning 9ml.

The sealed refill opening at the top makes for an easy refill, while the adjustable double-slotted bottle airflow generates sizeable vapor clouds and awesome flavor delivery. The TFV16 tank is available in six colors that will fit nicely in your SMOK pod.

Prince Tank
The Prince tank by SMOK is the descendant of the King, the TFV16 tank, and it lives up to the expectations to the fullest.

SMOK's Prince tank is both a powerful and an all-encompassing sub-ohm tank for everyday use. Due to its carefully crafted coils, the Prince delivers massive clouds and superb flavor.

The brand-recognizable crown-style body and vibrant color options of even 18 variants make the Prince a nice choice for any SMOK pod. Thanks to its convex glass tube, the tank can hold up to 8ml of e-liquid.

Smok Prince Baby Tank
The Prince Baby tank by SMOK is easily one of the most potent tanks in SMOK's selection. It is undoubtedly the most powerful sub-ohm tank ever offered on the vape market. 

The base frame of the tank measures 25mm at the bottom and 28mm at its widest spot. Thanks to the threaded refill system at the top of the tank, you won't have any trouble refiling the tank with e-liquid up to 8ml.

The Prince Baby tank boasts an airflow from the bottom of the tank, which delivers an ample hit with massive clouds.

The Difference Between Vape Tanks and Pods
Besides being different, vape tanks and vape pods have a few things in common. Each contains coils (i.e., atomizers) and holds e-liquids, and both come with a mouthpiece or a drip tip that you use to draw.

Even though they serve the same purpose, tanks and pods part ways in several aspects; for instance, vape pods are an awesome choice for vapers who value convenience and mimic traditional tobacco smoking. Pods are also the best choice for inexperienced vapers.

On the other hand, tanks will be a good choice if you like to switch things up in your vaping game and seek more control of your vape. Vape tanks are the perfect option for DTL vaping. 

What's a Vape Pod?
It's probably safe to say that vape pods are relatively new on the market if we don't consider 2015 that long ago. 

Basically, vape pods are perfect for vapers looking for a compact, discreet-looking vape that's a great fit for on-the-go vaping. Vape pods deliver a vaping experience that many vapers compare to traditional smoking.

What's a Vape Tank?
Unlike pods, vape tanks can be customized to suit the vaper's preferences. Depending on the tank type, you can use a coil made for MTL or DTL vaping and place tanks inside vape mods.

Nord vs. RPM – What's The Difference?
Even though both SMOK editions are superb choices, there's one main difference between the Nord and the RPM variants. Namely, the RPM is designed to allow the vaper to make alterations to suit their vaping preferences, whereas the Nord series does not. 

However, the RPM and the Nord variants will deliver substantial battery life and last you through the day.

SMOK Coil Shopping Tips
First, before shopping for SMOK coils in an online vape store, decide on what you're looking for. 

1.Do you need MTL coils? If you do, try searching for MTL-suitable coils like the RPM MTL DC 0.8-ohm for nic salts e-liquids and the Quartz 1.2-ohm coil;
2.Are you into DTL vaping? If you prefer direct-to-lung vaping, you might want to look for the Nord Mesh coil.

Having these issues sorted out can save you a great deal of pointless browsing. 

Vaping Style
There are two vaping styles - MTL (mouth-to-lung) and DTL (direct-to-lung). Each vaper has its own vaping style, which usually depends on the strength of the hit, the vapor's size, and the flavor's intensity.

1.MTL style: Mouth-to-lung is a vaping style that allows you to draw and keep the vapor in your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs;
2.DTL style: Unlike MTL, a direct-to-lung vaping style lets vapers draw and inhale the vapor directly into the lungs.

Nicotine Strength
Generally, nicotine strengths come in quantities from 0 to 50mg. More potent strengths, like more than 18mg, would typically be more enjoyable in e-liquids containing nicotine salts. 

Nicotine Type
When it comes to vaping, typically, there are two types of nicotine: freebase nicotine and nicotine salts. Each delivers different properties, and there is only one type of nicotine present in e-liquids.

Nic Salt vs. Freebase
Vape juices, or e-liquids, that contain nicotine salts deliver a smoother hit on the throat than freebase nicotine. Nicotine salts are regular nicotine that has been treated to become pH balanced. Balancing out the pH in nicotine is to absolve the nicotine edge you feel in your throat when you take a hit.

VG vs. PG
Seasoned vapers are already familiar with abbreviations like VG and PG, but newbies to vaping might need some clarification. PG and VG are parts of e-liquids. Namely, PG is short for propylene glycol, which is an odorless, flavorless liquid. On the contrary, VG stands for vegetable glycerin, is a bit thicker than PG, and is characterized by a slightly sweet flavor. 

FAQs About SMOK Coils
It's not uncommon for vapers to have a bunch of questions about coils, especially if we consider the many updates around coils. So, let's look at some of the most frequently asked questions  about SMOK coils.

How Long Do Smok Coils Last?
SMOK's Nord coil will last anywhere from 3 to 5 days, depending on the frequency of vaping. However, if you maintain your vape device and clear it out regularly, your SMOK coil might last even longer. If you are a passionate vaper but don't vape regularly, your coil could last a couple of weeks.

How Often Should You Change The SMOK Coil?
If you're a devoted vaper, you might need to change your coil within a couple of days of using it. Still, if you don't use your vape daily, you might not have to change the coil for a week or even two. On the other hand, occasional vapers might even go through a single coil for a month before changing it. 

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt With a New Coil?
The most common reason for a burnt taste while vaping is the lack of e-liquid. It means there are dry spots on the wick that haven't been soaked in the juice. Put down the vape for a minute and let the wick soak up enough liquid.

How To Clean Your SMOK Coil?
Follow these simple steps to ensure your SMOK coil is all clean. Soak the coil in vinegar or ethanol for an hour or two; rinse it off under running water; rinse it again with distilled water; blow away any remaining water in the openings; place it aside until every drop of water has evaporated.