The Best Replaceable Vape Batteries

Devices with replaceable batteries allow you to customize your vaping experience. Many high-end mods use this setup. Choosing a safe, reliable battery from a reputable manufacturer is key to using these devices correctly.

How Are Replaceable Batteries Different?
Devices with built-in batteries are usually small, lightweight devices like pod mods and disposables. They are convenient and easy to use, but they don’t have the power of a full-size device.
Vape setups with replaceable batteries have a few advantages. First, they are high-quality and long-lasting. These devices use a large amount of power, and they need powerful batteries. When you choose your own battery, you can choose one with the strength to last a full day of vaping.
Second, they allow you to customize your vape device. You can choose the wattage levels, discharge ratings and other settings to vape the way you prefer. If you want optimal cloud formation, you can choose those settings. If you don’t care about big clouds but just want to vape all day, you can choose a battery that will do that. Customization is the reason many vapers choose replaceable batteries.

How To Choose Batteries
There are two things to look for when choosing a battery for your vape mod.
First, check the current or discharge number. This tells you how powerful the battery is. Current is measured in amps (A).
Second, consider the battery life. The symbol mAh stands for milliampere hours. This tells you how many hours the battery will last between charges. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last.

The Best 18650 Batteries
This is the most common battery size. It fits most vape devices.

Radio Shack INR 18650

This battery works in vapes, flashlights and other devices. It is durable and consistent. The INR has a 3000mAh rating and 15A of power.

Samsung 25R 18650

Samsung makes reliable electronics and the batteries to power them. This 2500mAh 20A battery is good for high-amperage devices and easy to install.


This battery is lithium manganese, which offers more safety than other batteries. The LG HE2 has 2500mAh and 20A of constant current.

The Best 20700 Batteries

IJOY 5-Leg Battery

As the name indicates, this battery has five-leg contacts and is compatible with most devices.

Sanyo NCR20700

This battery is great for low-wattage vaping. It is reliable and works well in variable voltage and variable wattage devices.

AmpKing 20700

This lightweight battery works on both mechanical mods variable wattage devices. Like the IJOY, it has five-leg contacts.

The Best 21700 Batteries
Vape devices that use 21700 batteries have become popular in recent years. They have larger capacity and more staying power.

Samsung 40T

This is best for a regulated single or dual-battery mod that runs on high wattage. The 40T lasts all day and delivers consistent current.

Hohm Run XL

Hohm makes excellent batteries for all devices. Vape at 75 watts all day with this powerful, lightweight 21700 battery.

Golisi S35

If you prefer mid- to high-level wattage when you vape, choose the Golisi. With 3200mAh, this battery will last most of the day.

The Best 26650 Batteries
Only a few devices use these large, heavy batteries. If you have a high-wattage, high-draining device, you may like the power a 26650 gives you.

Imren IMR 26650

This is a pair of batteries. You can get 5500mAh in each battery.

Hohm Grown 2

This high-amp rechargeable is ideal for regulated box mods.

MXJO IMR 26650

This high-wattage lithium is ideal for high-performance devices.

Using Batteries Safely: Five Tips
Replaceable batteries are large, powerful and potentially dangerous. To stay safe when you use them, follow these five tips.
1. Avoid the Heat
Don’t place your vape or battery in a hot car, under the sun or near a warm oven. Your battery or device can explode at high heat. That’s a huge, dangerous mess you never want to encounter.
2. Throw Out Faulty Batteries and Devices
If your battery is sparking or leaking, throw it away. Replaceable batteries contain high amounts of battery acid. A “flameout” of the battery or device will cause hot battery acid to burn your eyes or hands. If you see sparking or leaking and you’re not sure if it’s the battery or the device, throw both away.
3. Use a Battery Charger
A battery charger is the best way to charge your battery safely and correctly. Although some vape devices have USB ports, those ports are not there for the battery. They’re there to receive updates to the device’s software. A battery charger is an extra expense, but it is worth it.

4. Keep Wraps on Your Batteries
You can buy battery wraps at vape shops or online. They’re inexpensive and easy to put on your batteries. If the wrap is loose or uneven, remove it and wrap the battery again. If your wraps are wearing out, replace them with new ones.
5. Use Married Batteries
If your device takes two batteries, always charge them together. This “marries” the batteries and ensures they have the same levels of charge. Unmarried batteries are more likely to catch fire or explode.