The Best Vape Juice Right Now

One of the most fun parts about vaping is that you can customize your flavor experience by choosing from the many different vape juices on the market. 
Curious about the best vape juice right now? We’re here to help. In this post, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of vape juice, including a primer on what it is and the different types. We’ll also share some of our top selling varieties. 
From sweet flavors like cotton candy, orange cream, and even donut-inspired varieties to refreshing menthol-infused varieties and more, this comprehensive guide will help you discover the best vape juice right now...and will give you some suggestions for what to try next! 

What is Vape Juice? 
First things first...what’s vape juice? Also called vaping liquid, e-juice, or e-liquid, this is the liquid that turns into vapor. First, you load the liquid juice into your vape device...then it’s transformed to vapor thanks to your tank/atomizer. 
As you’ve probably need vape juice to vape. 
Vape juice is kind of like what gas is to your car. It’s what you need to load in your tank to make the device run! Without the fuel, you’re not going to have much of a vape experience: there’s nothing to turn into vapor, so you’re not going to enjoy it very much! exactly does vape juice transform into vapor? Don’t worry: it’s not too complicated.
First, you pour vape juice into the vape device’s tank. Then, you turn on the device, which generates heat and transforms the liquid into vapor. From there, the ball’s in your court: you inhale and exhale the vapor that makes vaping so enjoyable. 
You should never vape without juice in your device. Like trying to run a car without gas, it could do damage, and it’s not going to get you where you want to go! 
Vape juice comes in bottles that are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Most juices will be sold in a bottle with a dropper of some sort, making it easy to drip it into your tank. Some vape juice will come in squeeze bottles. 

Choose Your Own Flavor Adventure
If you smoke cigarettes, you pretty much have two flavor choices: regular and menthol. For smokers who transition to vaping, it’s a delightful discovery to learn that there’s so much fun and variety to be discovered by dabbling in different vape juice flavors.
Food-grade additives can be added to vape juice to give it seemingly infinite variations in flavor. 
Missing that cigarette-like flavor? Don’t worry, there are tobacco flavors to help ease the transition. 
But you can also sample a variety of other creative––and sometimes unexpected!––flavors, ranging from sweet flavors like pound cake or ice cream flavors to fruit flavors to menthol flavors and more. 
Just take a look: browse the extensive vape juice store to see the many different vape juice flavors that are available! 

Vape Juice: What to Avoid
It’s important to choose high quality vape juice––after all, you will be inhaling it. So there are certain ingredients that should be avoided, like diacetyl. 
Diacetyl can have a negative impact on your health when inhaled in large amounts. Studies do remain inconclusive at this time, but most reputable vape juice manufacturers avoid using it in their products. Always be sure to read the label before committing to a vape juice, especially when purchasing from a store you haven’t purchased from before. 

Different Types of Vape Juice 
There’s more than one type of vape juice. Not only can the flavor be customized, but the composition of the base can affect the overall experience too. 
Most vape juices will specify whether they are “VG,” “PG,” or a mix. Wait, what does that mean, and what kind of ratio should you be looking for? 
That will depend on what you’re looking for from your vape experience. Let’s explore the differences:

VG stands for vegetable glycerin. If that sounds familiar, there’s a reason why. Vegetable glycerin is a common ingredient in a variety of food products as well as beauty products like lotion and other wellness products. 
Vegetable glycerin imparts a largely neutral flavor, but has just the slightest touch of sweetness. However, it doesn’t actually contain sugar. 
As a vape juice base, it might be combined with coconut oil, palm oil, or soy oil, and has a slightly stickier, thicker texture than a PG base. 
Because of its inherent and natural sweetness, higher VG juices often have sweet flavors that work in harmony. Dessert-inspired flavors or fruit flavors will often have a base with a higher ratio of VG. 

