The Best Internal Battery Mods

While browsing online or in a vape store, you may have come across vapes with built-in batteries. How are these devices different? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Why Use a Device With a Built-in Battery?
 Part of the fun of vaping is getting to know the trends and technology related to it. You might get excited about a new kit or a new e-juice flavor. It’s a little less exciting to think about your device’s battery, but the battery is important.
 Is a device with an integrated battery right for you?

What Is a Built-in Battery?
 Also called an integrated or integral battery, this is built into the vape device. If you’ve ever used a vape pen or pod mod, you’ve used a device with an internal battery.
 Many vapers think an integral battery can only work in these small devices, but you can now find full-featured vape mods with internal batteries.

Advantages of an Integrated Battery
 Mods with internal batteries have several advantages over those with separate batteries.

·Convenience: You don’t have to buy a separate battery unit for every device.
·Affordability: Because they cost less to manufacture, these devices usually come with a smaller price tag.
·Portability: You don’t have to carry extra batteries when you travel with them. They’re usually compact and portable.
·Ease of use: An internal battery means you can start using the device immediately.
·Reliability: These batteries are designed to stand up to frequent use, and they rarely misfire.

Are Built-in Batteries Safe?
 These devices are safe. Follow basic safety tips when you’re recharging your batteries.
 Don’t leave your device unattended while it’s charging. Keep an eye on it to ensure it’s not getting too hot. If it’s getting overly warm, unplug it.
 Don’t recharge your device through the USB port of your computer or laptop. These ports are primarily for transferring data. If something goes wrong while you’re using them to charge your device, you could damage your device or your computer.

Is a Mod With an Integral Battery Right for You?
 These mods are ideal for anyone who:
·Wants a device that’s easy to set up and use. These require quick setup, fast charging and the ability to vape right away.
·Wants to step up from an e-cigarette or pod mod. If you’re ready for a device with more power and more customization, these mods are an excellent choice.
·Needs a portable device. Leave your full-sized mod home while you take this compact version on the road. You won’t need spare batteries or battery bags.

The Top Three Mods With Integrated Batteries 

Gen Nano

The Gen Nano puts the power in your hands. The Gen Nano gets stellar reviews from users, independent reviewers and vape professionals.
This feature-rich device comes with an AXON chipset that lets you customize your vape to perfection. Like all Vaporesso devices, it has push-to-fill technology and intense flavor delivery.
Use the Pulse mode to get steady, even cloud production with a vape hit every .02 seconds. It’s compatible with all GTX coils. An updated GTX tank works with the GTX coils to produce pure flavor and velvety clouds. You get variable wattages and a fast-charging 2000mAh battery.
The Gen Nano fits comfortably in your hand. It’s compact enough to be portable, but it’s a solid, well-built vape mod. A burnished finish and large buttons wrap up this device’s great style.
·Built-in 2000mAh battery.
·GTX mesh coil.
·AXON chip.
·.91-inch OLED screen.
·Variable 5 to 80 wattage.
·3.5 ml/2 ml tank capacity.
·Six stylish colors.

Luxe Nano

Gorgeous colors and a sleek, striking design make the Luxe Nano a knockout. The Luxe Nano is more than just good looks, however, as its five-star reviews prove.
With a mod that’s only five inches tall, this device packs a powerful punch for its size. The SKRR-S mini tank and a secondary airflow system give you vapor that’s consistently rich, smooth and full of flavor. Vape all day with no dry hits or spitbacks.
An OMNI BOARD 4.2 chip gives you rapid heating. The Luxe Nano comes with Vaporesso’s unique Insta-fire feature, which lets you fire up with a perfect hit every time.
The Luxe Nano has a stunning graphic design, liquid crystal screen and responsive buttons. It’s the perfect combination of power, good looks and portability.
·Built-in 2500mAh battery.
·OMNI BOARD 4.2 chip.
·Quadflow airflow technology.
·1.3-inch TFT color screen.
·Variable 5 to 80 wattage.
·3.5 ml/2 ml tank capacity.
·Available in six striking color options.

Revenger Mini

The compact edition of the much-loved Revenger gives up nothing in its smaller size. The Revenger Mini stands out with its eye-catching color scheme and sleek shape.
A fast-charging 2500mAh battery and OMNI 2.2 chipset give you all the speed and power you expect from a Vaporesso device. Vapers who want a great-looking device that’s easy to use will find plenty to admire in the Mini. A liquid crystal display, responsive buttons and easy-to-read menu make it easy to use.
The NRG SE tank features slide-to-fill technology. Adjustable airflow gives you perfect cloud production. Advanced GT coils extract every bit of flavor from your e-juice.
The Revenger Mini delivers everything you love about its namesake in a beautifully designed, compact package.
·Built-in 2500mAh battery.
·OMNI 2.2 chipset.
·0.96-inch OLED display.
·Variable airflow.
·Variable 5 to 85 wattage.
·3.5 ml/2 ml tank capacity.
·Six stunning color options.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch?
 Compact, affordable devices with built-in-batteries are a great way to step up from vape pens or pod mods. They're also good backups to your larger devices.
 The built-in batteries let you charge your device quickly and take it on the road. Their small size doesn’t mean poor performance. These devices give you all the clouds, flavor and vaping enjoyment you could want.