If you’ve clocked the world of starter kits from pod mods to pen vapes, you’re probably ready for something a little more challenging (and exciting) to use. Rather than just switching it on and pressing a button to vape, the advanced kits you can get have a much bigger range of settings. No matter whether you want to play with wattage, temperature control, create custom ramp up curves (fancy, we know) you can do it all when you go advanced.

Like our list of best kits for beginners, we’ll start out with the Level 1 of advanced vape kits and the list will get progressively more geeky as we go along. There’s a lot more to consider when you get an advanced kit, they’re more of an investment but can also be a lot more fun. So, we’ve put together a list of our five favourite advanced kits - regardless of whether you’re just getting into Sub Ohm vaping or you’re already a dab hand, we think there’s something here that’ll appeal.


This one is pretty unique in our eyes - it combines the convenience and compact size of a vape pen while still packing in a variable wattage chipset. A great one for playing with wattage settings to find how you like to vape, it can fire at up to 80 watts (which is generally more than enough even for die hard Sub Ohm vapers). Changing the wattage is easy, just click the dial at the base of the battery to your preferred setting. It’s powered by an internal 2300mAh battery, meaning you’ve got plenty of power in there without needing to change out batteries. It’s also one of the most unique looking pen kits on the market - with street art inspired designs it stands out from all the other metallic and black options you’re used to seeing.
When it comes to advanced kits, the tank has a lot to answer for as far as how good your vaping experience goes. While your battery serves to power everything up, the tank is where the good stuff happens. The Fireluke tank was made for clouds with a wide bore drip tip as well as adjustable airflow vents at the base to maximise direct to lung inhales. Long story short, more airflow = more cloud.


Innokin is one of those brands that you just can’t really go wrong with. The Kroma-A iSub-B kit by Innokin combines two of their most popular pieces - the Kroma mod and the iSub-B tank. The first box mod on the list, this one is another internal battery kit with 2000mAh behind it and up to 75 watts of power. You can also operate in temperature control with this one and to change your settings there’s a few easy to navigate buttons located below the OLED screen. The display shows you all your important details like output (whether that’s watts or degrees celsius), coil resistance and battery life.
The iSub-B tank is a dream for people who want flavour and vapour. The kanthal coils it comes with provide plenty of crisp flavour and with four point adjustable airflow and a wide-bore drip tip, it packs a punch in the best way possible. Made for high VG liquids, the tank is beautifully machined and comes with a pearlescent rainbow sheen on the glass tube.
With metallic accents and different colours to choose from, this kit is a slick and minimalist option that’s still easy to use as well as being a great first step into more versatile vaping.


If you don’t already know - Aegis was the name of the shield that Zeus used to carry which is a pretty apt name given how resilient this kit is. The mod is made to be drop proof, dust proof and water proof. Essentially - it’s one for clumsy Sub Ohm vapers. On top of being incredibly resilient, you can vape at up to 80 watts thanks to a 2200mAh battery. Aside from wattage mode, it’s got the most features on the list so far. You can vape safely with Bypass mode, this allows maximum power through that gradually wanes as the battery life drops. There’s also temperature control mode and support for multiple coil types for those of you that want to get into RDAs and building coils with stainless steel, nickel or titanium. Basically - however you want to vape, the Aegis can do just that.
As we know, the tank is as important as the mod and the Cerberus tank is a great pairing with the Aegis mod. The 0.3ohm coils make for a perfect balance between flavour and thick clouds of vapour. You’ve got other coil options too meaning you can try a few options to find that “it’s just right” resistance level for your preferences. Aside from that, it’s a top fill tank with a comfortable-to-vape-on, wide-bore drip tip.


Getting a little more powerful and a bit more advanced here, we’ve got the VooPoo Drag 2 Platinum kit. It’s as fancy as it sounds. The resin panels make this mod as impactful visually as it is to use. You’ll need two 18650 batteries for this one but it’s the most powerful kit on the list so far with up to 177 watts of power. With that in mind, you can also vape in temperature control mode and there are three “FIT” modes that were made to support cloud production, flavour amplification and battery preservation. It’s jam packed with all the usual safety features too so if you’re nervous about vaping with this much power, the Drag 2 allows you to do so safely.
Topping it off is the UFORCE T2 tank. First thing we’ll say about this one - it looks amazing. This kit is ideal for vapers who want something that works a dream as well as looking outstanding. From the resin drip tip that matches the mod’s panels to the stainless steel construction, we rate this one highly. The coils have a guide on them to let you know the minimum amount of vape juice you should keep in the tank (handy to make them last longer) and the pre-installed U2 coil can be vaped between a generous 40 and 80 watts.


Finally, we’ve got the Boss Level kit on the list, the Vaporesso Luxe. Vaporesso is one of those names that’s associated with good quality and this kit is the perfect example of why. It’s another dual-cell mod (meaning you need two 18650 batteries to operate it) and it can fire at up to a massive 220 watts. It features a large, 2 inch, full colour OLED touchscreen with haptic feedback allowing you to dial in and fiddle with your vaping settings until they’re just right. Like many of the other kits on this list, there’s also temperature control mode and you can pair the mod with coils as low in resistance as 0.03ohms, all the way up to 5 ohms. On top of that, it fires in 0.001 seconds, unbelievably fast for an instant hit with every puff.
The tank paired with this mod is the Skrr Sub Ohm tank. It sounds like something you’d find in IKEA but the reality is it’s another exceptional quality offering from Vaporesso. Incredible flavour, generous airflow and leak proof design makes for a high end, high performance tank. Everything has been thought of here down to the strip mesh coils for even heat distribution, a quick ramp up and cool down. Pair it with your favourite high VG liquid to experience the flavour in a whole new way.