The best vapes as smoking alternatives

If you’re a smoker who wants to try vaping, you’re in luck. Today’s advanced pod mod devices deliver an incredible vaping experience and great flavor. They’re also affordable and easy to use. Here’s what you need to know about switching from smoking to vaping.

How Does Vaping Help You Out of Smoking?
Many smokers have turned to vaping to help them give up cigarettes. Here are some reasons vaping is a painless way to make it happen.
You get nicotine. If you’re a smoker, you’re addicted to nicotine. When you vape, you’re getting the substance you’re addicted to in a cleaner, safer form. Find out how much nicotine is in vape juice.
Nicotine delivery by itself isn’t enough. You have probably already learned that getting nicotine through a patch or gum is not very satisfying. You still miss the action of smoking and the sensation of smoke in your mouth.
It mimics the physical action of smoking. If you use a vape pen or a pod mod, you use the same hand-to-mouth movement you used when you smoked. You are used to lifting your cigarette to your mouth. When you vape, you do the same thing.
You get “smoke.” Many smokers miss the sensation of feeling smoke in their lungs and mouth. When you vape, you get that sensation with warm vapor. Look for a vape device that delivers the type of vape experience you prefer. Most smokers prefer mouth-to-lung delivery over direct-to-lung delivery. Choose the vape device that suits your preferred style.
You can get full tobacco flavor. Most former smokers miss the taste of tobacco. You don’t have to miss it when you use a vape device with a tobacco-flavored juice. You can find juices that create rich, bold or mild tobacco flavors that are so good you won’t miss your smokes.
Vaping satisfies everything you enjoy about smoking, but it does it in a safer, cleaner and more socially acceptable way.

What Should Smokers Look for in a Vape?
You should look for a high-quality vape device that will deliver consistent nicotine levels and good flavor. Look for a device that is:

·Portable. You want a vape device that is compact and easy to carry around like cigarettes are. Having your device at hand ensures you’ll vape instead of smoking when you’re out.
·Refillable. A refillable, rechargeable pod device means you can vape every time the urge to smoke hits. Carry extra pods and a charger with you to be sure you don't run out.
·Easy to use. You need a quick, smooth transition into vaping. The pod mod devices highlighted here take minutes to learn.

Best Vapes as Smoking Alternatives

Vaporesso Osmall

This is perfect for first-time vapers who want something easy and affordable. The Osmall is proof you don’t need a big, expensive setup to get a high-quality vape device. The low price doesn’t mean you miss out on flavor or performance. It’s specifically designed for optimal nicotine delivery and fresh flavor.
·Button-free automatic draw.
·Pod capacity 2ml.
·Sleek design with ergonomic grip.
·Built-in 350 mAh battery.
·Dense, smooth vapor.
·Available in eight great colors.

Vaporesso Barr

Customize your vape setup with the sleek, technologically advanced Barr. This stylish pod mod features Vaporesso’s patented coils for outstanding flavor production. The learning curve is very short on this great-looking, affordable device.
·Vaporesso’s patented MESH coil technology.
·Cartridge capacity 1.2 ml.
·Four airflow options.
·13-watt battery.
·Kit includes one device and two refillable pods.
·Comes in 12 stylish colors.

Vaporesso XROS

This is a brilliant choice for former smokers who want something a little more sophisticated than a starter pod mod device. It has a large, built-in battery for long life and MESH coils for outstanding flavor. You can choose the button-draw or auto-draw function. The adjustable airflow toggle offers another way to customize your vaping experience.
The XROS comes in an optional child-resistant cartridge (CRC) version. It’s the first CRC vape device on the market.
·Dual firing mechanisms.
·Cartridge capacity 2 ml.
·Airflow options.
·Variable 11 to 16 wattage.
·Kit comes with two refillable pods.
·Comes in 10 stunning colors.

Vaporesso Luxe PM40

The Luxe PM40 is the right choice for former smokers who are ready for an upgraded vaping experience. This is a high-end pod device that comes with Vaporesso’s patented flavor-boosting technology, state-of-the-art GTX coils and a big, powerful battery. The starter kit comes with two coil types so you can choose the type you prefer.
·OLED screen.
·Cartridge capacity 4ml/2 ml.
·Adjustable airflow.
·Variable 5 to 40 wattage.
·Choice of coil resistance .
·Kit comes with two refillable pods and two coils.
·Available in five stylish colors

Make the Switch
These devices will help you quit smoking. They’re easy to use, affordably priced and ready to help you make the switch.