The Biggest Vaping Mistake You’ll Never Want to Make

After reading what seems like hundreds of reviews and watching way too many videos, you’ve finally settled on your perfect mod. Before you go any further though, you should know about the vaping mistake you never want to make.
The vape mod was a bit expensive–after all, you wanted to make sure it was worth the effort–but you’re sure that this is the time you’re going to quit smoking for good.
No going back…
or at least you really, really hope not.
You’ve bought a bottle of e-liquid, and you’ve purchased what seem like high-quality batteries.
There’s something you should know though. Vaping isn’t like smoking. If you make this one vaping mistake, you might regret it forever.
When you’ve used your last cigarette and you really need a smoke, there’s always some other alternative. Either you run down to the 24-hour 711 drug store or your favorite corner store. Heck, you might even be able to get one off a stranger if you ask nicely.
In other words, you can always find a cigarette somewhere.
That’s not always true with vape mods though. Vaping, while growing in popularity, is not nearly as popular as smoking, and if you’re left without any e-juice, there’s no guarantee that the gas station down the street will carry any.
If you’re lucky, the nearest store might carry disposable e-cigs but not necessarily.
The biggest mistake you can make as a new vaper is not bringing along any extra supplies.
Take it from me. Remember, you don’t want to learn this lesson the hard way–not like I did.
I’ll never forget the first time I started vaping. I finally received the Jumbo Maxo Vapo 3000 in the mail. It was the newest model, of course. Anyway, I filled up the tank with e-liquid fired up the device, and everything was perfect. I spent all day puffing away on my new vaporizer, and I had already sworn off cigs for good when my battery went dead.
I went into panic mode. As you may or may not know, vape mods take high-drain 18650 batteries. 18650’s are not all that common. You can’t just pop into a drugstore and expect to find 18650’s. They’re pretty rare, in fact.
I, being desperate though, did just that. I ran in and out of every store that was open at 9pm at night frantically searching for batteries and hoping for a miracle.

After about an hour of searching, I finally stumbled upon a couple of disposable e-cigarettes. It clearly must have been a sign from above because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get back home for another 12 hours at least, and I would have bought a pack of Marlboros if I hadn’t found any electronic cigarette.
Anyway, use this story as a lesson. Don’t make the biggest vaping mistake of your life and remember to always bring backup.
Here are a few tips and suggestions you can implement today to ensure you never find yourself in the same position:

1.Carry Extra Batteries
Okay, so 18650 batteries are a bit expensive, but if you pick up several of them, you’ll always have one on hand. Plus, they’re pretty small, so they won’t take up too much room in your bag. However, make sure to store them safely.
If batteries overheat, they can catch fire. Instead of shoving them in your back pocket or letting them roll around on the bottom of your bag, store them safely in a rubberized battery sleeve or a separate case.

2.Bring Along a Portable Charger
If you’re sitting at your desk or a work station, you can plug your mod in using a simple USB cord. However, that might not be so convenient if you’re out and about. Thankfully, there are portable chargers that will charge your battery while you’re out.
You can either purchase a charger with a USB port or a separate battery charger. Today most box mods come with pass-through charging. If you plug your device into one of these portable chargers, you’ll be able to vape while charging. You really should take your batteries out of the device to charge them, assuming they are removable batteries that is, but if you’re in an emergency, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

3.Take a Backup Vape
You could always just take a backup vape with you. Instead of trying to charge up a device while you’re out, you can just whip out your second e-cig. Your backup vape should really be smaller and lighter than your main mod so it’s easy to carry.
Alternatively, you could always just bring nicotine gum with you, but we get it, it’s not the same.Never Forget Your Vape Liquid
Take along a bottle of vape juice or a handful of cartridges with you wherever you go. Place one in the car and one in your desk. Easy peazy!

Don’t Ever Make This Vaping Mistake!
Whatever you do, don’t make the same mistake I did when I first started vaping. Always bring backup. (You’ll thank me later!)