The Best Vape Tank Should Always Have These 6 Features

The world of vape tanks has so much variety these days that it can make your head spin. You can find something for every conceivable need. With the best mouth-to-lung tanks, you’ll enjoy an assertive throat hit and subtle, refined flavor – and with the latest generation of sub-ohm tanks, you’ll enjoy incredible cloud production. These days, you can even find vape tanks designed for a new inhaling style – restricted direct lung – that blends the benefits of the mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung styles.

When you’re trying to buy the best tank, though, choosing a tank that fits your desired vaping style is only half of the battle – you also need to select the tank with the right feature set for your needs. That’s where this article is going to help. If looking for the best sub-ohm tank has left you feeling that all vape tanks are more or less the same, that couldn’t be further from the truth because there are six features that the best vape tank should always have. Here’s what they are.

A Great Vape Tank is Always Easy to Fill
When the first vape tanks with replaceable atomizer coils hit the market, it was a real revelation for the vaping community. Before the first modern vape tanks arrived, the refillable vaping accessories that were common at the time – such as cartomizers and clearomizers – were incredibly difficult to use and often required syringes for filling. Vape tanks, on the other hand, were incredibly easy to fill straight from a bottle.

The problem with early vape tanks, though, is that filling one would require you to remove the tank from your device. You’d have to hold the tank upside down and remove the bottom hardware to access and fill the tank’s reservoir.

Thankfully, bottom-filling vape tanks have since become relics of the past – and unless you have a specific reason for wanting a tank that fills from the bottom, there’s no reason why you should ever need to buy one. With a modern top-filling design, you can fill a vape tank without removing it from your device. Manufacturers like Innokin have created vape tanks with lids that flip, slide or swivel open, so you can select the style that appeals to you. If you’re looking for a vape tank that’s child resistant, try the Innokin Zlide. The Zlide’s mouthpiece doubles as a lock, and it holds the tank’s top lid in place unless it’s removed.

The Best Vape Tank Should Offer Adjustable Airflow
Out of the box, there’s a good chance that a new vape tank won’t quite have the ideal airflow characteristics for your needs. For some people, the best sub-ohm tank is one that has free, open airflow to encourage deep inhaling. Other vapers prefer very tight airflow characteristics that mimic a tobacco cigarette as closely as possible. For most people, though, the ideal airflow setting for a vape tank is somewhere between those two extremes. That’s why the best vape tank should always have an adjustable airflow collar that makes it easy for you to enjoy the level of airflow resistance you prefer.

A Good Vape Tank Should Have a Leak-Free Design
It’s pretty amazing to consider how many holes a vape tank can have without leaking. A modern vape tank has at least two large intake vents on the bottom along with a wide mouthpiece at the top – and most of the time, the e-liquid stays where it’s supposed to be. You can thank the efforts of Innokin and other vape tank manufacturers for that. Today’s sub-ohm tanks are manufactured with extremely tight tolerances. Their parts fit together flawlessly, and rubber or silicone gaskets further help to ensure a perfect seal. There’s no reason why you should ever have to put up with a leaking vape tank, and you can expect a leak-free design with every tank made by Innokin.

Are you looking for a tank that goes the extra mile in helping to prevent leaks? The Innokin Zenith Pro might be the best tank for you. We’ve given this tank two extra features that make leaking virtually impossible under any circumstances.

When you twist the Zenith Pro’s top lid to open the filling hole, the tank’s chimney automatically closes to cut off the flow of e-liquid to the coil. That feature prevents the coil from flooding when the tank is open. You’ll also love the fact that the Zenith Pro’s chimney automatically snaps closed when you replace the coil. With the leak-proof chimney, you can replace the coil in the Zenith Pro whenever you like – even when the tank isn’t empty.

The Best Sub-Ohm Tank Always Offers a Mesh Coil
In this article, though, we’re going to take things a step further by asserting that a mesh coil is an absolutely essential feature that the best vape tanks always have – regardless of whether you’re a flavor chaser or a cloud chaser.

Why have mesh coils been such a revolutionary technology for vaping? It’s because most people find that mesh coils are better than traditional wound vaping coils in almost every possible way. Compared to a traditional heating wire, a mesh coil uses much less metal to achieve the same surface area. That means a mesh coil can produce substantial clouds instantly and without consuming much battery power. Mesh coils are also much quieter than traditional coils, and they tend to last longer before they burn out.

Although many of the people who try mesh coils find that they prefer them over wound coils, there are some who still enjoy vaping the traditional way. For that reason, it’s not a bad idea to buy a vape tank that offers plenty of coil options. Many of the best tanks from Innokin – such as the Innokin Zlide and the Innokin Zenith II – support the full range of Innokin Z coils. That gives you an enormous range of different vaping possibilities, and you can try all of them without buying several different vape tanks.

A Sub-Ohm Tank Should Have a Coil with a Durable Wick
When you vape, the coil in your tank has to withstand a great deal of abuse. The component that takes the majority of the abuse is the wick, which is usually made from cotton and is wrapped around a powerful heating element. When you vape, the heating element vaporizes the e-liquid held in the wick – and since the wick is wet, it’s usually fairly well protected from the heat of the coil. If you’re a heavy vaper or use your device at high wattage settings, though, constant wear and tear will eventually cause your coil’s wick to break down.

Here at Innokin, we work hard to develop new and innovative technologies to enhance your vaping experience. One of the areas in which we’ve put a substantial amount of effort is in increasing coil longevity, which saves you money and helps to ensure that you’ll enjoy the best possible flavor every time you vape. Coils for the new Innokin Plex sub-ohm tank – along with many of the coils in our Innokin Z series, which are compatible with several of our vape tanks – use wicks made from a blend of cotton and wood pulp. With its superior heat resistance, the wood pulp blend allows our coils to last longer before their wicks begin to degrade.

The Best Vape Tank Lets You Vape Your Way
The most important quality of a vape tank isn’t its vapor production or the intensity of its flavor – it’s whether the tank gives you the ability to vape in the way that’s best for the type of experience you want. Some people want to control every aspect of their vaping experience to the fullest extent possible, and others want to vape in a way that allows for maximum possible convenience. Most people fall somewhere between those extremes, but we think it’s important to provide a wide range of vape tanks to serve as many members of the vaping community as possible.

The majority of our vape tanks use pre-built replaceable coils. When a coil no longer delivers an acceptable flavor quality, you’ll twist the coil out of your tank and replace it with a new pre-built coil. For many vapers, that’s the type of tank that delivers the best possible blend of convenience and control. If you’d like to use a tank that works in a slightly different way, though, we have two options that might appeal to you.

·If you want a vaping experience that delivers the maximum possible convenience, the best vape tank for your needs might be one that requires no coil replacements at all. That’s why we developed the revolutionary new series of Innokin Go vape tanks, which includes the Innokin Go Z, the Innokin GoMaxand the Innokin GoMax 2ML. Innokin Go tanks have permanent built-in atomizer coils and are built with recyclable food-grade PCTG exteriors. An Innokin Go tank uses the same type of high-quality atomizer coil that you’d find in a traditional sub-ohm tank and costs about the same as one replacement coil.

·If you’re looking for a way to gain even more control over your vaping experience, you might prefer a tank that allows you to build coils to your exact specifications. That’s what you’ll get with the Innokin Ares series of rebuildable tanks. This range of tanks includes the Innokin Ares, the Innokin Ares 2and the Innokin Ares 2 LE. If you’re an expert vaper who enjoys the mouth-to-lung vaping style, you’ll love building and customizing your own coils. You’ll also save a bundle of money compared to the cost of pre-built coils.