VG Juice and Vaping 
Consistency-wise, VG vape juices tend to have a higher viscosity and are noticeably thicker than PG liquids. 
There can be a drawback to higher VG vape juices in this regard. Because they’re stickier, you need to be a lot more vigilant about cleaning out your vape device regularly. Otherwise, these juices can tend to leave a residue, and over time it could clog your device and keep it from working properly. 
However, this isn’t meant to scare you off: it’s just a friendly reminder that you have to be careful and regular about cleaning your vape device.
As for the vape experience that VG juices offer, it’s all about the cloud chasing! If you aspire to doing cool vape tricks or entering a cloud chasing contest (or just want to blow massive clouds whenever you vape), then a high-VG ratio juice is the ticket for you. 
The thicker texture of the VG juice is better suited to creating huge, fluffy clouds. Yes, you’ll still get clouds with a PG liquid, but the higher viscosity VG is where the magic is. 
In terms of flavor experience, a VG base also has a sweet flavor that is pleasing to many vapers.

PG stands for propylene glycol. That might not sound as familiar to you as vegetable glycerin, but it’s more common than you’d think. 
Propylene glycol is a synthetic liquid. It shares a similar chemical makeup to alcohol, and it is commonly used in food and drinks. 
Unlike vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol doesn’t have a natural sweetness––it’s pretty much flavorless. Don’t worry, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Really, that means it’s a blank slate and it can act as a carrier for a variety of flavors. It doesn’t have the sweet undertone that characterizes VG dominante bases, so it’s often a better choice for more savory flavored vape juices, like tobacco. 
In terms of texture, PG bases are a lot more liquid and less honey-like than a VG base. A PG-dominant base isn’t going to require the same “pull” as a VG base. However, this means you must take care: don’t suck too hard, otherwise you could be inhaling a lot more than you realize!

PG Juice and Vaping 
As noted above, a PG-heavy juice is much easier to inhale. This means that it can give a stronger and more intense sensation when you inhale.  
That difference owes mostly to the differing consistency. VG bases are thicker and more syrup-like in texture. This means that even when vaporized, they’re thicker and require a little more “pull” on the inhale. PG juices are much thinner in consistency, more liquid-like
Because of the more liquid texture, PG-dominant juices are generally not what vapers seek out to create massive, fluffy clouds. Yes, you’ll still generate clouds, but it’s a little harder to do the cool tricks that are possible with VG juices. However, tricks and clouds aren’t every vaper’s goal! 
PG juices can be enticing to vapers who are making the transition from smoking cigarettes. That’s because the easier pull leads to the gentle “burn” sensation that comes from cigarettes, so it often feels more comfortable and familiar. 
Sometimes, new vapers will find that PG juices can feel a bit harsh at first as they become accustomed to the different style of inhaling and exhaling that is vaping versus smoking cigarettes. However, it typically doesn’t take too long to acclimate.  

VG and PG Mixes 
As you read the above, you probably saw pros and cons to both VG and PG mixes. The happy medium? Mixes.
VG-PG mixtures can help you tailor your vape experience, so that you can enjoy the flavor and texture you’re hoping for in vapor. Best of all, there are varying ratios that can help you have the experience you want. 
For example, if you want a strong throat hit that comes with PG mixes but also want to generate clouds, you might want a more equal mix. 
On the other hand, if you’re more focused on cloud production, you might want a higher VG ratio––say, 70/30 or higher. 
Of course, time, experience, and experimentation will best inform what mix is just right for you. Best of all? With vaping, you’re not married to just one juice. Go ahead: play the field! Sample a bunch and see what you like.

Vape Juice Vs. Tobacco: What’s the Difference?  
Particularly if you’re new to vaping, you may be curious about the difference between vape juice and tobacco. After all, on the surface they might seem similar: you inhale and exhale something that makes a plume...right? 
But in spite of the similar mechanics, there’s a pretty big difference between vape juice and tobacco.
For one, the actual raw material is different. Tobacco is an organic material, and when it’s burned, it creates smoke. Vape juice, on the other hand, is a liquid that turns to vapor when heated. 
Vapor is considered a much safer alternative to smoke. Consider this: the average cigarette may contain up to 600 ingredients in terms of additives. Many of these substances are carcinogenic...who wants to be breathing that in? 
Vape juices tend to be made with much fewer ingredients. 
Finally, what you’re exhaling is different. With tobacco, you’re exhaling smoke. Second-hand smoke can affect people who are around you when you smoke. It can also make you smell bad! Vapor, on the other hand, evaporates quickly. It won’t leave a lingering smell, and second-hand vapor doesn’t pose the same imminent health risks as second hand smoke. 

