The Best Temperature Controlled Box Mods

Once you start vaping as a hobby, you realize there’s an entire world of intriguing devices and setups out there. If you’re interested in moving to a new vaping style, consider a temperature controlled box mod. Here’s what you need to know about them. We also offer our picks of the best temperature controlled box mod devices you can buy.

Should You Switch to a Temperature Controlled Box Mod?
Temperature controlled (TC) mods are the latest trend in vaping. They provide a new vaping experience that’s different from the one you get with a regulated mod. Are you looking for a change? Adding one of these devices to your lineup could be the new vape experience you’re looking for.

What Is a Temperature Controlled Mod?
With a temperature controlled device, you can regulate the intensity of your vape by keeping the coil at a temperature of your choice.
A regulated mod contains a chip that controls the heat levels and vapor production of your device. You can control the wattage to suit your vaping style and cloud production.
A regulated mod is versatile. It adapts easily to your current setup. You can use it with any tank, RDA and RBA. You can count on personalized vaping style, consistent vapor and good flavor production.

How the TC Mod Is Different
A temperature controlled mod has a more sophisticated design and an advanced chip. These features allow you to control the temperature of your coils. This gives you total control of your vaping experience. Your vape liquid never gets too hot, and your coil never gets dry or overheated.

How To Use a TC Mod
In a TC device, you’ll see several settings you can choose. You can vape using wattage mode, which gives you an experience comparable to using a regulated box mod. In this mode, you don’t control the coil temperature.
You can also vape using nickel or titanium modes. These are where your TC device really stands out. In these settings, you’ll have full control of the coil temperature and resistance.

How Does A TC Mod Work?
The chip in your TC device reads the resistance of your coil. When it gets to the temperature you’ve chosen, the chip will keep the temperature steady by one of several ways. It will gradually reduce the power going to the atomizer, gradually reduce output power or shut the device off.
If you want to use these features, you need a specific type of coil. You must only use these coil types:
·Nickel 200 (Ni200).
·Titanium Grade 1 (Ti)
·Stainless Steel (SS).
·Nickel Ferrous (NiFe).

What Are the Advantages of a TC Device?
Regulated mods are excellent, but TC mods have distinct advantages that can dramatically change your vaping experience.
·No dry hits: This is the biggest advantage of a TC device. With perfectly regulated control of the coil temperature, you never have to experience one of the most dreaded, unpleasant parts of vaping. You will never get that nasty, burnt taste of a dry hit when you choose a TC device

·No more overheated juice: Have you experienced inhaling hot vape liquid into your mouth? It can happen if you’re vaping quickly or chain vaping. The rapid inhalations can cause the temperature to rise and heat the juice. When you take another draw, it hasn’t had time to turn into vapor. You get a hit of unpleasant, hot liquid on your lips. Using a TC device will eliminate this risk

·Adjusts to your wick type: It doesn’t matter which type of coil you prefer. You can set a temperature that’s perfect for cotton, rayon, silica or titanium mesh. All these coil types will work with your TC setup

·Longer-lasting coils: The controlled temperatures are gentle on your coils. They don’t get overheated or burnt out. This makes TC vaping ideal for anyone who uses sub ohm tanks, which can wear coils out quickly.

The Best Temperature Controlled Box Mod Devices
Are you ready to try a TC box mod? Here are our picks for the three you should check out.

Vaporesso Gen S 220W

This temperature controlled device uses Vaporesso’s cell technology to deliver perfect vaping pleasure every time. The MESHED coils are just the start of the technological advances in the Gen S. You get an advanced AXON chip with Pulse Mode for steady cloud production and perfect coil heat.
The Gen S is easy to use. It works with every Vaporesso coil in the GT line. You also get Vaporesso’s patented push-to-fill technology and incredible vaping flavor. Reviewers give the Gen S rave reviews for its ease of use and consistent performance.
·NRG-S Tank with upgraded MESHED coil.
·Easy-to-use interface.
·Perfect cloud and flavor production.
·Variable 5 to 220 wattage.
·8 ml/2 ml tank capacity.
·Available in 12 stylish colors.

Vaporesso Swag 2

The Swag 2 gives you big vaping pleasure in a compact, easy-to-carry size. Don’t let the small size fool you. The Swag 2 packs a lot of power. The advanced AXON chip allows you to select Pulse Mode, which gives you five times the power of a regular box mod. This solid box mod produces amazing flavor and thick clouds with GT4 MESHED coil and dual meshed cores.
The Swag 2 features a rubberized coating that feels good in your hand. A crystal-clear OLED screen lets you see the temperature, wattage and battery level at a glance. The Swag 2 gets five-star reviews for its ability to deliver consistently smooth vaping.
·.91-inch OLED screen.
·Concentrated airflow.
·GT4 MESHED coil compatible.
·Maximum 25mm diameter tank .
·Variable 5 to 80 wattage.
·Tank capacity 3.5 ml/2 ml.
·Available in 13 fashionable colors.

Vaporesso Luxe 2

Elegant design, striking colors and a solid build make the Luxe 2 an eye-catching device. This upgraded version of the original Luxe includes all the advanced technology and sleek looks of the earlier version. An advanced AXON chip creates a user-friendly interface perfect for first-time users.
The Luxe 2 comes with Vaporesso’s best-known innovations, like the Insta-fire feature and PULSE mode. The Lux 2 is an elegant device for vapers who want a luxurius vaping experience.
·NRGS Tank & GT Coils .
·AXON chip.
·Quadflow airflow technology.
·2-inch liquid crystal TFT color screen
·Variable 5 to 220 wattage.
·Tank capacity of 8 ml/2 ml.
·Available in six stylish colors.

Are You Ready to Try a TC Mod?
Using a TC box mod is a great way to step up your vaping experience. These mods provide a luxurious vaping experience you can’t get from smaller, less advanced setups. These devices deliver all the advantages of vaping with none of the drawbacks. If you’re intrigued, start with one of our top three.