The best starter vape kits for 2023

Starter vape kits are designed specifically to replicate the feel of smoking a cigarette, to make it easier for new vapers to make the switch from smoking to vaping. But there are so many vape starter kit options available it can be hard to identify which one would best suit you. So, we’re taking you through a few of our favourites from this year to help you find the best vape starter kit to help you make the switch.

SKE Crystal Plus

Arguably the most user-friendly type of starter vape kit available is prefilled pod devices. These vape kits utilise a plastic pod in place of a tank, which comes prefilled with vape juice when purchased so you just need to click it into the device and it is ready to use straight away. Each type of prefilled pod kit has a range of pods that are designed specifically to work with that device, and the pods are available in a variety of different flavours so there are still plenty of options to choose from.

The SKE Crystal Plus is very new to the market, but it has already proven to be a fantastic little device with plenty of flavours to choose from that you just might recognise. You may have tried some disposable vapes as an inexpensive way to give vaping a go to see if it is right for you, in which case you might have used Crystal Bar disposables. Crystal Bars are also manufactured by SKE Crystal and contain the same e-liquids as the SKE Crystal Plus pods, so you can find many of your favourite Crystal Bar flavours in their prefilled pod range.

The Crystal Plus device has a very similar look and feel as one of their disposables, with a small, compact, and discreet design that fits easily in your pocket or bag for a perfectly travel-friendly option.

However, where this device differs from disposables is that the 400 mAh battery can be repeatedly recharged whenever needed, offering up to 600 puffs between charges, and only the pods will need to be disposed of when empty. Each pod contains 2ml of 20 mg/ml e-liquid with a smooth nic salt formula, and clicks into place easily so it only takes seconds to replace the pod or change the flavour. Plus, with 15 different flavours to choose from you won’t be getting bored any time soon!

Elf Bar Mate 500

The Elf Mate 500 is a versatile and unique pod kit because it can be used both as a prefilled pod vape kit, and as a refillable pod vape kit, so you can adapt the device to best suit your preferences. This is not an option that is often seen in pod vape kits, and it really makes the Mate 500 device stand out as a fantastic beginner vape kit option.

When it comes to prefilled pods, the range of flavours available in the Elf Bar P1 prefilled pods is so diverse and inclusive. There are options from all different flavour categories, but they also include some more traditional options like creamy tobacco and spearmint, which are ideal if you are just making the switch from smoking to vaping and want something that tastes familiar to start off with.

The prefilled pods each contain 2ml of 20 mg/ml nic salt e-liquid, which is great for keeping cravings at bay throughout the day. However, if you feel that a lower nicotine strength would be more suitable for you, or even if you just want the freedom to choose from a wider range of e-liquids, their refillable pods can be paired with any 50/50 or high PG e-liquid, in whichever nicotine strength and flavour you prefer. For example, you could try the pairing them with the ELFLIQ e-liquid range which includes many of Elf Bars most popular flavours, in a choice of two different nicotine strengths.

We really like that this device can be adapted to suit the different needs of different vapers, while still being approachable and easy to use for those who are just getting started on their vaping journey.

Elf Bar ELFA

If you like the concept of a prefilled pod system and have previously used disposable vapes, so are looking for something with a similar feel and flavour, the Elf Bar ELFA is a prefilled pod kit from Elf Bar, who are well known for their disposables. If you are already familiar with the Elf Bar disposables range you’re going to love the ELFA pod kit and the wide variety of flavours available in the ELFA pods.

This pod kit is a reusable and rechargeable device that has a very similar look to the Elf Bar disposables, with a compact and slim design that makes it portable and easy to store. It features a 500 mAh battery capacity built-in battery that can be recharged whenever needed via a USB cable, and can be used with the range of Elfa pods, which are filled with 2 ml of nicotine salt e-liquid in a 20 mg/ml nicotine strength, in all of the most popular Elf Bar flavours.

Each Elfa pod has a built-in mesh coil which offers smooth and consistent flavour, eliminating the need to change your coil. Once the pod is empty you can just remove it, dispose of the old pod, and replace it with a fresh one, letting you swap between flavours in just a click. There is a huge range to choose from with over 25 different flavours, ranging from fruity options like strawberry kiwi and watermelon, to beverage inspired flavours like blue razz lemonade and cherry cola, to sweet desserts and candy flavours like blueberry cotton candy and strawberry ice cream.

Vaporesso XROS 3

Refillable pod kits combine the ease and compact size of a pod vape kit with the ability to choose the exact flavour and nicotine strength e-liquid that best suits you, making them an ideal option for new vapers and existing vapers alike.

The Vaporesso XROS 3 packs a bit more power than smaller options like most prefilled pod kits, with a 1000 mAh built-in battery, providing plenty of power to get you through a full day of vaping. The airflow design of the pods has been specifically curated to replicate the feel of smoking cigarettes, so it feels familiar and comfortable as you make the switch from smoking to vaping. But they don’t just stop there, as the device also offers adjustable airflow which allows you to tighten or loosen the draw to better suit your preferences.