What’s the Best Vape Juice Right Now?
It’s time to get down to nuts and bolts! If you’re curious about some of the best vape juices on the market right now, you’re in the right place.

1. Orenji Julius 60ml Vape Juice
Chances are you have fond memories of orange creamsicle-flavored drinks that were a popular mall concession in the 80s and 90s. You can enjoy that flavor sensation with a sense of sweet nostalgia with Orenji Julius Vape Juice! 
This is one of the top selling juices in our store, and it’s not hard to see why. First, you’re hit with a refreshing burst of orange...but it’s rounded out with sweet, creamy vanilla undertones. 
This vape juice is the perfect mix of bright and mellow flavors, and it’s bound to satisfy. If you love fruit flavors, this is a must-try! Of course, even if it’s not your usual go-to, you may find this one to be an exception. As verified buyer Brian C. says, “great orange flavor, I usually don’t care for it but I’ve gone through 5 of them and getting ready to buy another. Good stuff.” 
With a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, it’s also a great pick if you want to generate nice, creamy, fluffy clouds! 

2. Puff Labs Vape Juice Pink & Blues (Cotton Candy) 100ML
Cue up the carnival music and prepare yourself for a seriously sweet vape sensation! Puff Labs Vape Juice Pink & Blues (Cotton Candy) is like a joyful trip down memory lane, with a sweet cotton candy flavor that you’re sure to savor. 
This is one of the most popular flavors out there––Puff Labs seriously nailed the flavor of fluffy, delicious cotton candy.
Just as fluffy? The clouds you’ll create with this 80/20 VG to PG mix. The higher VG ratio means it’s a tasty juice that’s also perfect for cloud chasers. 
Verified buyer Ann R. says of it, “The best out there. Love this flavor. Always in one of my vapes.” Verified buyer Carrie O. notes that it’s ““One of the better cotton candy juices out on the market.” `
Available in varying nicotine levels including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, this cotton candy juice can’t be missed! 

3. Mr. Freeze Strawberry and Watermelon Taffy 120ml Vape Juice
Taffy is great...but this vape juice won’t stick to your teeth! Mr. Freeze Strawberry and Watermelon Taffy takes its flavor inspiration from the classic boardwalk treat...if you love fruit-flavored taffy candy, this is the one for you! 
The strawberry-watermelon flavor mingles nicely with some menthol in the mix, and the 90/10 VG to PG ratio ensures that you’ll be chasing clouds like a pro when you vape with this juice.
Depending on your personal preference, you can pick up this juice in varying levels of nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg. Give it a try and see for yourself why this vape juice is one of our most popular offerings!

4. Yami Vapor Vape Juice Icy Trio 100ml
Kiwi and strawberry are always a winning flavor combination...but what happens when you add lychee and menthol to the mix? You get Icy Trio by Yami Vapor, which offers a flavor sensation unlike anything you’ve tried. This vape juice is sweet, tart, smooth, and cooling all at once. According to verified buyer Ken, it’s a “Nice flavor combination, very tasty.” 
A 70/30 VG to PG ratio makes it a great pick for making nice, fluffy clouds. Weaning off of tobacco? You can choose from varying levels of nicotine or none at all. It’s available in 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. 

5. Naked 100 Vape Juice (60mL) - Original Line
Talk about one stop shopping! The original line of Naked 100 Vape Juice includes seven stellar and crowd-pleasing flavors to choose from: 
§Lava Flow: Let the tropical vibes unfold around you! This flavor includes a combination of tropical fruit that you can savor and enjoy with every inhale and exhale. 
§Hawaiian POG: You’ll feel like you’re enjoying a Hawaiian getaway when you indulge in this sweet citrus blend, which includes guava, passion fruit, and tangy orange.  
§All Melon: Dew you love melon (pun intended!)? This flavor combines refreshing honeydew melon flavor with undertones of cantaloupe and watermelon.  
§Green Blast: It’s easy being green when it’s as tasty as this vape juice, which combines a variety of different fruit flavors. It’s sweet, sour, and tangy...all at once!  
§Amazing Mango: Mellow, sweet mango is combined with peach undertones in this uniquely smooth vape juice. 
§Very Berry: Yum! This juice is a delicious mix of juicy berries with hints of sour lemon to add a bright and pleasing citrus contrast.
§Maui Sun: Bright citrus plus a fruity blast of pineapples and oranges––a perfectly sweet and juicy combination for your vaping pleasure. 
All of the juices in this suite have 70/30 ratio of VG to PG, and come in varying nicotine levels including 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. 
The many flavor variations and nicotine levels available make these juices a popular favorite. Per verified buyer Ken, it’s beyond four-star material: “***** 100 is one of the best juices in the market.” 
Verified buyer Jen agrees that they’re great quality: “This is my all day juice. I love the Lava Flow!!!” 

6. Mr. Freeze Original 120ml Vape Juice
Like a freshly made fruit salad in vape juice form! Mr. Freeze's Original 120ml Vape Juice tastes like a blend of hand-picked strawberries, tangy oranges, deliciously sweet pineapple, ripe kiwis, and smooth menthol. 
It’s got the perfect amount of chill...but don’t worry, it won’t give you brain freeze! Verified buyer Autumn reports, “It has very good flavoring and has a nice cooling effect while vaping.”
This vape juice has a fairly high 90/10 VG to PG ratio, meaning it’s not only flavorful but perfect for curating your very own cloud forest. How much nicotine do you want? It comes in varying nicotine levels, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

7. Hit That Donut Strawberry Frosted 60ml Vape Juice
You know that heavenly sensation when you take a bite of a just-fried donut with decadent strawberry frosting? You can enjoy it in vape form, too! 
Hit That Donut Strawberry Frosted Vape Juice may not be an actual donut, but it’s certainly the vape equivalent. This flavor-filled vape juice is beloved by the Blazed Vapes community; as verified buyer Kayla B. says, “It’s the perfect strawberry juice for starters!” 
This vape juice has an 80/20 VG to PG ratio, and comes in varying nicotine levels including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

8. Mr. Freeze Iced Gummy Bear 120ml Vape Juice
Do you love gummy bears? If so, you’re gonna love Mr. Freeze's Iced Gummy Bear 120ml Vape Juice! Every puff is like taking a bite of your favorite treat...with a frosty menthol finish. Treat yourself: buy a bag of gummy bears and pick up a bottle of this juice! 
Verified buyer Marlene reports that her sweetie loves this juice best: “I wanted to update my review because my boyfriend said it’s one of the best vape juices he’s ever had. It has a very chill and smooth feeling to it when you inhale/exhale. My boyfriend even said sometimes it feels like it’s changing fruit flavors :)”
This vape juice has a 90/10 VG to PG ratio, making it ideal for mega-cloud production. It comes in varying levels of nicotine so that you can choose your own adventure. It’s available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

9. Cloud Nurdz Watermelon Apple 100ml Vape Juice
Apple-watermelon is a popular candy flavor combo, and with good reason: fresh watermelon and tart apple work beautifully in tandem! Watermelon can tend toward too sweet all on its own; tart apple is the perfect complement.
With a 70/30 VG to PG ratio, this watermelon apple candy flavored vape juice makes for a great vaping experience. It’s available in varying nicotine levels, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

10. PuR Pods (Juul-Compatible) (Pack of 4)
These Pur Pods are one of the first replacement pods to employ ceramic coil technology! The coils feature a 2.2Ohm resistance, and are designed for use with the Juul-Pod Device. 
This top-selling package comes with four pods. Each pod contains 1mL of 50MG vapor juice, it’s perfect for vaping on the go! 
You can take your pick from the creative flavors available in the Blazed Vapes store: Sour apple, Arctic Menthol, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade, Juicy Grape, Tropic Mango, and Watermelon Passion. 