Something that is really nice about this device is that there are two ways you can use it. If you prefer a draw activated vaping style, where you simply inhale through the mouthpiece and the device automatically fires, you can use the XROS 3 in this way. However, if you prefer a button fire vaping style, it also has a button which you can press before inhaling, allowing you to vape in whichever way best suits you.

The SS anti-leaking mesh pods have been designed to prevent the e-liquid from leaking out when it is being stored, even if it is hanging around at the bottom of your bag! The pods can be filled with your preferred 50/50 or high PG e-liquid which allows you to select from a wide range of nicotine strength options. This is great for those who were light to moderate smokers, and so need a lower nicotine strength than the 20 mg/ml e-liquid that is commonly used in prefilled pods. You can select the exact strength that reflects your previous intake to allow you to effectively manage your nicotine cravings.


The VOOPOO Argus G is another fantastic little refillable pod kit that not only makes an excellent starter kit option, but is a great way for seasoned vapers to upgrade if you have been using other vape kits like a lower powered prefilled pod kit and want a bit more power output, a longer battery life, and more ability to personalise your vaping experience.

The VOOPOO Argus pod kit has a very user-friendly design, with easy to fill multi-layer leak-proof pods that click into place and have a clear design that makes it easy to tell when you need to think about topping up your e-liquid. Then once the coil starts to taste a bit burnt, you can simply remove the pod and replace it with a new one, without having to fuss about with changing the coil.

The pods are available in two different options, one of each comes with the device, allowing you to try both and find which one feels most comfortable for you. They can be paired with the 50/50 or high PG e-liquid of your choice, so you can select the exact flavour and nicotine strength you prefer.

The Argus G also has variable wattage, so you can turn the power output up or down to best suit both your preferences and the needs of your chosen pod. The small OLED screen on the front of the device makes it easy to not only keep track of what wattage setting you are using, but also which pod and your remaining battery life.

We love that the Argus G allows for both variable wattage and adjustable airflow, and to use different pod options, in a way that is simple and approachable for those that are relatively new to vaping. It is a great device if you are looking for a way to personalise your vaping experience, without needing too much existing vaping knowledge.

Vuse Pro

The Vuse Pro is a brand new addition to the vaping market, but we already know that this is going to be an extremely popular and effective option for new vapers.

It is a prefilled pod vape kit, and if you are familiar with Vuse products you may recognise it as the new and upgraded version of their incredibly popular ePod 2 vape kit. It has an ultra-simplistic design that is incredibly easy to use, even if you are completely new to vaping.

The Vuse Pro is very small kit with a portable format, and is designed for on-the-go use, making it travel-friendly and easy to store. One of upgrades that has been made from its predecessor Vuse devices is the addition of quiet-draw technology, for a really discreet vaping experience.

It is compatible with the full range of ePod and Pro pods, and there are not only a wide selection of different flavours but also different nicotine strengths to choose from. While most prefilled pod kits are available only in the highest nicotine strength, Vuse aim to create devices that work for all beginner vapers, no matter what their previous smoking history is. This means that there are prefilled pods with nicotine strengths as low as 3 mg/ml, which is ideal for light and infrequent smokers who do not need a high nicotine content to keep their cravings under control.

This also gives users the option to decrease their nicotine strength over time without having to replace their device. If your aim is to slowly lower your nicotine intake over time, this is easily achievable with the Vuse pods, and you won’t even need to find choose a different flavour!

A feature that we really love about the Vuse Pro pod mod is how quickly it can be charged. Like we said, this device is focused on providing an option for those who are often on the go and need a vape kit that can keep up with them. The magnetic charger can be used to fast charge the device to 80% battery in just 35 minutes, and it can even be used while charging for a seamless vaping experience.

Special mention – Ohm Brew Refill Bar

The Ohm Brew Refill Bar is quite a unique vape kit, in that it is actually a refillable disposable vape. While disposables are a really handy option for those times when you need something small and compact that you can throw in your bag ahead of a night out or short trip, when used all the time they can quickly become an expensive and quite wasteful way to vape.

The Refill Bar maintains the small size and comfortable feel of a disposable vape, but can be refilled with your choice of compatible e-liquid up to 15 times before it will need to be disposed of and recharge it whenever needed. You can even pair it with bar salt e-liquids, which are e-liquids that are designed to taste and feel like disposable vapes, like the Double Brew range for an authentic disposable vape experience.

Because it can be refilled so many times, it is actually equivalent to around 15 standard disposable vapes, but at a fraction of the cost, making it a much more wallet-friendly option. It also means that you are not disposing of so many single use devices, cutting down on the amount of plastic waste that is being added to landfill.

It is a great inexpensive and simple option to consider ahead of your next festival or trip as an alternative to traditional disposable vapes.

We hope this post has helped give you some inspiration for which starter vape kit will best suit you, and if you are thinking about making the switch from smoking to vaping, we have plenty of information to help you get started in our ‘Switching made simple’ guide.