11. Lemon Twist - Pink Punch Lemonade (120mL)
If you love the idea of a tall glass of cool pink lemonade on a lazy summer afternoon, this might be the perfect vape juice for you!  Lemon Twist Pink Punch Lemonade vape juice enlivens the senses with the tart citrus flavor of freshly squeezed lemons, combined with sweet, juicy red berries.  

12. Zenith E-Juice Draco on Ice 60ml Vape Juice
Tart fruit...or cooling menthol? Why decide? You can have both with Zenith E-Juice Draco on Ice 60ml Vape Juice! This vape juice features the flavors of a sweet and tart batch of ice cold blue raspberry lemonade with a smooth menthol finish. It’s the perfect melange of flavors.
This vape juice has an 80/20 ratio of VG to PG. In terms of nicotine level, you can take your pick: It’s available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

13. By The Pound Vape Juice Coco 60ml
It’s not a party without cake! Bring the party on with By the Pound Vape Juice Coco, which tastes just like a slice of delicious pound cake with chocolate syrup on top...and a nice glass of milk on the side. It’s creamy, decadent, and totally dreamy! 
With a 70/30 VG to PG ratio, it’s great for creating cake-scented clouds! This vape juice comes in varying nicotine levels, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

14. Pop Clouds Vape Juice Cotton Candy 120ml
Cotton candy vape juice takes another slot on our bestselling list! Pop Clouds Vape Cotton Candy Vape Juice is an intensely sweet vape juice that’s reminiscent of cotton candy but with a popping rocks flavor explosion to boot! These classic flavors are just as delicious now as they were way back when. 
This juice has a 70/30 VG to PG ratio, and you’ll find it in a few different nicotine levels, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

15. Rockt Punch eLiquids by Okami Brand (120ml)
Variety is the name of the game with Rockt Punch eLiquids by Okami! This popular vape juice warrants a bonus spot on the list since it comes in such an exciting and enlivening variety of flavors, including:

Island Ice: Enjoy a mix of tropical fruit mixed with a splash of citrus finished off with a chilling menthol. 

Blue RZA: A delightful blue raspberry slushie that makes for a perfectly sweet and tart e-liquid experience. 
Ultra Magnetic Fruit Loop: An amazing mix of flavors...just like fruity cereal paired with a tall glass of milk! 

Melon Milk Crusher: Creamy or fruity? This juice is both. It’s like fruit-infused custard balanced with refreshing honeydew. 

Avalanche Apple Slam: The classic flavor of fresh-baked apple pie! Enjoy this fall classic year round with this crisp and delicious vape juice. 

Cake Berry Blaster: Just like a mouthwatering and spongy strawberry shortcake topped with a dollop of whipped cream. 

Rainbow Riot: Just like rainbow sherbert! Orange, raspberry, lime, lemon, and pineapple makes for a sweet treat indeed.
Lemon Cake Berzerker: This gourmet juice tastes like a freshly baked lemon meringue cheesecake with an indulgent caramelized graham cracker crust. 

Shortcake Stunner: Melt-in-your-mouth! This juice tastes like strawberry sponge cake finished with whipped cream.

All of these vape juices have a 70/30 VG to PG ratio. They come in varying levels of nicotine, including 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG.
This vape juice has a 70/30 VG  to PG ratio, and comes in varying levels of nicotine including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

Always Buy Vape Juice From Reputable Sellers
They say that you are what you’re also what you ingest! 
Since you’re going to be inhaling vape juice, it’s important to take care and buy the best quality product you can find.